When it comes to camping, what is the first thing we think of?

Rough? Or exquisite?

In today's era, people's pursuit of quality of life is different from the past. We have high standards and require high quality.

If anyone is unwilling to go camping, it must be that the environment of camping life is poor and activities are very inconvenient.

However, the more and more hot and exquisite camping can definitely satisfy everyone's desire to integrate into nature and enjoy a refined life.

Exquisite camping is an outdoor camping with a story.

It is not a simple tent and picnic mat, but a more enjoyable activity.

When we are tired of the city traffic and want to escape to enjoy the stars at night, but at the same time need a beautiful coffee machine. We want not only the singing of birds on the lawn, campfires in tents, but also exquisite tableware and clean accommodation.

The scenery is in front of you, life is in your hands

Muyang Valley is a leisure resort integrating children's playground, equestrian club, small zoo, farm, outdoor barbecue, hotel and camping. Located in the Muyang Valley Paradise, the entire park covers an area of ​​over a thousand acres, covering three major sections: 3 theme parks + 2 themed catering + special caravan accommodation.

Come to Changping Apple Festival to experience the exquisite camping life!

You can choose to bring your own tent, or rent the equipment for the venue.

On the edge of the city, in the embrace of nature,

On the basis of experiencing nature, we pay more attention to the ritual sense of life, and at the same time enhance the physical and mental experience.

Here, you can enjoy the fun of free picking.

China Card Orchard in Chengnan Street (China Card Friendship Picking Garden)

Beiliu Orchard (Beiliu Orchard Picking Base)

Changping Baiyanggou Natural Scenic Area is connected to the ruins of the ancient Great Wall of the Song Dynasty with a long history, adjacent to Nankou Town, an important town in northern Beijing, with a total length of 12 kilometers, and is an important part of the 100-mile circular tourist corridor in Liucun. Baiyanggou Natural Scenic Area is located in the warm belt in front of the mountain, rich in resources, lush vegetation, beautiful environment and unique scenery. Wild interest. There are springs, rivers and waterfalls that flow in all seasons in the scenic area, and the water quality is extremely clear.

Baiyanggou Natural Scenic Area is located 2 kilometers northwest of Baiyangcheng Village, 17 kilometers west of Changping County (4 kilometers away from Liucun Station of Bus No. 357). The ditch is 12 kilometers long and maintains many natural landscapes. Wild interest, the highest peak is 850 meters.

The scenic area is located in the warm belt in front of the mountain, with rich resources, lush vegetation, beautiful environment and unique scenery. There are more than 100 kinds of wild vegetables and precious wild medicinal materials.

There are 27 scenic spots in the scenic area, and the entire scenic area is divided into three parts and eight scenic spots. There are three parts: "Swinging Fishing Welcome Area", "Shugu Qinxia Juxian Area", "Stone Song Lyric Area". Eight major scenic spots: Baiyang City Historic Garden Area, Swing Fishing Welcome Area, Loess Junling Mountain Climbing Area, Poetry Water Song Lyric Area, Yulin Village Planting and Breeding Base, Huanglou Great Wall Tourist Area, Huangchang Special Breeding Base, Xiaotianshan Ranch .

There are many vivid myths scattered among the winding mountains.

In the scenic area, there are Qingwang Tomb Ruins built in Jiaqing Period of Qing Dynasty, Yang Liulang Golden Spear Well, Mu Guiying's Wangertuo, Ancient Baiyang City Ruins and Beacon Tower built in Ming Dynasty and Wangjiayuan Reservoir. The scenic spots that can be visited in the scenic area include Xiaohua Mountain, Qinglongtan, Chuanshui Gorge, Arhat Peak, Yuxiantai, Guilong Peeping at the Moon, Lienv Cliff, etc.

Huyu Natural Scenic Area is a national-level tourist scenic spot. China's Baixian Shendong Primitive World, Huyu Valley, and Red House Resort integrate natural and cultural landscapes. Ideal place. National 2A level tourist attraction. There is the "Huyu Huijin" landscape, one of the eight scenic spots in ancient Yanjing. Surrounded by Ming Tombs, Gouya Scenic Area, Old Beijing Miniature Garden and other attractions. Huyu Natural Scenic Area is divided into three parts: Huyugou Scenic Area, Queerjian Scenic Area and Baixianshen Cave.

Barbecue, archery, horse riding, feeding small animals, and other entertainments are available.

As long as you are creative, as long as you dare to do it, the huge empty space is waiting for you to play freely!

Whether it is organizing a market, a concert, a reading, or an open-air movie, no one interferes.

Come and have fun!