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Bashang has always been a popular summer grassland summer resort, but many people don't know that the Bashang grassland in autumn is the most worthwhile place to visit once in your life. The autumn here is magnificent, colorful, and shocking. From mid-September to early October, the beautiful grassland changes color every day!

The golden grassland is scattered with gorgeous and colorful birch trees and elm trees, with vivid light and shadow...

The meeting of the forest and the grassland has both the elegant and beautiful femininity of the south and the rough and masculine masculinity of the north.

At first glance, my friend felt as if he was in Hemu, the autumn colors are like magic, endless; accidentally found that he was in northern Europe, the colorful forests are dense and dense, the river beach is overflowing with light and shadow, and the visual texture is strong.

Where is this you ask?

A Secret Realm Discovered by Accident: Fairy Valley Colorful Forest

It is located on the border between Fengning Bashang, Hebei and Inner Mongolia, in Datan, Fengning County, Chengde City, with an area of ​​more than 20,000 mu. At present, it is a large-scale tourist area with the highest standard, the largest scale, the most distinctive features and the most complete infrastructure in the entire Bashang area.

Starting from Beijing, a group of 5 people drove here for about 4 hours. It was a cloudy and rainy day in Beijing when we set off. I was worried that the original plan would be disrupted, so I went north all the way with hope, and started the dream-seeking journey in early autumn.

(Unexpectedly, the colorful forest gave us a big surprise)

Arriving at the Colorful Forest Visitor Center, there is a large parking lot on the left, and there are three hotels with different styles ahead. We checked in at the hotel first.

After a short rest, after lunch, it was still raining outside, so we chose to visit the indoor attractions in the scenic area first.

Manchu Folklore Exhibition

Bashang Grassland used to be the most frequent activity base of nomads, and it was also the favorite summer resort of emperors of Liao, Jin, Yuan and Qing dynasties in summer.

There are still many Manchu people living in Fengning County today, and they have always wanted to know the orange seeds of the past and present on the dam. In this folklore exhibition, through the combination of pictures, texts and real objects, they have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the historical development and Manchu culture of the Manchus. The process of Manchu costumes, Manchu paper-cut fishing and hunting and other cultures.

What surprised Orange Seed the most was that there was a piece of clothing and boots made of birch bark. If you look closely, the texture is clear, the connection is tight, and it is very delicate.

Personally, I think the design of this exhibition area is particularly meaningful, so that everyone can have a better understanding of the Manchus, and don’t believe in the unrealistic background assumptions of ancient TV dramas. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, you can also increase your knowledge. It is very worthwhile to visit. Look.

Accompanied by the sound of pattering rain, I look forward to a sunny day tomorrow, although the weather forecast on my mobile phone still tells me "it will rain tomorrow morning".

Open the curtains, the mountains and plains are filled with golden colors and the sun is shining brightly. The weather today is surprisingly good. Local friends said that the weather on the dam is like this. The rain comes and goes in a hurry, and the weather changes quickly.

Stepping on a cheerful pace, put on bright dresses, and enter the scenic spot again with joy.

There are 2 paths to visit the Colorful Forest of Shenxian Valley:

1. From the entrance of the scenic spot, walk along the plank road to the innermost end, and then return by small train/battery car.

2. From the entrance of the scenic spot, take a small train to the innermost terminal, and tour from the inside to the outside (if you are tired, you can directly pick it up at the scenic spot at the site).

It is recommended to choose the second option, because the scenic spot is too big, and the innermost part is the most exciting, so save your energy.

Sitting on the small forest train, our group breathed the fresh air after the rain, shuttled through the jungle, and exclaimed the beauty of the gift of nature we saw in front of us.


This is the terminal of the small forest train, get off and step into the jungle tribe, the highest point "Yunting" is on the left. This is the highest point of the scenic spot, and the cloud pavilion on the top of the mountain is also the best viewing place for the colorful forest scenic spot. Standing on the top of the mountain, the green leaves turn yellow, and the high and low are reflected in the shadows.

Wide field of view, there is a feeling of seeing all the small mountains at a glance. From a distance, the mountains are low and majestic, the hills are like continuous waves undulating and far away, the undulating yellow grass carpet is under the feet, and the colorful forest is in the field of vision, frame by frame. It's as beautiful as a movie screen.

I finally understand why it is said that the forest coverage area of ​​this scenic spot is 60%, which gathers various landforms such as grasslands, forests, wetlands, hills, and lakes. "Colorful Forest" deserves its name.

horse riding

You may be a little tired when you come down from Yunting. At this time, you can choose the classic grassland project: horse riding, you can sit and rest for a while, and experience the fun of riding a galloping horse.

The horses are of various colors, clean white, handsome black, and vigorous brown... The oily mane of the horse shines in the sun, which shows that it is very carefully maintained. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to ride a horse, you are experienced The horse leader will accompany you all the way, which is very safe.

Glass walkway

Reaching out to touch the top of a tree is a unique experience that not everyone can try. At the gate of the jungle tribe, we boarded the net red glass plank road.

