Beijing, the capital of the motherland, the heart of the motherland, the scenes that appear one after another in the film and television works: the magnificent Tiananmen Square, the stretching Great Wall, and the Beijing-style cross talk of Deyun Society. I look forward to seeing and experiencing it in person one day .
Summer vacation is coming again, make a decision quickly, pack your bags, simply arrange the itinerary and set off.
July 15-21, 2019
D1: Xiamen Gaoqi Airport - Beijing Capital Airport - Temple of Heaven;
D2: Forbidden City - Qianmen Street (Dashilan) food;
D3: Mutianyu Great Wall - Tiananmen Flag Lowering Ceremony;
D4: Tiananmen Square - National Museum of China - Deyun Society Crosstalk Conference;
D5, D6: Nanluoguxiang—Snacks at Huguo Temple; second visit to the National Museum; all kinds of wandering;
D7: Beijing Capital Airport - Xiamen Gaoqi Airport.
Cost: about 5800 yuan
(including round-trip air ticket 1988 yuan, accommodation fee 2311 yuan, souvenirs 300 yuan, etc.)
about the weather
In July, the heat was supposed to be unbearable, but when I came to Beijing for a few days, it became cloudy and overcast, with occasional light rain. The hot weather became cooler, and I, who was lazy and didn't wear sunscreen, had a legitimate reason to be lazy.
about traffic
Where there are scenic spots, there are subways/buses!
After getting off the plane, apply for a Beijing municipal card at the Passenger Service Center of the Capital International Airport. The cash is 100 (deposit 20, recharge 80), which is enough to stay in Jinglang for a week. 50% off on the bus, no discount on the subway. It should be noted that you have to swipe your card to get on and off the bus in Beijing, otherwise you will be charged for the whole journey and the card cannot be refunded.

About accommodation

Qianmen Dashilan is often chosen as a tourist station for the following reasons:

1. It's very close to Tiananmen Square, 15 minutes' walk away. If you want to watch the flag-raising ceremony, you have to queue up at 3:00 in the morning. If you don't live here, where can you stay?

2. The departure point of the Beijing Tourist Distribution Center is at Qianmen. Those who want to go to the Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, and the Ming Tombs must come here. At the same time, this is also the drop-off point for the return journey. The Beijing Tourist Distribution Center is state-run. To be on the safe side, choose a reliable tour group!

3. There are many centuries-old brands around Dashilan: Chenji Luzhuhuo, Baodufeng, Huguosi Snacks, Old Beijing Fried Noodles, Jinfang, Barbecue Ji, Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop... don’t worry about three meals a day ( Foodies continue to look down, there are detailed explanations).

Recommended accommodation: Xihua Jingzhao Hotel (three-star hotel), convenient transportation, get off at Qianmen Bus Station and walk for 3 minutes. The environment is comfortable, the attitude of the front desk is very good, and the service is warm and thoughtful (the key is to be clear-headed and capable. By the way, not all the front desks of hotels and hotels are good-tempered...), and there is also a special storage room for sending bags. The disadvantage is that the price is a bit expensive, the standard room is about 500, and the summer vacation needs to be booked 3 days in advance. I originally wanted to continue, but it was already full.

If you are not obsessed with Tiananmen, I recommend Hualijiahe Express Hotel (Ping'anli Branch) next to Ping'anli Subway Station. Ping'anli Subway Station is a large transfer station, and you can choose two subway lines at a time, which saves you the trouble of turnover. The hotel is next to Huguosi Street, and there are many snacks, including the famous Huguosi snacks (main store). Don't worry about where to have breakfast, just worry about which one to eat. What are Huguosi snacks? One of the representatives of local snacks in Beijing, it has a rich variety and profound culture, such as Aiwowo, donkey roll, pea yellow, soybean juice, and fried belly.

D1: Xiamen Gaoqi Airport - Beijing Capital Airport - Temple of Heaven;

After a six-hour flight from Xiamen to Beijing, at noon, I was already hungry and finally arrived at my destination. I took the airport subway line and got off at Sanyuanqiao (the price of the subway is 25 yuan), and I finally set foot on the inner circle line of the urban area. This land of longing for day and night.

With half a day left today, I decided to go to the Temple of Heaven after careful consideration.

