I have been to Beijing many times, and the feeling is different every time I go, or the color of the season is different every time I go, the four seasons are distinct all year round, and the feeling is different every time I go, the capital is what many people yearn for City, this autumn I brought my luggage to Beijing again, just in time for autumn when the mountains are full of red leaves. Autumn in Beijing is different from other places. I feel that autumn is the most beautiful season here.

Miyun Sunshine Valley, which is only an hour's drive from Beijing, is not known to many people, and fewer people come here to play, but the red leaves here are so beautiful. It's a pity that we went there late, and there are some red leaves It's all gone, it would be great if I went earlier, if I miss this time, I will have to wait another year.

Climbing up to the top of the mountain and overlooking the whole mountain is covered with red leaves, and the mountains and plains are full of forests. It’s so beautiful. If you think that the only red leaves in Beijing are Xiangshan, you’re wrong. This is also a good place to appreciate red leaves. The key is that there are no people. It’s also good to come here for a weekend, and then just take a look at the red leaves. Awesome.

In addition to the red leaves in Beijing this season, the leaves of ginkgo trees all over the streets have turned golden yellow. Walking on the streets of Beijing, you can see such a scene within a few steps. Under the blue sky and white clouds, Beijing in autumn becomes more beautiful .

Sunshine Valley in Miyun, Beijing, the mountains and plains are full of forests

It takes more than an hour to drive from Beijing to Miyun. It is relatively close to downtown Beijing. When it comes to seeing red leaves in Beijing, the first thing that comes to mind is Beijing’s Fragrant Hills. However, at this time, going to Xiangshan to see red leaves is simply all It is crowded with people, and it is not easy for a car to drive in, so we avoid Xiangshan and divert to Miyun. In fact, it is also a very good place to see red leaves on the top of the mountain in Sunshine Valley. The key is that there is no crowd like Xiangshan. It feels like going to Xiangshan to see red leaves is like seeing a sea of ​​people.

After arriving at Miyun Valley, the mountain here is not too high. Walking up the wooden plank road up the mountain, you can walk slowly one step at a time. I feel that climbing the mountain is not so tiring. The main reason is that the mountain here is not high, and the scenery along the way It was so beautiful, from green to red, and then colorful red leaves bloomed all over the whole mountain, which made people a little excited.

Before I came here, I thought that there were only Fragrant Hills in Beijing and only red leaves. After arriving here, I realized that there are such beautiful red leaves in Sunshine Valley. After climbing to the top of the mountain, there is a platform for viewing red leaves. From this viewing platform, you can see Miyun on one side. Reservoir, while seeing rolling red leaves one mountain after another, in addition to red, there are also red leaves of various colors. It is really beautiful to come here in autumn to see the red leaves.

Maybe I was a little late when I came here. I saw that the red leaves on the mountain had already fallen to the ground. I should have come here earlier to make it more beautiful. The whole mountain is full of fiery red leaves, and the red leaves are all over the mountains. The leaves are still green, and there is still a little green left, and all the leaves are red, which is really beautiful. Standing on the viewing platform, you can see the Miyun Reservoir.

The hillside of Xiashanye is full of red leaves, and the winding road, from the top of the mountain to the Sunshine Valley, is a mountain road all the way. The scenery on both sides is beautiful, but it is a pity that there are fewer red leaves, and the ones that come here are not the ones that bloom the most. when.

Sunshine Valley, a niche tourist destination hidden in Miyun, Beijing

There are book bars, French restaurants, warm cabins, tents, and RVs. Whether it is a couple, a family of three or a reunion with friends and relatives, you can feel an unexpected surprise and joy. romantic. I have never been here before. This is the first time I came here. My friend said that I can also see beautiful red leaves here. Sure enough, I am not disappointed. It is just that I came a little late. If I came earlier, there would be more red leaves and more beautiful. It would be better if you bring children here to play, especially it is a good choice to come here for a weekend. It is only an hour's drive away from the city center. From the Rainbow Bridge, you will arrive at the Rigu Valley Restaurant and the cabin area.

There are a lot of outdoor playgrounds for children to play here. I think I will like it here if I bring children. The cabins are like homestays. If you are traveling as a family, you can live in a wooden cabin. Before coming this time, I booked the cabin here in advance on Tujia Homestay, and it feels good.

This is a B&B in Sunshine Valley. I booked it on Tujia in advance. A wooden house can accommodate three people, with three beds. There are two rooms downstairs with two double beds, and one room upstairs. It is a good choice for family travel. When the air conditioner is turned on at night, the room is very warm.

The room is cozy and big, like rural life. The B&B is similar to a hotel. There are all the necessary toiletries here. The main reason is that it is very quiet here, not as noisy as in the center of Beijing. It is also a good choice to spend a weekend here. . There is air conditioning and TV in the room. It is good for a family to spend a weekend here.

