When we were young, the Chinese teacher told us that Beijing is the capital of our great motherland.
capital? Teacher, where is Beijing?
Beijing is far away from us in the north. When you grow up a bit, you can take a plane to see the capital by yourself.
As a result, a description of Beijing sprouted in my heart.

There are red leaves of Fragrant Hills that are not found in small southern cities,
There is a palace where the emperor and concubines live, which he has only seen on the screen,
There is a garden where the Empress Dowager spends her days caring for her life,
There was heavy snowfall,
And the glutinous rice and candied haws that look particularly delicious.

About the Beijing I met

After many years, I have reached the age when my Chinese teacher said that I can get on a plane to see the capital by myself.

Accommodation: Weiming Hotel Nanluoguxiang Branch

Comments: I chose this hotel by accident. The door face is not very clear. After finding it and entering the floor, there is a feeling of something different. After entering the room, I was indeed pleasantly surprised. The layout of the room is compact, and the design is very elegant and unique. Especially the oversized open-air balcony makes parents excited. This is already a very high price-performance ratio for the Second Ring Road in Beijing, where land is very expensive. There is nothing to say about the hardware facilities in the room. The disposable slippers are thick, the towels and bath clothes are very thick, the bath and toiletries are of good quality, and the tea set is also very chic. The service is also very considerate, and pure milk and fruit are delivered from time to time. The waiters are also very enthusiastic. I will bring my parents to live here next year.

Many people come and go / get together and leave / some people get drunk and cry / in Beijing alone.

Escaping from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou has become the slogan of many wandering youths, and it also made me wonder whether Beijing is really a cold city.

However, in my impression of words, Beijing has a tolerance for diverse things, and it has the same warmth and peace as the name Beiping.

Then go check it out.

Find out on the road.

More than three hours of flight, an appointment.

in the Forbidden City,
Missed the Forbidden City in the heavy snow, did not wait for the light rain of apricot blossoms inside the vermilion wall,
Can't even catch the breeze swaying the cypress shadow,
But the sun that hides and seeks with the clouds from time to time is still the same red sun thousands of years ago;

In front of the Hall of Prayer for Harvests, on the Circular Mound Altar,
In those days, only the Son of Heaven could hold the ceremony of worshiping heaven here.
Now we stand on the Tianxin Stone, feeling the bright and deep echo,
Guessing whether the sound came from the center of the earth or the sky;

Walking in the old alleys, it seems to have returned to the era of Beiping,
The old lady sitting on the big chair in front of the door, the dilapidated but clean bicycle,
Uncle security guard with eyes closed, cat basking in the sun on the roof-tile house,
Everything happened quietly on this warm winter day;

In front of Longevity Mountain, beside Kunming Lake.
Throughout the year, the seasons are different. A season in March, every month is different.
January 30th, every day is different. Twenty-four hours a day, different times.

Beijing, Beijing.
The changes of the four seasons are distinct here, and the traces of the years overlap here.
The hard-working youth of the North Drift, the old man who returned to his roots with fallen leaves,
We boarded Jingshan Park overlooking the Forbidden City, we gnawed hot corn on the street,
We who carried the tripod to take pictures of the night scene, we who went to the empty Sihe Summer Palace in the twilight,
This is my memory of Beijing.

Day1 Forbidden City丨Red walls and yellow tiles, the palace is deep

The first impression of the Forbidden City should be the Forbidden City in "Han Zhu Ge Ge" when I was a child.
At that time, I felt that it was so difficult to enter and leave the palace. Ziwei traveled thousands of miles to find her father, and the little swallow mistakenly became a princess, all because of the obstruction of this palace wall. The imperial palace is also very big, the three main halls, the three rear palaces, and the imperial garden. There are so many concubines, court ladies, and eunuchs living in it. Once they live there, they will live until the end of their lives.
At the beginning of the year, it snowed heavily in Beijing, Beijing became Beiping, and the Forbidden City also crossed into the Forbidden City. In recent years, there has also been a wave of enthusiasm for the Forbidden City in the cultural and creative works of the Forbidden City. Her testimony is the new Forbidden City and the newly promoted cat-sucking Internet celebrity. During the Lantern Festival, tickets for the Lantern Festival in the Forbidden City were sold out, and the Lantern Festival in the Forbidden City added youth to the ancient Forbidden City.
During this trip, I missed the heavy snow in the Forbidden City and the night of Shangyuan, but the Forbidden City is still my most anticipated itinerary.

