The National Day holiday is here! Invite a group of friends to drive together in the suburbs of Beijing~ This time our goal is the World Grape Expo Garden in Yanqing and the surrounding attractions. Taking these places as the center, we found a homestay, playing cards and chatting. It’s really not too exciting~ You can also play like this on weekends!
two day itinerary
d1 Departure from the urban area - World Grape Expo Garden - Stay in Xiaoyin Light Luxury B&B
d2 Wild Duck Lake National Wetland Park - Guyaju - Back to downtown

all you can eat in the vineyard

In the morning, I dawdled with my friends in various ways. I left the city near noon and arrived at the World Grape Expo Garden in the afternoon. The weather was still cloudy in the morning, but when we arrived at Badaling, it turned out to be sunny, and there were also white clouds over the vineyard. Looking at the two big grapes at the door, how could they look more like eggplants? Ha ha!
There is a huge parking lot at the entrance of the Vineyard Expo Park. Parking is very convenient. The ticket is 20 yuan. There are battery cars in the park to take us around to pick grapes.

The entire vineyard area is very large, most of which are outdoor plantations and some indoor greenhouses. We first arrived with a piece of summer black grapes. Xiahei grape is a descendant of Kyoho grape. Its skin is dark purple or black. It is generally seedless. The shape of the whole fruit is close to round. It is called the Oriental black pearl. Its sweetness is higher than that of Kyoho grape. Therefore, It is also very popular in life.
Looking at Xia Hei hanging on the pergola in strings, it is full of joy.

The grape trellises are set off beautifully under the blue sky, white clouds and distant mountains, just like the feeling in a French movie.

The dandelions next to the grape trellis are also ripe, round and plump and very cute. Pick a few and blow them, let them flutter with the wind.

We also found a bunch of super big grapes, enough for us to eat all the way today haha.

The vineyard is also a good place to take pictures. The neatly arranged grape racks and the blue sky and white clouds behind form a beautiful picture. The dress I am wearing today is also very suitable.

Seeing small windmills from time to time feels like being in Europe for a second.

We also found a few large pieces of wood, which are simply artifacts for taking pictures. It is very suitable for taking pictures whether standing or sitting. The grapes just picked can also be used as props.

The battery car continued to take us to the next stop. This time it was white-skinned grapes, with clusters of crystal-clear grapes, which were super cute in the sun.

Looking back from the vineyard is Haituo Mountain. In the afternoon, white clouds rise. With the gentle sunshine and cool wind in autumn, it really feels like arriving in Switzerland in a second.

Lu Yu lovely petunias ~

The outdoor grape racks turned around, and the staff drove us to the indoor greenhouse in a battery car. Because of strict temperature control and cultivation, the grapes in the greenhouse have a longer fruiting period than the outdoor grapes, and the number is simply amazing, full of places Hanging on the grape trellis, it is really like gems.

While walking and eating, we finally came out in a battery car. The staff also introduced to us a century-old grape vine at the door. The variety of this grape is "longan", which is a very standard round shape. This vine is hundreds of years old, and it still bears a lot of fruit every autumn, which is really amazing.

One afternoon at the World Grape Expo Garden, I really enjoyed eating, playing and taking pictures. For someone like me who likes to eat grapes, it is really satisfying. Don’t miss it!
World Grape Expo Garden Address: 800 meters south of Lufengying Village, Xialufengying Village, Zhangshanying Town

Live in a simple and beautiful light luxury homestay

When we are full of grapes in the vineyard, we will move to the homestay where we will stay tonight. I am a person who likes to experience homestay very much, and I feel that it is a very suitable place to relax. This time we stayed at Xiaoyin Light Luxury Homestay not far from the vineyard.
When you enter the door, you will see a large lawn, facing the cloud-shrouded Haituo Mountain.

We booked villa No. 1, which has three floors in total. There are five rooms in the main building, and there is a small wooden cabin next to it that can also be used for people. It is super fun. Let everyone take a closer look~
Look, this is our No. 1 yard. There is a yard and a balcony, and there is a small wooden house next to it. Did you see me waving on the third floor?

The first floor is a super spacious hall, where you can play games and watch TV.

There are more rooms on the second floor, but there are also two cozy small halls, and every little decoration is done with care. Because I live on the second floor at night, I feel more intimate with this place.

The room is simple but without losing the details of the Nordic ins style. It is very warm and the bedding is quite soft. I especially like the bedside lamp with antlers, it is so cute.