【Tiantan Park】

The Temple of Heaven Park is located in the south of Beijing. It is a 5A-level scenic spot. It is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshiped the emperor and prayed for a good harvest. The north and south gates can be entered and exited. There are big tickets and combined tickets. If you want to see the Hall of Prayer for Harvests, the Circular Mound Altar, and the Echo Wall You have to buy a joint ticket, which is 34 a piece, which is not expensive (if you only buy big tickets, you can only go to the park in the outer circle to see the woods). For individual tourists who do not sign up for a tour group and do not follow the tour guide, it is recommended to rent an electronic guide at the entrance. The deposit is 50 refundable, and the rent is 20. There is a map on the screen. Every time you arrive at a scenic spot, it will be explained automatically. The explanation will only be said once, and you will not go back. Returns can be made at all major entrances and exits.

The greening of the outer circle of the Temple of Heaven Park is well done, the trees are shady and lush, and many parents take their children for a walk. The inner circle is the main building complex, which contains the ancient Chinese culture and the historical traditions of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The Echo Wall is the wall of the Imperial Vault of Heaven. The article that once appeared in the Chinese textbooks, the entire wall is neat and smooth with the effect of echoing.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is located in the north of the Temple of Heaven. It is a circular building with triple eaves. The blue roof and red walls are very magnificent. At 5:00 p.m., there will be fewer tourists, especially the tour groups are gradually leaving. There is a feeling of booking the venue. At this time, the Hall of Prayer for Harvests photographed at this time can be empty!

D2: The Forbidden City - Food in Qianmen Street (Dashilan); 【Forbidden City】

The Forbidden City, one of the most anticipated attractions of this trip. Before going to the Forbidden City, it is best to do a good strategy. After all, once you enter the palace, it is as deep as the sea, hahaha~

The Forbidden City is the royal palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China. It used to be called the Forbidden City and is located in the center of the central axis of Beijing. Centered on the three main halls, the Forbidden City in Beijing covers an area of ​​720,000 square meters, with more than 70 palaces of various sizes and more than 9,000 houses. It is one of the largest and best-preserved ancient wooden structures in the world. It is recommended to set aside a day, no matter the architecture, history, humanities, rare treasures are worth savoring.

The parade group generally follows the central axis, entering from the Meridian Gate, along the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Zhonghe, and the Hall of Preserving Harmony, passing through the Qianqing Palace and Kunning Palace, and finally exiting from the Shenwu Gate, that is, entering from the south and exiting from the north. If you are in a hurry My friends can also take this route.

In fact, in addition to this way of walking, you can also look at the East and West Zodiac + Watch Exhibition + Treasure Exhibition. Do you want to hear the secret history of the harem, hehe, the story of open and secret struggles for power in the Eastern and Western Palaces is very much like a palace drama.

You need to pay an additional 10 yuan for the Clock Exhibition and the Treasure Exhibition, but this money has to be spent, because it is worth it. You can see many exquisite or atmospheric or original clocks at the Clock Exhibition, and you can see that time is used to record a period of history; the Treasure Exhibition is simply a treasure trove. , Shining gems, pearls and jadeites of various colors, and ivory and jade carvings are breathtaking.

If you only visit the Forbidden City, it is recommended to take Metro Line 1 to Tiananmen East/West Station, so that you only need to go through a security check in the Forbidden City. If tourists depart from Qianmen, they need to go through four security checks at Qianmen Subway Station, Tiananmen Square, Tiananmen East/West Subway Station, and the Forbidden City, and they also need to queue up for the security check~~ The Forbidden City limits tourists to 80,000 people every day, and summer vacation is tourism gold It is recommended to make an appointment 2 days in advance.

Standing in front of the Tiananmen Gate, follow the long line up to the Jinshui Bridge, pass through the Duanmen, rent an electronic guide and move on.

The first thing you walk into is Taihemen Square. Taihemen Square is open and spectacular, but it is also the area with the most tourists. If you want to take beautiful photos, you must choose a good angle, otherwise you will follow the crowd.

There are many tourist service centers in the Forbidden City, where you can buy hamburgers, drinking water, and souvenirs. There is only one brand of Nongfu Spring for drinking water. The original bright red packaging of Nongfu Spring is also more suitable for the Forbidden City. Designs include emperors, queens, porcelain spring bars, etc., full of childishness.