Let me talk about the things that need to be paid attention to when buying tickets for the Forbidden City~
1. Purchase tickets on the official website of the Palace Museum in advance according to the itinerary (the tickets for the Palace Museum are limited to 80,000 per day, pre-sale 10 days in advance, until sold out);
2. Remember to bring your ID card or passport with you (the Forbidden City implements a real-name system for purchasing tickets, and all visitors need to enter their ID card or passport information to make a reservation);
3. If you don’t want to go to Tiananmen Square and don’t want to line up for security checks, you can enter from the West Gate of the Forbidden City along the city wall to the Meridian Gate to avoid the crowds entering Tiananmen Square.

Regarding tickets, I found that most scenic spots in Beijing are divided into off-peak seasons. The Forbidden City is in peak season from April 1st to October 31st every year, and the big ticket is 60 yuan per person; from November 1st to March 31st of the next year is In the off-season, the big ticket is 40 yuan/person. Student tickets are half price, so those who are still in school, please remember to bring your student ID~

The Forbidden City currently implements a one-way tour route from south to north, which can only enter from the Meridian Gate (South Gate) and exit from the Shenwu Gate (North Gate).

When I heard Meridian Gate, the first thought that came to my mind was, come here! Drag it to the Meridian Gate and cut it off! .
It can only be said that I was poisoned by many court dramas when I was a child. In fact, the beheading at the Meridian Gate is a rumor, and beheadings are never held at the Meridian Gate.
The Meridian Gate was built in the Ming Dynasty by Emperor Yongle Zhu Di. In the Ming Dynasty, executions were only carried out at the Meridian Gate during the time of the imperial staff. However, there were cases of death caused by the punishment of the imperial staff, so there was such a saying, but the beheading of the prisoner was definitely not here.

When I went there, the Spring Festival holiday and the Lantern Festival were just over, and it was Friday again, so those who should go to work and those who should go to school, the tourists are relatively less crowded, but there are still many people on the central axis.
Forgot to say, there are generally three routes for visiting the Forbidden City:

Route 1, which is the most classic central axis: Meridian Gate - Hall of Supreme Harmony - Hall of Central Harmony - Hall of Preserving Harmony - Palace of Qianqing - Palace of Jiaotai - Palace of Kunning - Imperial Garden - Gate of Divine Power,
That is, straight in and out from south to north, if you are in a hurry, or you can't walk too much with the elderly and children, you can choose the central axis to visit. However, this is also the line with the most tourists.

The second route is the central axis combined with the east line Chengqian Palace-Yonghe Palace-Jingren Palace-Yanxi Palace-Waidong Road Clock Museum-Treasure Museum-Royal Garden. If you are interested in history, this route will be more suitable for you .

Route 3 is suitable for friends who like to watch court dramas. The central axis combines the Western Front Military Aircraft Office-Compassion Palace-Shoukang Palace-Taiji Palace-Yikun Palace-Chuxiu Palace-Imperial Garden, which is often mentioned in many TV dramas place.

After entering the Meridian Gate, there is the Jinshui Bridge in front of you.
At the end of February, Beijing began to enter spring. Although the temperature has risen, the ice on the river has not melted yet. As soon as the children in the south saw it, they ran over to see it excitedly, picked up the camera and took pictures immediately.

Many tourists are rushing to the Hall of Supreme Harmony. FITs and tourist groups are concentrated on the central axis, so we choose to go to the side hall to the west and take pictures by the Jinshui Bridge.

As for the number of people in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, see the picture above for details. This is still the time when there are few people in the off-season of tourism, so friends who come during the holidays may have to experience more turbulent crowds. But since we have all come here, we can’t say that we haven’t even been to the Tai Taihe Hall, so we walked around into the Tai Taihe Hall from the west.