The third floor is even more interesting. In fact, it is an attic, and it is a place that is more suitable for everyone to gather together for handicrafts and discussions. There is also table football and a children's area, which is very suitable whether you are bringing children or coming with friends.

There is also a small balcony on the third floor. It is not too cool to watch the stars and chat here at night.

Flying a drone into the sky, the entire B&B consists of three rows of villas and a big lawn~ I thought that this big lawn could be used to hold a lawn wedding, and then a bunch of friends played in the B&B at night hahaha, forget about me as a single dog I really think too much. . . .

Behind the whole homestay is Haituo Mountain. Unfortunately, when I flew the drone, there was a cloud and fog, and Haituo Mountain was blocked.

There are swings and slides on the lawn suitable for adults and children, and you can also set up various props for a picnic.

Today's dinner was settled directly in the B&B. This is a small luxury restaurant that comes with the B&B. I just wanted to have a light meal. I didn't expect that the environment and the food were very accurate. It was a pleasant surprise.

The restaurant as a whole has a relatively simple style, with three floors. The first floor is where you eat breakfast, and there are some boxes on the second floor. At the same time, the first floor is also the front desk of the B&B. You can also play table football while waiting for check-in~

Because it happens to be around the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can also buy mooncakes produced by Xiaoyin Qinglu.

Hotel Address: No. 3, District 7, Xiaohetun Village, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District, Beijing
Price: The whole rental price of a villa is about 3000-6000. There are six rooms, so it is actually very cost-effective. It is suitable for a group of friends to go together.

A gourmet meal is indispensable

Let's take a look at our dinner today~ Look at the menu and find that it is Huaiyang cuisine with a creative style. The light taste can also show the level of the chef. After tasting, it is amazing. It can be called a five-star restaurant standard!
Huaiyang stewed crab noodles with lion head.
It was already very cold in Beijing at night in October. A bowl of lion head soup was a great way to warm up.

Kung Pao Youtiao Shrimp, although it is a relatively common dish, it is really super delicious! The prawns are rich in ingredients, big and tender.

Red wine pepper denim, thick green pepper is my favorite, and the beef is chewy.

Baked fresh abalone with black truffle sauce, it is not a luxury to come out to play!

Green leaf bullfrog, the tea leaves are super fragrant after being fried!

Taibai chicken soup steamed Dongting Lake white fish, there is no fishy smell, it can be regarded as the best Huaiyang cuisine that can be eaten in Beijing.

After eating the above main dishes, I really can't eat the main course and dessert... I'm sorry for durian crisps, fried buns, and hedgehog crisps. Of course, we packed everything we couldn’t finish. Anyway, we can eat it as a supper while playing at night.

I would like to give special praise to Hedgehog Cake, the little hedgehog is really cute, and the chef is really caring.

After a good night's sleep at the B&B, I also found out that there is such an ins-style restaurant in the restaurant during breakfast, with a happy birthday flag hanging on it. Therefore, Xiaoyin Luxurious is really a place with various styles, whether it is a party, birthday, or team building, it is very suitable!

Breakfast is also very rich, eat a breakfast, let's continue today's itinerary!

Romantic reeds in Wild Duck Lake

The first scenic spot we are going to go to today is Wild Duck Lake. Originally, we aimed at the Wanghu Tower, which is popular on the Internet, to take pictures of the reeds from the top down, but when we arrived at the door, we were told that the Wanghu Tower had been closed since the epidemic and could not go up. up. . . . It's a bit disappointing, but if you come, you'll be safe, let's go in and have fun~
The whole course of Yeya Lake is Yeya Lake National Wetland Park, which is famous for its large tracts of reeds. After coming here, I realized that the area is so large, and there are layers of mountains on top of the reeds. It can be regarded as a wetland park with a very good artistic conception.

Wild Duck Lake National Wetland Park is the only wetland bird nature reserve in Beijing. After years of development, it has formed a wetland ecosystem rich in animal and plant resources, high in biodiversity and stability, and has become one of the important bird habitats in Beijing and even in North China.
There are 264 species of birds in Wild Duck Lake, including 6 species of national first-class protected animals. Various aquatic, wet and terrestrial plants are also widely distributed.
Friends who like animals and wetland landscapes are recommended to go.

Wild Duck Lake Park covers a very large area. At present, the battery cars in the scenic area are not open. In addition to walking, it is recommended that you can rent this kind of travel bicycle for two or four people. The four-seater is 100/hour, and the two-seater is 60/hour, you can watch the scenery along the way while cycling.