Although it is not as high as Yunting, it is interesting. Walking on the glass plank road surrounded by trees, it seems to be an elf shuttling through the jungle, observing the difference between trees at close range, and listening to the shadow of nature.

On the glass plank road, looking down, you will find a long wooden bridge leading to the white jungle. This is our next destination: Birch Reflecting the Sun.

Birch Reflecting the Sun (Birch Forest)

The birch trees here are dense and numerous, straight and straight, rows of pure and simple, quiet and elegant. The gray-white bark in the setting sun is like a memory frozen in time.

Looking up at the top of the tree, the golden leaves fall lightly, seeming to welcome, but also seeming to stay. I hope you stop and take another look, because they are about to turn into nutrients and nourish the roots of the tree. Breeding the hope of the next spring, wishing to present a better self next year, see you soon.

colorful pool

As the name suggests, there are pools of different colors here, which descend layer by layer like terraced fields. The arrival of autumn makes this place the richest color palette in the world. When the color palette is reflected in the pool, it makes this place even more A beautiful oil painting, colorful and extremely beautiful.

forest pasture

Opposite the colorful pond is a forest pasture, in which there are all kinds of cute animals. As soon as we enter the door, we are greeted by tall camels with full humps. We can guess that the nutrition is good at ordinary times. The more we walk in, we can still see To peacocks, sheep, horses...

The happiest thing is to see a group of sika deer scattered all over the place. The male deer is full of energy, and the small deer are charming and cute. They run freely in the garden, unrestrained, and blend with nature.

Tianjing Lake

Water, the source of all things.

As the name suggests, the lake is the largest water area in the scenic area. When there is no wind, the colorful forest is quietly reflected in the mirror-like lake, making it difficult to distinguish between illusion and reality.

The blue sky and white clouds are reflected on the lake. The bright and delicate flowers are swaying and blooming in the water, as if they are waiting for someone to pick them quickly, but there is no place to set foot on them. Some of the beauty, we can only appreciate it from a distance. wonderful.

Walking on the transparent glass bridge, it seems that the water and the sky are the same color, the sky is high and the clouds are light, and the forest is full of dyeing. The game of color is vividly interpreted here.

night light show

At the beginning of the Chinese lanterns, the colorful and picturesque Tianjing Lake has faded away, and it looks more and more mysterious in the afterglow of the setting sun. With the sound of music, the shore of Tianjing Lake is gradually illuminated by warm lights.

The green mountains, the quiet lake, and the gorgeous light show make people drive away the coldness of early autumn at night, and dance and sway with the rhythm.

The bright and bright moon seems to want to join our team, but unfortunately they can only watch.

bonfire fireworks

After dinner, people came to the colorful forest square to start the "Night Carnival". Soaring into the air, blooming in the black night.


Recommended 2 kinds of food

Pot tea: a traditional diet on the grassland. Anyone who has been to the grassland knows that the milk tea in the grassland is salty. It is made from milk and tea bricks. It is eaten with several ingredients, including beef, milk slices, and fried rice. etc., you can add according to your preferences.

Roasted whole lamb: Grassland special food, charred on the outside and tender on the inside, tender meat, no smell of mutton, bright yellow color, must eat the second roast, the skin is crispy and the meat is tender, the more roasted the more fragrant it is.


Colorful Forest International Resort Hotel: The overall design of the house is simple and spacious, and you can see the scenery while lying on the bed.

Squirrel Inn: Especially suitable for parents and children, cute squirrel elements can be seen everywhere, and there are hanging chairs in the house, which can be played by adults and children.

16 Holiday Hotel: Why is it called 16 degrees? Chengzi believes that this reflects the climate characteristics of the dam. Even in the hot summer, the place is still cool, and the interior decoration is also very individual, reflecting the beauty of the different stages of the dam throughout the year.

Play line:

Day 1: Beijing - Colorful Forest (about 4 hours) - Check in - Manchu Culture Park

Day 2: Forest Tribe—Yunting—Horse Riding—Glass Plank Road—Birch Forest—Colorful Pond—Forest Ranch—Night Light Show

—Roasted whole lamb—bonfire fireworks

Day 3: Tianjing Lake - Net Red Water Bed - Return


Dairy products, cheese, xylitol milk bars, milk bar burgers (with hawthorn in the middle), milk slices, quinoa, buckwheat tea, pot tea, beef jerky...

You can taste them all in the visitor center, and there is a complimentary pot of tea in the room. These are dairy products for poverty alleviation. I like milk stick burgers the most, which subverts my three views on dairy products.

For friends in the north, the usual holidays are short, they don’t want to go too far, and they want to see the most beautiful scenery in autumn, so coming to Bashang is a good choice.

From the birch forest full of layers of forests to the misty Tianjing Lake, from the Yunting village overlooked from the top to the pasture hidden in the grassland, you will encounter a colorful fairy tale world.

There are no high-altitude snow-capped mountains like western Sichuan, and there will be no altitude sickness. You can also experience the fun of galloping horses. Meet friends, sisters, and family members, and come to the colorful forest to experience the beauty of autumn poems.

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