The Hall of Supreme Harmony is also the Hall of Golden Luan that we often hear.
It is also because of watching TV dramas that many people think that the Hall of Supreme Harmony is used for going to court, but it is not. The actual use of the Hall of Supreme Harmony is very small, and it is mainly used to hold various ceremonies. However, most of the places where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties actually went to court were at the Gate of Supreme Harmony, the Gate of Qianqing, the Palace of Qianqing, and the Hall of Mental Cultivation. {data:{has_more:true,html:

However, in view of the fact that there are too many people on the central axis, everyone is photographed, so I chose to go to the side hall again. The next route is sometimes side hall, and sometimes goes around the central axis, sigh Fortunately, I ate a lot of food, otherwise my physical strength would not be able to support so many detours.

Compared with the central axis, the crowd flow in the side hall is significantly less. As long as you wait patiently for a while, you can always wait until there is no one, and take a picture of pretending to book the Forbidden City hahaha (Of course, I didn’t wait until there was no one, just Shoot when there are few people, and then retouch later).

From time to time in the Forbidden City, you can meet young ladies who take pictures of Hanfu, and on the road, I also met wedding photos of emperors and queens.

Chinese-style aesthetics, I can't help but sigh the wisdom and aesthetics of ancient people.

Many dragons can be seen in the buildings of the Forbidden City. After listening to the explanation, I realized that it is called "Chi". It is said that it is a son of a dragon and likes water. Under each palace in the Forbidden City, there is a Megumi stone seat representing the authority of the emperor and has Buddhist significance. In addition to increasing the height of the terrain, the craftsmen also combined the drainage ditch with the dragon to form a picture of "dragon spitting water". The imperial power is supreme.

Although I didn't meet the snowy Forbidden City, I still met the beauty of the sunny day (before I came to Guangzhou, it rained for a month and it was almost moldy). At this time, the sun slanted into the hall, looking out from the window lattice to the building outside, time seemed to freeze at this moment.

Just in time for the New Year's Eve digital immersion experience exhibition in the palace, but unfortunately I didn't do my homework and didn't make an appointment in advance, so I missed it.

Going around and back to the central axis, just in time to meet the reappearance of sky lanterns and longevity lanterns on the Danbi in front of the Qianqing Palace, restoring the royal New Year scene in the prosperous Kangxi and Qianqing Dynasties. It turns out that the royal family, like the folks, has the custom of hanging lanterns every Spring Festival. In the old days, before and after the new year, lanterns were hung on high places, and the lights were bright all night, which was called sky lanterns. The court of the Qing Dynasty followed the old system of the Ming Dynasty. Before and after the Spring Festival, a pair of sky lanterns and longevity lanterns should be erected in the Qianqing Palace before and after the Spring Festival, to entrust beautiful meanings.

Crane crane sundial in the Forbidden City. The surface of the sundial has already left traces due to the erosion of the years and the moon. Although it was sunny when it came, the clouds were thick and no sunlight penetrated through it, and the time could not be judged from the sundial.

People inside the red wall think about what is outside the red wall, and people outside the red wall think about what is inside the red wall.

The Palace of Yanxi Palace has long been burned down, and it is no longer the same as the Crystal Palace. Because of the popularity of "Strategy of Yanxi Palace", many tourists gathered here to check in.

This trip to the Forbidden City can be said to have no plan at all. The two took pictures while walking, rested when they were tired, and went around to explore the palaces on both sides when they were tired of walking. In the huge Forbidden City, we are like two little ants walking a maze, and we have a lot of fun.

The imperial cats in the Forbidden City have also made this place a new net red cat-sucking sanctuary. I checked the cat-sucking strategy and found that there are cats in Jingren Palace. It's a pity that there were a lot of tourists when I went, and the cloudy weather didn't have much sunshine. I guess the cat hid in a corner and didn't come out to meet people.

