This summer, my dad proposed to drive to his old land: Shijiazhuang. 32 years ago, our family drove the van from Shanghai to Shijiazhuang via Shandong and Hebei. After handing over in Shijiazhuang, take the train to Beijing and Chengde. Then go back to Shijiazhuang and drive back to Shanghai. There was no highway at that time, and my dad drove alone for 2 and a half days. This time I am planning to go along the old road, and stop by to see my old friends in Shijiazhuang. The old friends are all 7 or 8 years old. Haven't seen it for over 30 years. Arrange the route: Jinan-Shijiazhuang-Beijing-Chengde-Mulan Paddock. Follow the navigation all the way north.

July 19. We set off at 5:00 a.m. and went straight to Jinan along the Shenhai Expressway. Arrange to live in Jinan today, Shandong International Hotel. In order not to be too tired on the road, we basically drove for less than 2 hours and rested in the rest area. After 4:00 p.m., get off the expressway and block along Jinan Jingshi Road. There are basically no foreign license plates on the road, and we once wondered if Jinan also has a limited number. All the way to the hotel cautiously. Dinner is settled downstairs in the hotel, which is considered authentic Shandong cuisine.

Our car, accompany us all the way across the mountains

spring city in the morning

Check out after breakfast, go straight to Daming Lake, plan to go directly to Shijiazhuang after visiting Daming Lake.

Connecting the lotus leaves to the sky

Reflecting the sun and lotus in another kind of red

After coming out of Daming Lake, go straight to Shijiazhuang on the high speed. It is more than 300 kilometers from Jinan to Shijiazhuang, and the check-in has been arranged after 3 pm. Shijiazhuang mainly arranges old friends to meet, and does not arrange scenic spots. We just got together at night. During the meeting, I asked about our future arrangements and suggested that we go from Beijing to Zhangjiakou along the Grassland Road and go straight to Chengde. It is more convenient than our original arrangement from Chengde to Mulan Paddock. After the banquet, they rested separately.

I got up early the next day (July 21st), and my old friends came to see me off as usual. After saying goodbye, I set off all the way to Beijing. The 200-kilometer road from Shijiazhuang to Beijing came to Beijing from Hebei Province at noon. After all, the capital had to go through security checks when leaving Hebei Province. Once, I asked where to apply for a Beijing entry permit, and said that the next security checkpoint was the Dou shop mentioned on the Internet, and I didn't know where it was. After entering the Beijing security checkpoint, go to apply for a Beijing entry permit. Fortunately, it’s not too much trouble, as long as the driving license, driver’s license, and ID card are enough, and the process will be completed in about 10 minutes without too many people. Now it can still be handled on the online "Beijing Traffic Police APP". You don't have to print it out. I just think it’s too troublesome on the APP, and you need to set the direction to enter Beijing. I don’t know that the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway is coming from Fangshan. . Later, I simply stopped doing it. On-site certification is quite convenient.

Xingli Checkpoint, where the Beijing-entry permits from the direction of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway are processed. There are about a dozen windows behind the house on the right hand side.

Because my mother has relatives who work in Beijing, we heard that we were coming to get together, so we arranged a budget hotel near Fengtai, which is not far from the subway on Fengtai East Street, and it is quite convenient to get in and out. Check in, put your luggage away, there is a restaurant with Northwest cuisine opposite. After lunch, I think it is good, so I will arrange the party here in the evening.

On the second day (July 22), I ate old Beijing snacks for breakfast. Fengchunlou Restaurant, buns and sugar cakes.

In view of the fact that the two elders are getting older, we have arranged for the Summer Palace today, and we will arrange follow-up activities depending on the weather and physical condition. There were 5 people at the subway station, and one person applied for a transportation card. The 20 yuan deposit was recharged by 20 yuan. The staff said that 20 yuan was enough for 2 days, and the deposit would be refunded at Qilizhuang on Yizhan Road. It was true that we just ran out of 20 yuan in 2 days, and then went to refund the deposit.

Get off at Beigongmen, and the Summer Palace is diagonally opposite, 2 full tickets, free tickets for the elderly over 70 years old, half-ticket for daughters. Tickets for Beijing are really conscientious, and the price is rarely more than 100. Basically, they are 60, 40, 20. Tickets that cost 1 or 200 yuan are really conscientious.

