Draw a circle around Beijing, the old grassland opens a paradise

In Beijing in August, it was hot and humid, and I wanted to go out to escape the heat with a smile. I drew a circle with a radius of 300 kilometers from Beijing, and selected the China Horse Town Tourist Resort (China Horse Town for short) in Datan, Chengde, Hebei. Sister Xiao, who belongs to the horse genus, went to play in the horse town of China. A 2-night and 3-day weekend trip made people look forward to and yearn for.

3 days 2 nights itinerary

D1 departs from the East Fifth Ring Road after lunch and arrives in 3 hours, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Fengning Bashang Grassland all the way, arriving at Baima Hotel in the evening, eating Manchu eight bowls of rice. Because I arrived late, I went to sleep directly after checking in, and prepared to recharge my batteries and have a good time tomorrow.

D2 Breakfast at the White Horse Hotel at 7:00 am, and start to play at 9:30 am.

Dancing Horse Paradise World: Watching the opening ceremony of horses welcoming guests, impressions of Africa, NPC surrounding interactive area in Zhao Yun's living area...

At noon, eat pizza at the Mengma parent-child restaurant,

Cute Pet Paradise: Watch God of War Zhao Zilong's live performance, chase piglets, ride famous horses... Play in the Children's Paradise in an infinite loop,

In the evening, enjoy delicious food at No. 1 Roasted Lamb in the World, and watch the electronic music party fireworks show.

After the battery is exhausted, return to the White Horse Hotel and take a shower for a second to sleep

D3 Breakfast at the White Horse Hotel at 8:00 am, return at 9:00 am, and arrive home at 13:00 pm.


It takes 3 hours to drive from the East Fifth Ring Road, the distance is 260 kilometers, and the high-speed fee is 55 yuan. It is recommended to drive by yourself. China Mazhen Tourist Resort is located at No. 1 Mazhen Road, Datan Village, Datan Town, Fengning County, Hebei Province, 89 kilometers away from Fengning County.

Hotel 1, White Horse Hotel

1. The parent-child room we booked has a big bed and a small bed. After entering the door, she smiled and ran directly to her small bed. The room is full of pony elements, which are especially sperm-absorbing, pony cups, pony children’s toothbrushes, pony Moisturizer, each one is the favorite of children.

2. The large mirror in the bathroom is a surprise, and a super-large beauty lamp makes it easy for mothers who put on makeup.

3. Looking out from the window, there is an endless prairie in front of you, and your mood is much clearer. The beverage package prepared by the hotel is not coffee, but the local specialty inulin, which has a very special taste, and can be bought at the exit of the amusement park to take home.

4. On the first floor of the hotel, there is also a children's playground, ocean balls and slides, the favorite of babies under 10 years old.

Hotel 2, Shengshi Grassland Hotel Apartment

This is actually a health and wellness resort hotel in Mazhen, China. Coming here is like going home. Many Beijingers buy properties here and drive here on weekends. It is an exclusive, absolutely "migratory bird" residence. It has the quality and service of a hotel, but it is not so restrained, more like going home.

Grassland Food

In Mazhen, China, you can only temporarily forget about losing weight, and you can try many delicacies.

1. The breakfast at White Horse Hotel is rich and nutritious. Chinese food includes oatmeal noodles and haggis soup with Datan characteristics, and western food includes salad, coffee, and small desserts.

2. For lunch, you can order a 138 family set meal at the Mengma Parent-child Restaurant, which includes pizza, burgers, juice, pasta, and salad, which is enough for a family of three to replenish energy. There is also a spacious children's play area in the restaurant, where the beasts can release their energy after eating.

3. There is also the Red Maze opposite the Mengma Restaurant, you must remember to check in and take pictures.

4. There are many choices for dinner. Walking out from the exit, there are all kinds of Chinese and Western food. We chose the best roast lamb in the world. After eating hot, we can finally go back to the hotel to recharge our batteries.

5. How can there be less mutton in the grassland? Eating meat and drinking in the grassland is the best way to end a weekend trip. The roasted whole lamb here is fresh and tender, and it melts in the mouth. Whether it is the ingredients or the heat of the roast, it is very good. Pay attention, if you are in Mazhen, China, you must not miss this feast. I recommend the "No. 1 Roasted Whole Lamb in the World" restaurant in the food street.

live show

1. God of War Zhao Zilong

In Mazhen, China, what people look forward to the most are the two live performances of "God of War Zhao Zilong" at 16:30-17:30 and 18:00-18:30 every day. The show takes half an hour, so be sure to arrange the time well in advance.

Suggestions for seat selection: Although the position at the back is not as clear as the front row, there is a ceiling on it, and it will not be exposed to the sun for half an hour; the position near the stage can be seen clearly. When spraying water, the water vapor will directly spray on the body It is very cool, but the disadvantage is that there is no roof, and it needs to be exposed to the sun for half an hour.

Zilong, the god of war, performed the wonderful moments of Zilong's life in half an hour, saving Adou and fighting Changbanpo. The whole performance has fire, water, and flying sky. Smiling and watching it engrossed, the shocking cannon in the middle makes the little baby a little bit I was scared, and I saw many families pushing strollers in the middle, and they left at halftime, but there were also many babies over 3 years old who couldn't take their eyes off it.

The biggest reward for Xiaoxiao after watching the performance is that after returning home, she pestered me to find her a picture book about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and told her about it. Xiaoxiao had also read the Three Kingdoms before, but after watching God of War Zhao Yun this time, I don’t like that part. The story is obviously more interesting, which is definitely impossible to gain in other amusement parks.