The Royal Garden is full of strange stones and lush trees, and its ancient cypresses and vines are all hundreds of years old. Unfortunately, I was very tired when I walked to the Royal Garden. It was almost five o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, it was still dark in Beijing very early, because I also wanted to go to Jingshan Park to overlook the panoramic view of the Forbidden City, so I didn't enjoy the Imperial Garden in detail.

Jingshan Park丨Will be at the top of the mountain, a glimpse of the Forbidden City

Exit the Forbidden City from Shenwumen, and Jingshan Park is directly opposite.
Climb to Wanchun Pavilion, the commanding height of Jingshan Park, and you can see the panoramic view of the Forbidden City.

The Drum Tower can be seen directly behind.

The Forbidden City is full of red walls and yellow tiles, magnificent and magnificent. It is hard to imagine that I just walked out of such a big palace. I remembered the magnificent scene where the royal family lived here before. Looking at the place where Chongzhen hanged himself at the foot of Jingshan Park, I couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Thousands.

When is the Spring Flower and Autumn Moon? How much do you know about the past.
The small building was windy again last night, and the homeland couldn't bear to look back in the moonlight.
The carved railings and jade masonry should still be there, but Zhu Yan has changed.
How much can I ask you to worry? Just like a river of spring water flowing eastward.

Corner Tower丨Punch in the classic seat outside the city wall

From Jingshan Park, you can walk a short distance to the corner tower.
The entire palace city of the Forbidden City is rectangular, surrounded by high walls and moats, and the turrets are built on the four corners of the walls. Shooting the symmetrical picture of the turret reflected on the moat has always been a classic for many photographers who go to the Forbidden City. Unfortunately, the moat has frozen at this time, so there is no reflection of the water, but a whole blue ice belt But there is another beauty of changing seasons.

Walking along the moat, you can meet an old woman selling corn within a short distance.
One corn is three yuan, and two corns are five yuan. The price of the imperial capital is really impressive, and it is still next to the Forbidden City.
After nibbling on two steaming corn, the temperature falling into the stomach instantly healed the fatigue.
The supreme emperor once lived here, and the local accent of the common people at the root of the imperial city echoed;
Many young people come here chasing their dreams or leave angrily, and some people would like to wait here for the rest of their lives to watch the apricot blossom rain fall and heavy snow fall in the Forbidden City.

Olympic Sports Center丨Belongs to the memory of China in 2008

On the first night in Beijing, my parents called and asked, did you go to the Bird's Nest? !
The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games should be a common memory for all Chinese people.
The main stadium, landmark buildings, the year of the Beijing Olympics, I was still in elementary school, and I was watching TV all the time how many medals the Chinese team won. Now, she is by my side. I saw her on the screen that year. His face has not changed.

Among the Olympic fuwas at that time, Huanhuan was my favorite.

Day 2 Summer Palace丨Frozen northern Jiangnan

The impression of the Summer Palace comes from the Summer Palace in Beijing in elementary school Chinese textbooks. It is a beautiful big park.
At the end of February, the rain has passed but the sting of insects has not yet arrived, the ice and snow have begun to melt, and the apricot blossoms have not yet bloomed. It is early spring with sleepy eyes.

We arrived from the Beigongmen Station of the subway, the entrance of the Northwest Gate, and Suzhou Street as soon as we entered.
Suzhou Street, as the name suggests, is a street built on both sides of the Houhu Lake in imitation of Suzhou, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. There are all kinds of shops on the street, such as jade and antique shops, silk and satin shops, dim sum shops, tea houses, gold and silver jewelry shops, etc. It is said that when Emperor Qianlong visited the south of the Yangtze River for the first time, because he was nostalgic for the bustling street shops and product customs in Suzhou, Jiangnan, he ordered the accompanying painter to draw a pattern and imitate it in the royal garden in the northwest suburb of the capital.

A three-story octagonal pagoda-shaped building stands on the mountainside, with yellow glazed tiles shining. That is the Buddha Fragrance Pavilion.
Back then, the Foxiang Pavilion was designed and built by Qianlong with reference to the Six Harmonies Pagoda in Hangzhou. It was planned to build 9 floors, but it collapsed unexpectedly when it reached the 8th floor, and a fire broke out at the construction site of the Beihai Liuli Pagoda. Qianlong thought this was an ominous omen, so he changed it to a three-story design.

