A sudden force majeure this year has changed the way of life that we thought was solid, especially for people who love to play and travel.

When the situation improved, we began to think about how to restore our hobbies where we could, so staying in a hotel in our own city became the choice of many people. A few months ago, it was hard to find a home in the suburbs of Beijing.

This weekend, my friend and I started the "travel" method of staying in a homestay in Beijing for the fourth time this year. Holidays at home have brought a sense of freshness to our lives.

The B&B “Yinhai” we stayed in was found on Tujia.com, and I usually browse it when I have nothing to do. I have collected a lot of B&Bs in Beijing’s hutong area. The location and style have their own characteristics, and some are big hidden. Yushi is on the street, some are hidden in alleys, and some are mixed with restaurants.

Last year, I went to the restaurant of Yinhai twice, which is an online celebrity restaurant with its own traffic, and it is headed by a Michelin star chef. I want to try its homestay this year. Hidden Sea B&B is not a hotel that you are used to every day. It is concentrated in one courtyard or one building, but distributed in the surrounding area of ​​Shichahai, hidden in many courtyards. There are several places in Xisi, Xinjiekou, and Shichahai. The name of Yinhai, hidden around Shichahai.

Our Limu living room is located in the hutong of Banqiao Toutiao in Xinjiekou, surrounded by houses of Beijing aborigines, full of life atmosphere. Moreover, there are many restaurants and canteens, making shopping and life convenient.

The Limu living room is the name of this yard, and it is divided into three guest rooms, two ordinary double-bed rooms, and one is the Yanxiu duplex suite where we live. Push the door and enter in the afternoon, the light and shadow of the trees in the yard are reflected on the wall, the shadows of the trees are swaying, the light and shadow on the wall are swaying, the corners and moments of incomparable beauty.


The total area of ​​the guest rooms is 60 square meters, spacious and bright, and each room has floor-to-ceiling windows for lighting.

Entering the door is the master bedroom, a comfortable big bed, equipped with electric mosquito coils, air purifier, TV, etc. Form a characteristic hidden sea cultural homestay space area.

The second bedroom is on the second floor of the loft, with a single tatami window, and the stairs are too steep, not suitable for adults, but children will like it.

Downstairs is a small living room, where lazy sofas, books and ancient cosmetic boxes are waiting for people to explore and live a slow life here.

The bathroom is large and there are two, so the two bedrooms have separate bathrooms and bathrooms, maintaining their privacy.

For the problem of the room, we should add some color and decoration on the wall, pay attention to the details, enhance the sense of design, and avoid roughness.

【Kitchen + Yard】

The room does not include breakfast, you need to buy it yourself or make it in the kitchen. The west wing of the courtyard is the kitchen, which is full of kitchen utensils and stoves, and four bottles of Arctic Ocean, which represent Beijing, are thoughtfully provided. The homestay can also provide barbecue services, and it is also very pleasant to eat barbecue in the yard.

Sleep until you wake up naturally in the morning, set up tables and chairs with your friends in the yard, eat big pancakes and drink the Arctic Ocean, and look up at the blue sky and persimmon trees. This kind of down-to-earth life was once a daily life, but it has become an occasional realization now. dream.

Yinhai has a total of 20 courtyards in the Shichahai area in Beijing, 50 homestays, two Chinese-style private kitchens, and three cafes. I haven’t been to a cafe yet. Next time, I will continue to try its other wonderful living places.

Hidden Sea Cultural Space Homestay (Beijing Xinjiekou Branch)

Tujia app, Tujia.com

Address: Hospital No. 6, Banqiao Toutiao, Xicheng District, Beijing (West of Beimen Road, Jishuitan Hospital)

Surrounding recommendations:

Fu Rong Kee

Baochao Hutong is a treasure, with just the right amount of business, a strong atmosphere of the market, residents are still around, and life is the same as before. When I was free, I often came here for a stroll, and this place is also favored by foreigners who can play.

The surprises brought to us by orchids are far more than that. They are small and beautiful, but also small and complete.

Pass by the entrance of Lanhua, if you don’t go in, you won’t find Fu Rong Ji, a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant that is popular in Beijing, hidden in the face of this ordinary Chinese restaurant in front of the hotel. Since its opening in 2018, it has captured countless Hong Kong-style tea restaurants. Refreshments and people who love old Beijing.

The L-shaped space is clean during the day and warm at night, with white tiles and black boundaries, a typical Hong Kong store style. In fact, there are two large round tables in the innermost part, and there is a small bar hidden inside, only people with similar tastes can enter.

Fu Rong Ji combines the traditional skills of Hong Kong restaurants with modern flavors. The new Cantonese cuisine menu has a wide variety of snacks, and you want to order any of them. These foods are the tastes brought back after visiting Shunde and Chaoshan. I really dislike the fast fashion of shopping malls and the bluntness of big restaurants. There is none here. It is life and the breath brought by the neighbors passing by outside the window.

You can tell by the expression on the child's face when he eats, he is devouring it with love.

My favorite is the chicken feet in scallop sauce, which is so rotten and delicious that one basket is not enough. But still leave some room to eat other things. There are also chicken feet in the claypot rice-steamed rice with chicken feet and pork ribs.