In 6 hours, I walked 20,000 steps and killed 3 bottles of water. This is my footprint in the Forbidden City~~~~~~~~~~~~~

【Qianmen (Dashilan) Food】

Dashilan at the front gate was the south gate of the inner city of Beijing during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is located at the southernmost end of Tiananmen Square on the north-south central axis of Beijing, south of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. It is one of the "nine gates of the capital" in old Beijing. Now there are only city towers and archery towers, and it is the only relatively complete city gate in Beijing.

Today's Qianmen has become a bustling commercial street, and its architectural layout is similar to Fuzhou's Three Lanes and Seven Alleys. In the middle of the street, there will be jingling cars passing through, and the red jingling cars shuttle through the tree-lined fence, making a jingling sound, which adds a bit of vitality to the street.

There are many hundred-year-old brands around Dashilan, such as Baodu Feng, Chenji Luzhu Huoyao, Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodles, and Huguosi snacks. This is a paradise for foodies.

In addition, there are two Deyun clubs here~ The cross talk is very good, the actors are very professional, and the venue is full.

Dashilan looks quite ordinary during the day, but the night view at night is still very good. Especially after eight o'clock at night, the golden lights are still very beautiful.

【Chen Kee Braised and Fired】

Chen Ji Lu Zhu Huo Shao is located in Langfang Ertiao, next door is the famous Baodu Feng.

The store is small but there are no empty seats, so we have to fight for tables. The stove master is located in the window next to the door. The brine in the big iron pot is boiling. The dried tofu, small intestines, and pig lungs have been fully marinated, just waiting for the gourmets to come to taste. The soup base is 22 yuan, and the fire is 1 yuan more. The taste is similar to the stewed ingredients in southern Fujian, but it is the staple food here.

23 yuan a piece of stewed fire is very cost-effective, a bowl full of ingredients, pork skin, pig lungs, pig small intestines, dried tofu, and a handful of coriander at the end. If you like spicy food, you can add some chili oil.

It's a pity that the taste is a little bit wrong, I'm not used to it, and it feels salty.

When I was about to leave the store, the master told me that the person sitting at the table in front of me was a cross talk actor from Deyun Society. . .

【Qingfeng Baozi Shop (Qianmen Store)】

Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop has long been known. It sells steamed stuffed buns, snacks, rice and vegetables, and it is also one of the check-in restaurants during this trip.

The location of Qingfeng Baozipuqian store is very superior. It is located on the central axis of Dashilan. It shares a lobby with the roast duck restaurant next door.

I picked the most recommended pork and green onion buns and fresh shrimp and vegetable buns, and there is no difference in appearance.

Pork and scallion buns do not have the choking smell of scallions, and the filling tastes good, but the bun skin is a bit hard and dry, like quick-frozen bun skin.

Shrimp and cabbage buns have a very special taste. The cabbage heart is completely chopped and a piece of shrimp is added, which is a bit like chopped green vegetables. It tastes light and delicious.

In addition, it is paired with haggis soup, 20 yuan a bowl is not much, the sheep has a bit of fishy smell, and the soup base is covered with a layer of vermicelli, which has a strong pepper flavor.

【Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodles (Main Store)】

Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodles has several branches in Qianmen. The interior of the store has been renovated, and the atmosphere is relatively commercial, but it is also relaxed and comfortable.

The Zhajiang Noodles are beautifully presented on a plate. The Zhajiang Noodles are divided into two layers. The bottom layer is filled with noodles in a small bowl, and the upper layer is filled with various ingredients: celery stalks, soybeans, soybean sprouts, shredded carrots, shredded cucumbers, and a small plate Sweet Bean Sauce.

The waiter explained, first put the fried sauce to try out the right taste, and then mix in the dish code. The Zhajiang noodles taste good, the noodles are chewy, and the combination of ingredients relieves the greasiness of Zhajiang, and it tastes refreshing.

【Barbecue Season (Fresh Fish Shop)】

Barbecue season, a Halal restaurant, is located in the time-honored food street of Xianyukou in Qianmen. On the wall is a Chinese time-honored brand plaque issued by the Ministry of Commerce. There is a bamboo stick bucket in front of the store. The used bamboo skewers are as tall as a person. Business good.

Its kebabs are the most famous, and the two masters put them on skewers. The mutton has been marinated and covered with several seasoning powders. The threaded skewers are deep-fried first, and then baked on the baking tray. It is mainly to save time, right?