Climb the Longevity Hill, stand in front of the Foxiang Pavilion and look down, and you can see most of the scenery of the Summer Palace.
The lush trees set off the yellow and green glazed tile roofs and the vermilion palace walls.
Right in front, Kunming Lake is as quiet as a mirror and as green as a piece of jasper.

The rows of resplendent palaces below are Paiyun Hall.

Looking down from the Foxiang Pavilion, the Paiyun Hall, the Pailou, the Paiyun Gate, the Jinshui Bridge, and the Ergong Gate form a straight line that rises step by step.

Immortals Paiyun Mountain, but see Jinyintai, the word Paiyun comes from this poem.

Down from Longevity Hill is Kunming Lake.

The Summer Palace in Beijing covers an area of ​​290 hectares, of which the water surface area is about three times the land area. How many hectares are the land and water areas of the Summer Palace?
I don’t know if you still remember the math word problems I used to do when I was in elementary school. Anyway, I was very impressed, and I don’t know why.
At this time, the lake with a size of more than 200 hectares is suddenly displayed in front of you, and the shock cannot be experienced on the spot.

On the shore of Longevity Shanxi, there is a stone boat floating on the water—Qingyanfang, which means sea, Qinghe and Yan, and it is also the only building with a Western style in the park. There are large mirrors on each of the two-story boats, and four faucets protrude from the hull for drainage.
Thinking back to those days, when it was drizzling, Cixi sat in front of the mirror, sipping tea while admiring the rain scene in the mirror; whenever it rained heavily, the rainwater on the roof would flow down from the hollow columns at the four corners and spit out from the dragon mouth, creating a spectacular view.
I can't help but feel that what Wang Xizhi said is what he likes, and it has become a thing of the past.

For southerners, the lake is not unusual, but I miss the heart of Kunming Lake. In winter, the water of Kunming Lake will form thick ice, and the Summer Palace will become a natural open-air ice rink. This is rare for the south that never snows and freezes. Although skating is no longer possible at this time, the pure blue ice on the lake still makes me very happy from the bottom of my heart.

In Kunming Lake, there is a long embankment meandering from northwest to southeast, named West Embankment.

The West Causeway is built in imitation of the Su Causeway of the West Lake in Hangzhou, on which there are Jiehu Bridge, Binfeng Bridge, Yudai Bridge, Mirror Bridge, Liu Bridge and Lian Bridge.

It is early spring, and the ice is melting from the shore. If you go to the lake, you can still see the thin ice ticking along the edge.
The place where it melts into water reflects the Longevity Hill and Foxiang Pavilion on the opposite side.

Dangerous shooting action, do not imitate!

The West Dike and its branch dikes divide the lake into three water areas of different sizes.
At this point, you can still see the Foxiang Pavilion on the left, and a large reed taller than a person on the right, and you can even meet a black swan swimming in the wetland by chance.

Except for Yudai Bridge, Yuwu Bridges are all pavilion bridges.
It was a working day when we came, and we walked on the West Embankment. It felt like a private space, and we could only meet local residents who were running and exercising.

Between Liuqiao and Lianqiao, there is also Jingming Tower named after Fan Zhongyan's "Yueyang Tower" Zhongchun and Jingming, calm and calm.

The scenery of the West Causeway needs to be savored slowly.
Products of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) spring flowers, summer lotus, autumn willow, winter branches.
Taste the four o'clock (morning, midnight and evening) morning glow, noon snow, sunset, and night moon.
Pin Sihou (wind, rain, snow and fog) Wind Bridge, Rain Lake, Snow Pavilion, Fog Boat.
Taste the four sceneries (hushan tower bridge) lake light, mountain scenery, tower shadow, bridge rhyme.

The beautiful shape of Yuquan Mountain several miles outside the garden and the shadow of the Yufeng Pagoda on the top of the mountain came together and were photographed as an integral part of the garden landscape. Seeing, hearing, smelling, and smelling are extremely pleasing to the eye.