Suzhou Street

Seventeen Arch Bridge

Beijing is cloudy today, there is no sun but it is very stuffy. Sweat kept flowing. Seeing that the old man still has some physical strength, it is recommended to go to Beihai for a stroll. There are buses to go out, along Haidian, Zhongguancun along the way there are Peking University, National People's Congress, University for Nationalities, and Agricultural University. Sometimes you can see more scenery by taking the bus than the subway. There were no more than 10 people on the Julong bus for the entire journey until we got off the bus. There were too few people in the car and they all caught a cold. When I went near Beihai, I settled for eating first. I saw soup dumplings on the first floor of a house, and went in to deal with two people, one with meat and one with vegetarian. Order two more dishes. The taste is just like that. To be honest, the taste of northern dishes is too monotonous. I don’t know if it’s because the variety of tastes here in Shanghai has nourished our taste buds. I always feel that the taste of the dishes these days is generally not particularly impressive.

koi carp

Nine Dragon Wall

Beihai White Tower

Overlooking the North Sea

After coming down from the White Pagoda, looking at the old man, he probably had no physical strength, so he took a car back to the hotel at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

The next day (July 23), the breakfast was pancakes from the market next door. The shortbread was different from the Shanghai recipe, and raw cabbage was also released. I felt that this pancake was much larger than the Shanghai one, and I was full. A pair of pancakes is 7 yuan, which is one yuan more expensive than Shanghai, but it has a large quantity. It takes at most 1 minute to make a set of pancakes in Shanghai, and the dough is thin. Make a set in 3 minutes here, and wait a while after spreading the flour, otherwise it will not be cooked. Next time I go to Tianjin to eat authentic ones.

The Forbidden City is closed on Mondays. When we were in Shanghai, my daughter had already booked tickets for the Forbidden City on Tuesday. The elders did not book them for fear that they would not be able to afford it. They must also come to Tiananmen Square. After getting off the subway, go through the security check and enter Tiananmen Square.

i love beijing tiananmen

Hall of Supreme Harmony

There is nothing to see in the Forbidden City now. When I came to the Forbidden City more than 30 years ago, the Hall of Supreme Harmony could be entered, and the dragon chairs could be touched, and the ticket was still 50 cents. Check it out now:

It can also be seen that the warm pavilion behind the dry cleaning door is full of glass windows, you need to stick to the window to see, the glass is full of greasy stains. I can’t see anything clearly. At least a few rooms are open for sculpture exhibitions, jade exhibitions and so on. Only the ceiling of the original room interior remains, and everything else is covered.

Qianqing Palace, is there an imperial edict behind the upright plaque?


deep palace wall

Check-in Point Yanxi Palace

To be honest, if the Palace of Yanxi Palace can really be built as envisioned, it will definitely be the hottest building in the Forbidden City. Surrounded by fish, you can see the fish swimming through the glass, the absolute underwater world. It just wasn't built.

Go out of Shenwu Gate along the central axis and you will finish your shopping. I always feel that the current Forbidden City is much smaller than what I saw more than 30 years ago, and it only takes 3 hours to visit the whole thing. If you walk along the central axis, it is estimated that it will take 40 minutes to walk from the Meridian Gate to the Shenwu Gate. I don't know if the vision has changed after 30 years, and the Forbidden City in the image is no longer so sacred.

My daughter and my wife booked the cross talk in Sanqing Garden in the evening. We drove to the front door by car, and I went back to the hotel after lunch with them.

Lunch at the time-honored restaurant: Zha Jiang Noodles at Xincheng Shaving Noodles. The taste is not so amazing, but the price is quite amazing. It is 29 yuan a serving, but there are some diced meat in a small dish of sauce, and I found 3 small pieces.

The pedestrian street is full of time-honored brands

At one o'clock in the afternoon, there were already scalpers wandering around the door, so I didn't join in the fun. I took the subway back to Qianmen Station and went back to rest. Today's sun is really unbearable. In the Beijing subway, the station is full of Beijing aunts who are volunteers. Under the sun, they are always full of energy and deserve to be called "Chaoyang aunts".

Get up in the morning (July 24th), according to the advice of an old friend in Shijiazhuang, leave Beijing and go straight to Zhangjiakou Zhangbei Grassland, go all the way to Chengde from Grassland Tianlu, set up the navigation - "Yellow Fox Ridge" and start. I left at 6:00 before the morning rush hour in Beijing, along the West Fourth Ring Road and the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Expressway. We arrived at Yehuling at 10 o'clock. Today is not the weekend, but there are still many cars on the grassland road.