By the way, this battery car is also very high-end. It can be unlocked and unlocked by scanning codes like a shared bicycle. The price is half an hour. We returned the car in the last few minutes of the hour and a half, otherwise it would cost an extra 50 yuan. !

October is the best season for sightseeing in Wild Duck Lake. In the crisp autumn season, you can see the golden reeds swaying in the wind, and the mountains in the distance are also reflected in the wetland. After a while, the reeds will bloom, and it will be more beautiful in the backlight.

There are observation decks from time to time along the way, and you can see the wetland reflecting the beauty of distant mountains and clouds like a mirror. Everything is very quiet and beautiful.

We rode all the way to the place where we can see the Wanghu Tower (yes, we still don’t give up), which is the building in the distance. After climbing up, we can take a drone-like perspective, but now we are indeed leading to the Wanghu Tower There is a key card on the path, and entry is prohibited.

Of course, it’s not just that the internet celebrity camera is good-looking, you can take pictures of large reeds anywhere, and it’s also as good as it is in the backlight~

Mysterious Ancient Cliff Residence

Leaving Yeya Lake, we drove to Guyaju. I haven't heard of this place before, and my friend said with a mysterious expression that there will be surprises here.
After checking the information, the ancient cliff dwelling in Yanqing is the largest cliff dwelling site discovered in my country. The ancient people who excavated and lived in it have been forgotten by history, but the unique and intelligent architectural shapes they left us have aroused the infinite curiosity of the world. Daydreams and guesses are called "the largest maze in China".

After entering the scenic spot, for some reason, the original bright sunshine has dimmed. In addition, the entire mountain road is caught in the gaps of the mountains. It really feels very mysterious. You need to follow the signs and walk up slowly.
There are steep mountain walls and dense plants on both sides. Can people live in such steep rock walls?

From time to time along the way, you will see some strange rocky landforms through the signs, which look a little weird.

After walking for about 20 minutes, when I looked up, Guyaju was right in front of me! There are many mysterious caves in the exposed mountain in front, and you can observe them closely by walking straight up. This section of the mountain road is very steep, and there are streams flowing out. I feel that we are a bit like archaeologists, which is really exciting.

Walking to the foot of Guyaju, you can clearly see that the mountain on this side is full of stone caves, which are the places where the ancestors really lived. Most of the stone chambers are rectangular, and the space inside is quite large, but we dare not really go into the stone chamber to see it because it is very dark.
This is the residence built by the ancients on the steep cliff, and there are artificially carved stone chambers of different sizes on the steep granite rock wall.
It is actually not very clear to see at the foot of the mountain. You can also walk along the path to a viewing platform, where you can see a clearer picture.

According to statistics, there are 174 stone chambers preserved in Guyaju, which are divided into three areas: front, middle and back. The back mountain area is divided into seven floors, with a total of 26 stone chambers. The lower floors are stables, and the upper floors are residential areas.
Moreover, many stone rooms are connected up and down, and even separated into three rooms and two halls. I feel that these ancient people are also very particular.
There is a stone mill on the outer platform of Guyaju, which is said to be the only relatively complete cultural relic of Guyaju, but due to severe weathering, the original appearance has long been unclear.
There are many unsolved mysteries about the ancient cliff dwelling. When they moved in, what race they were, and how to dig out this magical stone chamber, there is no clear conclusion at present, which also casts a more mysterious color on the entire ancient cliff dwelling.

In addition to this classic ancient cliff dwelling, there are also many stone houses on another mountain next to it, but it is a pity that it is currently being repaired.

The viewing platform is right in the middle of several mountains. You can see the two ancient cliff dwellings and the mountains in the distance at the same time, and you can also see the city and the lake in the distance. There is a feeling of climbing high and looking into the distance, which is considered a unique scenery. .

Using a telephoto lens, you can clearly see the details of the ancient cliff dwelling stone chamber, which is very mysterious layer by layer.

Standing on the viewing platform, surrounded by mountains on all sides, and our ancestors carved out residences on this steep cliff with wisdom, it is really amazing.
It is even more magical to see Guyaju from a drone. Only this part of the whole mountain has been excavated.

When we left Guyaju, the sun suddenly appeared in the cloudy sky, and we even caught a small sunset on the way back. These two-day and one-night trips around the surrounding area can be said to be very rewarding. I ate a lot of grapes, stayed in a beautiful homestay, and the beautiful scenery of Yeya Lake and the mysterious experience of Guyaju. I recommend it to friends around Beijing. , You can play like this on weekends! While there are still grapes, act quickly~