A skewer of mutton costs 12 yuan, sprinkled with cumin powder and baked. The mutton has a lot of weight, and the taste is relatively fishy and salty. Friends with heavy tastes will like it.

【Jin Fang (Fresh Fish Shop)】

After struggling for a long time, I finally made up my mind to try the legendary Beijing soybean juice with burnt rings. Beijing soybean juice has a choking smell like swill, and it takes courage to drink it.

A bowl of soy sauce costs 3 yuan, and the coke ring costs 2 yuan, which is cheap. Soybean juice is produced by fermenting the remaining mung bean residue. It is gray-green in color. It is the first time to drink soy juice, and the smell like swill is hard to swallow. It's sour and refreshing after a sip, but old Beijingers like this one.

In addition, it is served with a small dish of pickles. The pickles and soybean juice have the same flavor. If you don’t like it, don’t add it. There is cold bean juice for sale at the door. It is said that the cold taste is stronger than the hot one.

The coke rings have been deep-fried, a bit hard, and very crispy after a bite. In Beijing, soy milk with coke rings is like soy milk with deep-fried dough sticks.

With one mouthful, I finished a large bowl of hot soybean juice and made myself sick. I am not used to the food of old Beijing.

【Burning Belly Feng (Qianmen Main Store)】

I had heard the name of this restaurant before I came to Beijing. The store is small and a little crowded. If there are few people, you can order hot pot. If there are many people, you can choose hot pot.

The seasoning is sold separately, 5 yuan per serving, made of sesame paste and fermented bean curd.

Choose the traditional beef louver, cut into shreds, the fishy smell is heavy when served on the table, but it will be relieved a lot after dipping in the sauce. The beef basil tastes crunchy and chewy, and it tastes delicious when dipped in sesame sauce (I found that Beijingers really love sesame sauce). Eat the fried belly while it is hot. The cold beef louver is a bit hard and not easy to chew.

D3: Mutianyu Great Wall - Tiananmen Flag Lowering Ceremony;

I gave up the crowded Badaling Great Wall and decided to go to the lesser-known Mutianyu Great Wall in Huairou District. In fact, in foreign countries, Mutianyu has a better reputation than Badaling, so there are quite a lot of foreigners who come here to travel.

Compared with Badaling, Mutianyu is more beautiful, the greenery is more beautiful, and the climbing is more difficult, but the location is more remote, and there are fewer vehicles that can go there.

On the day of departure, the weather was not good, and occasionally a few raindrops fell, but we still chose to go. This kind of weather is very cool. After all, the hot sun still consumes a lot of physical energy. Of course, I love photography, and it is difficult for me to make a big movie. It looks a bit gray.

Early in the morning, I bought a bus ticket at the Beijing Tourist Passenger Transport Center in Qianmen, a piece of 100, including a big ticket, which is quite a deal. Due to the remoteness of the scenic spot, it takes about two hours one way, so it is necessary to prepare dry food and drinking water in advance. Once you enter the scenic spot, 50 for hamburger, 15 for disposable raincoat, 15 for Coke, if you are a big money, it is not bad money.

There will be four buses every day, from 7:30 to 9:30, and they will leave when they are full. On the way, the tour guide will give a brief introduction to the scenic spots, and tourists can buy tickets for cable cars, ropeways, and slides according to their needs. The cable car is one company, and the cableway and slideway are another. Tickets from different companies cannot be used universally. One-way 100, round-trip 120, in order to save energy, almost all the tourists on the bus bought it.

Staying in the scenic spot for 4 hours is not a long time, so you must plan well. Go up the cable car to the No. 14 watchtower of the Great Wall, and then go left to go to the No. 20 watchtower. The young people walk back and forth normally for about 2-3 hours. Two bottles of mineral water and a long SLR, the feeling of moving forward with a heavy load is really uncomfortable, especially when climbing the almost 60-degree slope of the 19-20 watchtower, I once suspected that I would turn backwards.

The section between No. 19 and No. 20 enemy buildings is a classic. This section is relatively steep, with an angle of about 45 degrees to 60 degrees. Everyone is out of breath after climbing. For my fear of heights, my legs were weak for a while, and I used my hands and feet to climb to the back section, and I had to kneel on the section I chose. Especially after the long and steep slope, there is a section of nearly 60-degree narrow road that only allows 2 people to pass through, which is quite exciting. When you are young and have strength, everything depends on support.