The majestic Bashang Grassland: The top of the dam overlooks the bottom of the dam. The small mound outside the barbed wire fence is the ancient Great Wall. There is a ban on the barbed wire fence, "no crossing"

Scenery on the dam

How could there be a "Saihanba" here?

rolling sky road

Along the Tianlu for more than 100 kilometers, I finally got on the expressway from "Huapi Ridge". After 2 pm, I went to the Lianhuatan rest area of ​​the Zhangcheng Expressway to refresh. This rest area has just opened, and there is no restaurant, only instant noodles, let's deal with it for two bites.

Blue sky and white clouds, the environment is very good, the facilities are too poor

Continue to move forward after repairing. There are fewer vehicles on the highway, but the speed limit is 100. After setting the cruise speed, you don’t need to step on the brakes. When you encounter a large truck in front of you, you can use the way to overtake, and manually reduce the speed to 80 or 90. After overtaking, set it to 100. The whole process is very easy. It's just that the tunnel has to drop to 80. But there are still accidents while walking. The side of the road shows that the Fengshan-Longhua section is under construction and has to get off the expressway. Sure enough, after arriving at Fengshan, the big car and the small car have been blocked for 2 or 3 kilometers. Fortunately, the big cars keep to the right, and the small cars pass quickly. When you get out of the expressway, you can only take the provincial road. There is a part of the mountain road from Fengshan to Longhua. I haven’t driven on the mountain road for a long time. Fortunately, there are no pedestrians in the wilderness, and the handling of the car is good, so the speed will increase after a while. We lined up about 7 or 8 cars coming down from the highway, roaring through villages and markets. After arriving in the urban area of ​​Longhua, we will separate our lanes. We will continue to go straight to Longhua along the provincial road. The name of the small county town of Longhua is still known from the movie "Dong Cunrui". It was "Longhua Middle School" that blew up the bunker. The image is darker. The city is clean and the roads are wide. The provincial road passes through the city, and then enters the vast mountains after a while. Fortunately, it is still dark, so I can maintain a relatively fast speed. Not long after entering the boundary of Chengde, you can see the "Bangzhui Mountain" and the Outer Eight Temples. The "Shanzhuang Hotel" has been booked in the car. We lived here 32 years ago. It was the reception office of Hebei Province at that time. The area was quite large and the image was deep. It was a guest house at the time, and our group of 5 lived in a large room with 6 beds. Entering the compound of the Shanzhuang Hotel, the sign outside is still the sign of the year, and the image seems to be inscribed by "Pu Jie". When you enter the lobby, you can see that it is now a 4-star hotel. It is different. There are 389 rooms. I think we didn’t spend any money to stay all the way from Shanghai to Chengde with the “letter of introduction”.

The facade is much more stylish than it was back then, no wonder it can be rated 4 stars

The triple room feels like being on a kang. It's still big enough to sleep comfortably.

But this time I lived in the guest building, there is no elevator on the 4th floor, but the luggage is not too heavy.

Woke up early (July 25th), slowly packed up the luggage and loaded it into the car, checked out, greeted the front desk, the car continued to park, and the room was left first, for fear that the summer resort would be late and the check-out time would be overdue. The front desk agreed as long as the car was gone by 2:00 pm. It's all packed. After crossing the road is Lizhengmen. 130 full tickets, as usual, 2 full tickets, 1 half ticket, and 2 free tickets. I forgot the tickets 30 years ago, but I vaguely remember that the one-day group tour of Waibamiao on the second day was 8 yuan, including a lunch, bus fare, and tickets. Forget about the past, in the era when the Forbidden City was still a 50 cent ticket, it was too sad to mention money.

In front of the "Lizhengmen", which is still crowded with people.

Lively like a vegetable market. When I came here before, I took the train from Beijing, and in the middle of the night I felt like I was going through one cave after another. When arriving in Chengde in the early morning, I have to wear long clothes and trousers. After entering the Mountain Resort, I suddenly felt the temperature dropped a few degrees. Now that I have just arrived in Chengde, I don't feel the temperature is low at all. The streets are full of traffic, and the image of a city that was originally quite quiet has disappeared. The air conditioner was turned on all night last night, although it was a bit cold in the morning, it was turned off immediately. It's really not a place to escape the heat right now.