Others such as Furongji Mixed Wontons, Steamed Broccoli with Fermented Bean Curd, Curry Mochi Balls, Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls with Wasabi Flavor in it, Must-Try Barbecued Pork Soup Noodles, and Chencun Beef Brisket Rice Rolls, which are rich in taste.

Furongji soda is delicious, big pieces of ice, light sweet.

All prices are calculated according to the size of the portion, small 18, large 26, top 36, super 48, fine 58.

Fu Rong Kee

Per capita: 105

Address: No. 63 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Private room BAOJIAN

The nightlife in the alley is very special. People who know this way will walk into the innermost part of Furongji and push open a dark wooden door. There is a treasure bar hidden there. It has a very interesting name, called BAOJIAN "Private Room" ".

The private room is the speakeasy bar hidden in the center of the hotel and the two restaurants, like the central axis beam supporting the entire building. The elevator room in the middle of different dimensions requires you to open two doors and pass through other areas to "excavate" The process of searching for an independent space is a joy of exploration.

What the private room wants to present to people is interesting and fun bartending, a comfortable and modern environment, and a night with unlimited possibilities. Bartenders from Turkey use unique base wines and whiskeys collected from all over the world to create different wine lists. I especially recommend "The Persimmon Tree Next Door". This special sour wine in private rooms uses coffee sugar brought back by the owner Joel during his travels in Mexico and whiskey soaked in woody spices. The sour wine created together feels like eating persimmons.

From the dark small bar room, go up the black and steep spiral stairs, as if Super Mario found the Tongtian tree, climbed to another world in the clouds to eat the exotic space like gold coins, and the end of the tree is connected to the most popular place in Beijing. One of the bakeries, The Bake Shop. In 2017, The Bake Shop, which focuses on fresh American handmade bakery, appeared. Its predecessor was the handmade bakery of two American artists living in Beijing. Freshly baked every day, the quantity is small but exquisite. Naturally fermented sourdough bread, chewy bagels, typical American handmade cookies and sweet crisps, they want people in Beijing to eat the kind of bread that Western families eat.

However, it has never had a physical store until 2019, when the soul took on a physical body and The Bake Shop married The Orchid. You can buy American-style soft cookies, sweet crisps, dipping sauces, open sandwiches, hot-pressed sandwiches, etc. in this ultra-mini offline experience store. It provides you with more interesting ways to eat bread and fresh bread. The ingredients and creative recipes are presented, and the takeaway bagels are the best-selling items in the daily spike. But remember the time, it closes at 18:00.

At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the private rooms start to open, which is the best time to watch the sunset. The autumn sun is no longer blazing, and through the gaps of the big persimmon trees, it falls on the white stone houses, with layers of blue tiles and dense roofs. Here, we easily have the most beautiful skyline of Gulou.


Per capita: 140

The Bake Shop

Address: No. 63 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Toast at The Orchid

Walking past the lonely street lights in the alley, using the public toilets and canteens as references, I walked back to the room. This experience gave me the illusion of traveling as a local.

In fact, what makes The Orchid famous is its terrace restaurant Toast at The Orchid built on the roof. It was originally only a place for breakfast for residents, but it is too beautiful here, and there are too many demands from guests. In 2015, it became a place for A Middle Eastern Mediterranean style restaurant open to all.

For the living experience of the courtyard residents, the restaurant open to the public uses a separate entrance, instead of taking the stairs in the backyard, it goes straight to the sky along the rattan, and the winding path reveals one space after another.

Standing on the high terrace, looking into the distance, the city and scattered moments ago disappeared out of sight. In a few days, it will be time for the persimmons to ripen.

Ever since the English language entered people's lives, the word "one" has become a contradictory habit. I remember when I was in the first grade of junior high school, I asked the teacher, it was already the most, there was only one, why there was one more, no one can give me the answer so far. But I know that Toast, which is rated as one of the most in-hutong terrace restaurants in Beijing, is incomparable and cannot be replicated by those so-called terraces built on the roof.

Since the beautiful clothes here are not gone, you must sit on the garden terrace, order a brunch designed by Joel himself, and take it away in your stomach. Afternoon tea and formal dinners are also available at Toast.

Middle Eastern-style restaurants can naturally eat Middle Eastern-style meals. We met the North African egg that is popular in Israel, that is, Shakshuka veggie stewed egg, paired with the long-lost Pita cake, which is baked with organic triticale flour from Shaanxi.

I have never been able to tell the difference between English breakfast and American breakfast. What is written on Toast’s menu also confirms that this may be a confusion for many people: what is there in English breakfast? I figured it out. That plate has tomatoes, spinach, pork sausage, baked potatoes, poached eggs, and that's it.

In addition, there are iron plate baked eggs, sweetheart tough guy toast, a full set of sandwiches, condensed yogurt, the most healthy and beautiful options, and the matching drinks can also be continued.

Those who love to drink have good wine, those who love to take pictures have good views, those who love to eat have good meals, those who love homestays want to live in every room...

It is a real regret that I have not been here.

Toast at The Orchid

Per capita: 140 yuan Afternoon tea: 188 for two people, there are also brunch and dinner, all need to be booked, there are more people

Address: No. 65 Baochao Hutong, Gulou East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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