After arriving at No. 20 enemy building, there is a wall blocking the way. Some tourists will climb over it. However, the Wild Great Wall is relatively dangerous. It has not been repaired for a long time and looks dilapidated, but it is more original!

After coming down from the Great Wall, I was already half disabled. The car drove to the city and stopped in front of the front door. At 5:30 in the evening, wouldn’t this be the best time to go to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-lowering?

Dragging two lead-filled legs to the pedestal of the national flag, it was an hour earlier than the sunset time, but the tourists who had circled three times here were waiting quietly for the solemn moment.

Tiananmen Square is very large. The square is neat, generous and clean. The surrounding security checks and patrols are very strict, and there are many patrols along the road.

I really can't get up in the morning. It is said that many people start to wait for the flag raising at three in the morning. If you are a lazy person, you can consider watching the flag lowering. Check the sunset time at night, and you can choose a good location by standing in line 1.5 hours in advance. The lowering of the flag is as solemn and sacred as the raising of the flag. When the lowering of the flag is approaching, Chang'an Avenue will be closed for a short time. The guard of honor of the Chinese People's Liberation Army marched out from the Tiananmen Gate, which made people see their blood boil and everyone held their breath! It took about 2-3 minutes to lower the flag, and the night view immediately came up as soon as the flag was lowered. It was still very beautiful~

D4: Tiananmen Square - National Museum of China - Deyun Society Crosstalk Conference;

【National Museum of China】

The National Museum of China is located on the east side of Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Tickets are free for visitors, with a limit of 30,000 people per day. Online reservations are required in advance. There are entrances from the north and west gates of the museum. Tiananmen East Subway Station is connected to the North Gate of the National Museum. If you make an appointment in advance and take this passage, you can enter the museum in 5 minutes. Ximen is an on-site appointment, and many tour groups also go to Ximen, and the queue time is about half an hour.

The National Museum is very large, with magnificent architecture, including three series of basic exhibitions, special exhibitions, and temporary exhibitions. There are special exhibitions on ancient Chinese bronzes, Buddha statues, jade, and porcelain. I only visited two exhibition halls in one day, and I didn't have time to see five or six.

My favorite is the Ancient China Exhibition Hall on the first floor. There are many people in the exhibition hall. From the beginning of Homo sapiens to the end of the Qing Dynasty, it is simply a brief history of human beings in China.

The fourth floor is a commemorative exhibition of state leaders receiving gifts. This exhibition hall is an eye-opener. The commemorative exhibition has witnessed the history and the process of establishing diplomatic relations between China and foreign countries. The souvenirs are very exquisite.

The explanations in the exhibition hall are relatively concise. If you want to learn more, you can pay 40 yuan at a time through the WeChat applet, and you can listen to it repeatedly within a week.

Going to the National Expo for the second time within three days is definitely true love! If there is enough time, I want to come to three or four swipes!

[Deyun Society Beijing Crosstalk Conference]

Guangdelou Opera Park is located in the front gate, next door to McDonald's, and there is a Sanqing Garden less than 100 meters across the street, where you can also watch cross talk from Deyun Society.

Tickets for the Deyun Society Crosstalk Conference can be purchased through, the comment platform or on-site. Generally, it needs to be purchased two or three days in advance, and tickets for the summer Deyun Club are very popular. needs to make an appointment by phone after purchasing. Generally, 9:00 am is the peak time for making an appointment, and it is not easy to make a phone call.

The front row of tickets is 150, tea is provided, and seats are reserved; the back row is 120, and only snacks and drinks sold in the store are allowed (drinking water such as Nongfu Spring is not allowed), and the seats are first come, first served. The second floor is a box, 500/room, 3 people; 600/room, 2 people.

The cross talk actors are quite young, and the small theater with 200 people is also a training for them. The whole is very professional and has excellent basic skills. There were originally planned a total of five paragraphs, among which the two paragraphs of "Sifang Poetry" and "Five Red Maps" were well told, and the atmosphere of the scene was very good. Two encores were added later, which aroused the exclamation of the scene. The paragraphs are quite interesting.

D5, 6: Nanluoguxiang—Snacks at Huguo Temple; second visit to the National Museum; all kinds of wandering;

【South Luogu Lane】

Nanluoguxiang, a place where you can experience Beijing's hutongs, is also a holy place for visiting Beijing.