There is a small island in the center of the lake. From a distance, the island is lush green, and a corner of the palace is exposed among the trees. Visitors can go to the small island to play after walking through the long stone bridge. This stone bridge has seventeen bridge openings, called the Seventeen-Arch Bridge; there are hundreds of stone pillars on the bridge railings, and the pillars are carved with little lions. With so many lions in different poses, no two are alike.

The Seventeen-Arch Bridge flies across the East Causeway and Nanhu Island. It looks like a rainbow lying on the waves. It is named because the bridge is composed of 17 bridge holes. The stone carvings on the bridge are extremely exquisite. There are 544 lions with different looks carved on the pillars of each bridge railing.

It was almost dark, and I had never seen the spectacle of the Seventeen-Arch Bridge pierced by golden light. I was tired and paralyzed after walking for a day, but I still insisted until there were no tourists on the bridge. I pressed the shutter and left the garden to look for food contentedly.

There are beautiful scenery everywhere in the Summer Palace, and I can’t say enough. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy it carefully.

Wangfujing丨Strolling around Beijing’s commercial streets

Wangfujing, a well-known commercial pedestrian street in Beijing, although many people complain that this is a place only for tourists, but because the place where you live is close, it’s okay to go shopping.

Because it was no different from commercial streets in other places, we simply turned into a food street.

Unexpectedly, I saw all kinds of grilled snakes and scorpions... In front of the store, there are barbecue sticks full of scorpions, and the scorpions are still alive.
I was shocked at the time, there is such a dark dish? ? ? ? ? ? Who dares to put it in his mouth and eat it? ? ! Anyway, I dare not! Sneak first! cry.

There are quite a lot of Daoxiang villages encountered along the way.

Beijing's special snacks are bursting belly.

My favorite candied haws! The candied haws in Beijing are really delicious (I am hungry through the screen)!

Day3 Xianyukou Food Street丨There are many traditional Beijing snacks here

Probably every city has its own food street, and Beijing is no exception.
Get up early, don't take a taxi today, just walk slowly through the alley to find food.

Still in the first month, the couplets in front of every household are still brand new. The four seasons in the north are always distinct. At this time, there are no new leaves yet, but there are red lanterns hanging on the trees, which is also a strong festive atmosphere. Beijing not only has cold high-rise buildings, but also old hutongs that seem to exist in the old days. The sun shines on the tile-roofed houses, and the street is quiet, clean and straight.

Xianyukou Food Street is also a famous food street in Beijing. Although most of them are tourists, because of the collection of authentic food in old Beijing, the price is also considered fair, so local residents sometimes come here for food.

The flags of each family on the street are fluttering, with an atmosphere of Beijing's traditional food culture.

Tourists attack with big faces, and they still like candied haws, the one with glutinous rice is delicious! ! !

There are many authentic Beijing delicacies such as pot stickers and fried belly. Because the environment is not acclimatized and they are not used to eating them, the two Cantonese finally chose wontons, which are closer in taste and have a long history in the local area. Maybe the mouth of the Cantonese is really good. I've been raised, I don't think it's as delicious as everyone said, it's still possible to solve the breakfast.

Temple of Heaven Park丨In ancient times, the emperor held a ceremony here

On this day, there is no cloud in the sky, and the spring breeze is blowing. Among the tree-planting crowd in Tiantan Park, the 81-year-old grandfather Deng Xiaoping is particularly eye-catching... Today, the cypress tree planted by Deng Xiaoping himself has grown, and the 'Xiaoping tree' has become a beautiful landscape in Tiantan Park .
Because I read "Grandpa Deng Xiaoping Plants Trees" when I was a child, the Temple of Heaven is also one of the attractions I am looking forward to during this trip to Beijing.

Tickets for Temple of Heaven Park are also divided into off-season and peak season. Tickets are 10 yuan in the off-season and 15 yuan in the peak season. There is also a half-price rule. You need to buy tickets for the garden in the garden. Tickets for the Hall of Prayer, Echo Wall, and Circular Mound are 20 yuan. Tickets are 10 yuan, or you can buy a joint ticket directly for 35 yuan (peak season)/30 yuan (off season).