As usual, you can't enter the Danbo Jingcheng Hall. Fortunately, I have also entered it before. It doesn't matter if you look outside now.

The mist is refreshing, this temple can only be photographed through the glass

Ruyi Island. It has to be compared with the past again. 30 years ago, there were not many people in the villa, and a film crew was filming a TV series, and the fog was steaming on the lake. For the first time, I felt that the name Yanbo Zhishuang was too appropriate. Now there is no mood.

The courtyard is deep

Qinglian Island is also a check-in point for Internet celebrities. The return of pearls back then was shot here.

Does it look familiar, "Little Swallow's Shufangzhai"

Overlooking the rod vertebrae

Looking back at the villa, there is a lot of traffic, and the quiet town of that year is gone.

To be honest, the current summer resort is not interesting, but the reputation is still there, and when there are too many people, it loses its artistic conception. Many of the feelings of the past have disappeared. My wife and daughter have never been here. Of course, they have no preconceived images, so I also feel Generally, both my parents and I lament that we can no longer find the feeling we had at that time. After 3 hours of shopping, that's it, take the car and leave. Going to Shanghai, today, I plan to spend the night in Tianjin. Set up the navigation and go all the way to Tianjin.

In the afternoon, I entered Tianjin around 5 o'clock. I didn't expect Tianjin to have a limited number. Our license plate is "3", which happens to be tomorrow. The same order as Beijing, Friday is "3" and "8". Simply find a hotel that is not too close to the city center, leave early tomorrow morning, and get out of the city before the peak. It is located near the South Road of the hotel, and it is convenient to go out of the city to the south. After settling in, my wife found a small restaurant nearby with a good reputation. A group of people wandered past. The facade of Tianjin is very interesting. There is a facade on the window sill on the first floor. To enter the store, you have to enter from the residential area behind. It is probably the same as Shanghai, where the demolition of illegal buildings has sealed the facade. Not many small shops serve Tianjin-style dishes, and there are more takeaways. We sit down and eat at the same table from beginning to end. More than 160 yuan settled the dinner. Tianjin has no time to play, so I can only walk around the nearby road.

Empty streets in Tianjin at sunrise

On July 26, I got up at 5 o'clock to pack my luggage, left on time at 6 o'clock after checking out, and went straight to the expressway. Today I plan to stop in Qufu. I was going to Mount Tai, but I am not interested in climbing the mountain because it is a hot day. Let’s go to Qufu to experience the Confucian atmosphere, because I have been to Qufu, so I am not optimistic about what Qufu will look like after seeing the scene of Chengde. After driving out of Tianjin for more than an hour, we came to the rest area of ​​Qingxian County, Cangzhou, where we settled for breakfast. My wife and I ordered donkey meat fire, and our daughter ordered Roujiamo. Mom ordered pancakes, but didn’t get Tianjin’s pancakes and went to Qing County to eat them. Fortunately, they tasted good, better than Beijing’s fried rice pancakes. Both are 10 yuan, which is expensive in the rest area.

Tai'an Rest Area. The mountains in the distance are Mount Tai. The air quality in Shandong is not very good, and it is foggy. If you don't climb Mount Tai, look at the head office.

After driving for 7 hours, get off at the Qufu Exit and go straight to Confucian Mansion, 2 adults 1 half ticket 150. I didn’t buy a package ticket. I really don’t have the energy to visit the three holes on a hot day, just like Confucian Mansion.

It feels like after so many years, the Confucian Mansion is a bit dilapidated, its popularity is not enough, and there are few tourists.

After shopping around, I went out to find a place to live. Dinner will be settled nearby, and I will rush back to Shanghai tomorrow with more than 700 kilometers.

The entire hotel is full of Confucian cultural characteristics, and the price is not expensive, more than 100 yuan.

July 27th, more than 700 kilometers today, it should not be rushed, breakfast at 7 o'clock, and then leave after eating. I woke up at 5 o'clock. Taking advantage of the lack of crowds in the morning, take a stroll around the street.

The archway at the gate of Konglin is a quiet town without the noise of people coming and going.

The entire 3 holes are named after the most holy, holy,

Qufu City Tower

After breakfast, set foot on the way home and return to Shanghai around 7:00 pm.