2. Wa State Zhaizi Shangdao Mountain

At four o'clock in the afternoon, the village of the Wa State was full of people, all of whom came to see the men of the Wa nationality come to Daoshan. After the head-shaking dance of the long-haired concubines, the highlight moment of the village of Wa was ushered in. The half-meter broadsword with a sharp blade can cut the cloth strips in an instant. , with the blade on his stomach, his whole body vacated, and the audience burst into cheers instantly.

Every job is worthy of respect, and the guy keeps showing people his tried and tested feet, which is admirable but also a little sad. Xiaoxiao applauded, and said that uncle is very powerful. After the performance, the guy will carefully put the knife on to prevent accidental injury to others.

3. Close-up magic

At 15:20 in the afternoon, in the magic theater opposite the cute pet restaurant, the close-up magic finally started. I thought it would only be pediatrics with small rabbits and playing cards, but finally waited for the mid-air levitation, or even a big transformation into a living person, a half-hour performance At the end, the children in the audience were still enjoying themselves. It was much cooler here than outdoors, and half an hour was enough to recover their physical strength, and then started more exciting performances.

4. Other performances

In fact, there are a lot of performances in Ma Town in China. From the welcome of the horses in Chenggongmen to the impression of Africa in Mafu, every actor goes all out. After watching the performances, they are not enough. You can also take photos with the performers, or travel to the African grasslands, Or travel to ancient China.

5. Marvin Museum

Once you enter China’s Horse Town, you must first go to the Horse Culture Museum. There is a history of horses here, about horse breeds, and horse utensils. You must not miss this place. Xiaoxiao, whose surname is horse, belongs to the horse, sees the gods here.

When you walk out of the Ma Wen Museum, you will find the Ma Science Museum opposite. There are not many opportunities to spend alone here. It is a project requested by Xiaoxiao to experience VR horseback riding and fighting monsters. After explaining patiently, he concentrated on fighting monsters. Xiaoxiao liked this experience very much and always asked to get on the horse and fight again.

amusement and animals

1. It is particularly worth mentioning that all the amusement facilities in the park are free of charge. That is to say, if children like it, they can queue up in an infinite loop to ride space cars, carousels, and self-controlled planes. This is simply too much for children. Cool. But some items need to be more than 1.1 meters, and some items need to be more than 1.5 meters. Before you line up, you must read the instructions clearly before queuing.

2. After playing in the playground, catch up with the big parade, see you at Heroes Square at 18:45

3. There must be horses in China's horse towns. You must know that there are more than 8,000 horses in Datan Town, and the most valuable horses in Horse Town are sweat-blooded BMWs worth seven figures.

At the Royal Stables, we also put on professional knight vests, put on knight hats, and rode these super expensive BMWs for a walk. The little beauty with tassels is a gypsy horse from the UK, 8 years old this year, a girl, worth 50W;

The little white horse that has just been bathed is a white Spanish pony of the Andalusian breed, 13 years old this year, a neutered boy, worth 30W;

The maroon one is our northeast draft horse, 25 years old, female, worth 15W.

The lifespan of each horse is 25-30 years

After riding for a lap, I feel that these famous horses are very well-behaved, and the horses are also very clean and not smelly at all.

If you are afraid of big horses, you can also go to the pony park next to it. These little ponies will make children feel more intimate.

4. Alpacas, camels, piglets, ducks, ordinary animals have novel ways of playing in China Horse Town.

5. The piggy race is a very good animal interactive game. It will not harm the animals, but also allows the children to participate wholeheartedly. In the process of driving the piglets around the circle, the children also feel the competition and participation Although she did not win in the end, the fun memories of running with the piggy will always accompany her when she grows up.

perfect night techno rave

At 20:30 in the evening, the electronic music carnival starts on time. If you want to participate in the carnival, don’t go out to eat. Once the ticket is out, you can’t enter it again. You can wait for the climbing ladder to end, and then leave from the exit. There are many delicacies waiting for you .

However, if you want to participate in the electronic music party, you can buy night tickets. The electronic music party time is from 20:30 to 21:10 every Tuesday to Sunday. The night ticket can enter the park at 17:00. Before the electronic music party starts, you can Go to the playground or various experience halls to play.

Friendly reminder, the audio sound is super shocking, just watch it for children.

internet celebrity photoshoot

In Mazhen, China, you can get a lot of beautiful photos. In the internet celebrity maze opposite the cute horse restaurant, you can take beautiful photos; you can take photos with the characters after the show; of course, the coolest thing is to change into Hanfu by yourself and walk through the street alone. Tourists were invited to take pictures, and they even regarded me as a staff member here.


It is also recommended that a family of three choose a package of hotel tickets for 2 days and 1 night, a family room for 2 days and 1 night (including breakfast) + two big and one small packages, the package price is 1248 (weekend price, free for babies under 1.2 meters, and you can buy hotel packages 2 times in 2 days)


Sunscreen, the sun is too strong during the day, remember to wear sunscreen and wear a hat, otherwise it will be dark again when you go home

Umbrella, bring an umbrella, the climate in Fengning is changeable, if it rains, don’t panic, and you can use an umbrella to protect yourself on sunny days.


China's Ma Town is close to Fengning, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large. The temperature in the daytime exceeds 30 degrees. It is recommended to wear short sleeves, but as soon as the sun sets, it will immediately become cold, so you must bring a coat in your bag when you go out in the morning, so that you can watch the night steadily at night. electronic music party.

A good day will always come to an end. The mountains are high and the roads are far away in Beijing. Parents and drivers must pay attention to safety.