In addition to cabins, Sunshine Valley also has tents, RVs and other accommodation options for residents. The whole park is still relatively large. One day in autumn, it becomes another world, and in winter, it will become a snow-covered area. , Just think about how beautiful it is, but it will only take another two months. This will become another world again.

The autumn leaves slowly turn dark, and there are tent houses by the lake. It’s good to sit here and catch fish. There are also many places for children to play, and you can go to the top of the mountain in this season. Look at the red leaves, and you can also ski in winter.

There are also two-story log cabin suites. This kind of room will be larger and has a projector. If you live on the second floor, you can walk out of the balcony and overlook the fish swimming in the lake. The surrounding area is full of golden leaves. It is peaceful and comfortable, and you can sleep in the morning Wake up naturally, listen to the calls of birds, and feel the comfort of rural life here.

Children's playground in Sunshine Valley

Just behind the Sunshine Valley restaurant, there is a children’s playground indoors. Since there are small animals such as chinchillas and lizards, the lively chinchillas want to crawl out as soon as they walk in, as if they want to eat The same thing, big ears, looks very cute, the lizard is sleeping quietly, if you bring children here, you can bring them here to play, as long as you live in Sunshine Valley, you don’t need tickets for all the games here, free.

There is also a peacock next to the restaurant, but it is closed by a glass door, and a peacock is playing inside. Going further inside, there is a wooden house full of balls played by various children in the evening, which is like a small stage.

I saw a parent playing ball here with their children. There is also a studio. The children play with a lot of toys, building blocks, dolls, etc. They can play here for a whole morning. There are quite a lot of items for children to play. It won't be boring to bring children.

Go-kart fun in Sunshine Valley

I didn’t expect that there are go-karts in Sunshine Valley, but there is an additional charge. In a go-kart field, next to the entrance to the mountain, friends who like to play go-karts are blessed. You can also play a go-kart here on vacation. not bad.

The gourmet food that you can’t miss when you come to vacation, eat a meal of Beijing hot pot

The various supporting facilities in Sunshine Valley are relatively comprehensive. Of course, gourmet food is indispensable when you come here for vacation. There are gourmet food here, and there are three meals a day. You can choose according to your own taste. The stewed chicken with mushrooms tastes good, the chicken is tender and fragrant.

In addition to meat, there are also seafood. Steamed scallop vermicelli tastes good. This is the first time I have eaten this sausage in Beijing. It should be red sausage. Only when I came here did I find that all kinds of food are better than those in the city. Maybe it's because I'm hungry, my appetite increased after climbing the mountain to see the red taste, haha.

There are many green plants in the small greenhouse in the restaurant, no matter it is snowing outside in winter, the plants inside are still green. Sitting in the restaurant next to it has a nice view.

It’s a good choice to eat a pot of sauerkraut and fish hot pot at noon. The temperature outside is a bit low. Eat a hot pot to warm up your body. These ingredients are provided in the Sunshine Valley restaurant, and the service aunts are also good. The hot pot soup will continue Add some, it tastes good. The lamb was tender and the chicken was tender.

The leaves of ginkgo trees in the urban area of ​​Beijing turned golden yellow

Beijing in autumn is so beautiful. When I returned to the city center from Miyun the next day, I could see golden ginkgo trees everywhere on the street, and it was beautiful under the blue sky and white clouds. The foliage sprinkled on top of the green foliage creates a nice contrast. Autumn is the most beautiful season for ginkgo trees. The leaves are greenish-yellow at first, then turn yellow-green, and in late autumn, the whole tree turns golden yellow. The yellow leaves shone brightly in the sunlight. A gust of wind blows, and the light jumps among the leaves, as if elves are playing happily.

It is late autumn now, and the autumn wind is like a magician. When you touch the ginkgo tree, the ginkgo leaves suddenly turn golden yellow. When a gust of wind blows, the ginkgo leaves will rise into the air, like colorful butterflies flying around, and then slowly fall to the ground. From a distance, it looks like a big golden carpet on the ground, which looks extraordinarily beautiful. Beautiful, every autumn, you can see this beautiful scenery, if you have the opportunity to come to Beijing, don't miss this beautiful scenery!

Raiders: Sunshine Valley, Miyun District, Beijing Address: No. 1 Heida Road, Gelaoyu Village, Mujiayu Town, Miyun District, Beijing.

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Beijing in autumn is beautiful. In the autumn wind, some leaves seem to want to dance with the wind, so they fly down in a whirl, like golden butterflies fluttering. Other leaves seem to have not been exposed to the sun enough, and they just shake slightly on the branches. Taking advantage of the weekend to see a beautiful red leaf in Sunshine Valley, I took my family to the outskirts of Beijing for a weekend, feeling this beautiful autumn, and it was another pleasant weekend.