The structure of the whole hutong of Nanluoguxiang is like a centipede, the central axis is the main avenue, where businesses and tourists mainly gather, and the hutongs with branches on the left and right are mostly residential areas, with a lot less people, which seems strange and deserted, but more You can feel what real life in old Beijing looks like.

Nanluoguxiang has become a commercial street selling cultural and creative products and souvenirs. It is very interesting to stroll around. There are dough kneaders on site. The master takes pictures of tourists. When tourists go out to play by themselves, the master kneads noodles in the spare time people.

There are also non-heritage rabbits, snuff bottles, glazed products, and a wide variety of products. Petty bourgeois youth can also buy postcards, key chains, tapes, and bookmarks as souvenirs. If you want to buy souvenirs, there are also Jing Ba Pieces and Quanjude Roast Duck from Daoxiang Village.

【Huguo Temple Snacks (Main Store)】

Huguosi Snacks (main store), 100 meters walk from the exit of Platform B of Ping'anli Subway Station, the location is superior. There is a Huguosi Street here, there are many snacks, it is not a problem to solve breakfast~

The environment of the snack bar is average, and it looks relatively simple. It feels a certain vicissitudes of life in it, without too many decorations. The store is always full, even at three or four in the afternoon. If you come for a meal, you have to queue up.

Its main business is Beijing-style snacks. Hundreds of them are displayed in glass cabinets.

Fried tofu soup, 3.5 yuan, one of my favorite soups, salty, as a child who grew up by the sea, if the snacks and liquid food are sweets, it will be too greasy. There are quite a lot of fried tofu, and a large bowl of 3.5 yuan is too cost-effective.

Sesame biscuits, 1.5 yuan, are quite different from what I imagined. There is also a sesame biscuit in the store that uses this type of biscuit, but it is cut from the middle and stuffed with minced meat. The sesame seed cake tastes ordinary, but it tastes dry and hard. Children and elderly people with bad teeth should be careful.

Pea yellow, 3 yuan, according to the reviews, it is too sweet? Personally, I think it's okay, it's quite delicious, the taste is a bit like stuffing, and the taste is icy.

Fried sauce noodles, 25 yuan, beautifully presented, rich in color, shredded cucumber, shredded cabbage, what else? radish? A small dollop of sweet bean sauce in the center, sprinkled with soybeans on top. The taste is average, and it is different from the old Beijing fried noodles in Qianmen. It feels rough and tastes bad.

Donkey rolling, the size of mochi, the taste is similar to mochi, covered with a layer of sesame powder, it tastes very springy, QQ.

A few reflections

Beijing is my first full-time solo trip. Going out alone needs to be more thoughtful than going with a company.

Prepare all kinds of first aid medicine in advance, don't think that I won't get sick. On the fourth day of coming to Beijing, I suddenly had acute diarrhea. I had diarrhea 5 times a day, which completely disrupted my itinerary. The standing medicines are only band-aids, gastric medicines and anti-allergic medicines, and antidiarrheal medicines have never been prepared after so many trips. Originally, I thought about being in a big city, and I could find a pharmacy just by turning around when I went out. After I got sick, I found it so difficult to find a pharmacy. I planned to go to the emergency department of the hospital, but found that the outpatient clinics of Beijing hospitals were all full within a week, so I had no choice but to buy medicine through the advice given by the online health consultation. Since the hotel was moved to the vicinity of the Summer Palace and located in the fourth and fifth ring roads, it took half an hour for one person to walk from the hotel to the pharmacy and back, and it was difficult to walk for half an hour when you were sick.

The location and determination of accommodation are very important, and some money cannot be saved. Summer is the peak tourist season, especially in Beijing. Some good hotels are almost fully booked three or four days in advance. I only booked 2 nights at Xihua Jingzhao Hotel, and I planned to wait and see again. I was very satisfied with the hotel. When I wanted to continue, it was already full and there was no room, so I had no choice but to "sweep out" with heavy luggage. Try to choose a hotel that is 3 minutes away from the subway. When you come back with a tired body after a day of playing, it is a sin to walk an extra minute!

Remote scenic spots with heavy physical loads (such as mountain climbing, etc.) try to pack as lightly as possible. The 19th to 20th enemy building of the Mutianyu Great Wall is a slope of nearly 60. A girl is carrying two bottles of 500ml drinking water and a telephoto SLR. What kind of experience?

The End