The Temple of Heaven is the general name of the two altars, Circular Mound and Prayer Valley. As soon as I entered the park, I went straight to the Hall of Prayer for Harvests in the Prayer Valley Altar.
The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest is the main building in the Prayer Valley Altar. It is a three-story circular hall with double eaves and gilded roof, blue tiles and red pillars, and splendid paintings.

As a photographer, although I love to take pictures, most of them are portraits, and I rarely take pictures of buildings. This time I went to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, and I tried panoramic shots in architectural photography.

The location map is attached, haha ​​seems to be an old mage, and the tourists who come and go stare at me from time to time.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is designed according to the idea of ​​respecting heaven and worshiping gods. The hall is round, symbolizing the roundness of the sky; the tiles are blue, symbolizing the blue sky.

The two altars are on the same north-south axis, separated by a wall. After shooting the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, we went to the Circular Mound Altar.

The Echo Wall is the wall of the Imperial Vault of Heaven. It is built with polished bricks and covered with blue glazed tiles. It is said that as long as two people stand against the wall at the back of the east and west side halls, and one person leans against the wall and talks to the north, the sound waves will be heard. It will continue to reflect along the wall and spread to the other end of one or two hundred meters. No matter how soft the voice is, the other party can hear it clearly. The mysterious atmosphere of the induction between heaven and man, so it is called the echo wall.
However, due to the long history, the current echo gallery seems to have lost this effect, but tourists are still experimenting with enthusiasm.

Then I came to the most sacred place in the Temple of Heaven - the Circular Mound.
The Temple of Heaven was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties offered sacrifices to the heavens and prayed for a good harvest.

The round mound is shaped like the sky, and it is made of three layers of altars, with nine steps on each side of each layer. There is a round stone in the center of the upper floor, with nine circles of fan-shaped stones on the outside and nine circles on the inner circle, extending outward in multiples of nine. The railings and pillars are also in multiples of nine or nine, symbolizing the number of days.
Climbing up to the Circular Mound, surrounded by dense and tall cypress trees, one can naturally feel the sacredness of the emperors offering sacrifices to heaven.

Taikoo Li Sanlitun丨Where to go for entertainment at night

At night in the city, it is naturally a gathering place for nocturnal creatures.
Commercial streets, entertainment cities, bar alleys, colorful neon lights, champagne in golden fountains, young restless dreams.

Although it is early spring, it is still chilly. Leaving the indoor heating, I still put on my heavy cotton padded clothes when I went out to the street because I was afraid of the cold.

Sanlitun is most famous for its bar street, and it is even called the busiest nightlife entertainment street in Beijing. However, I have never been interested in entertainment in this area. I just walk around casually, but I often meet old mages who are photographed on the street. .

The most impressive thing here is not the bustling nightlife, but the traffic. I once heard from a friend that the capital is the first to be blocked. Here, I really experienced the traffic jam in the capital, and I had to take a detour to the remote road to get out of the encirclement when I took a taxi back to the hotel.

Raiders丨About some nagging

This itinerary can be said to be a trip that just goes away. Without too much preparation, pack up the required documents and luggage and set off.
Summarize a few small experiences that need attention:
1. The security check in Beijing is relatively strict, such as Tiananmen Square, Olympic Sports Center, Forbidden City, etc., you need an ID card to enter, so you must remember to bring your ID card. If the identity card is lost and it is too late to reissue, the passport is also possible.
2. Regarding accommodation, the main scenic spots in Beijing (Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Old Hutong, Wangfujing, etc.) are relatively concentrated, so you can set the hotel in the second ring road, and travel will be more convenient.
3. Regarding transportation, we arrived at the Capital International Airport. We can take the airport line directly to downtown Beijing for about an hour. If you plan to travel for a few days, it is recommended to buy a subway card.
4. Regarding the itinerary, the Forbidden City needs to stay alone for a day to play, bring dry food with you, and be sure to replenish your physical strength. The Summer Palace also takes at least half a day, and you can visit the surrounding Yuanmingyuan and Peking University along the way.