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Are you like me, you often see this kind of sharing "100 things to do in Beijing".
It may also be in the city you are in, or in the city you yearn for.
Then silently collected it, thinking secretly, thinking that when I am not busy one day, I must complete TA!

A few days ago, I saw such a push again. Open it and find that I may have done at least 50+ or ​​more, but I don't necessarily have saved pictures.
Sometimes, although these small rituals are completed, there is no video record, even if it is just a random shot. The little happiness and satisfaction that was there at that time has also been fleeting.

So, I started a [big plan]. I found the pictures that have been completed from various friends and organized them into a complete [Wild Raiders of Beijing Food, Drink, Play] guide!
To everyone who wants to come to Beijing, you or you who are already in Beijing. [recommended collection]

Let's reminisce together, the joy of having completed the items on this list!

Indeed, in the process of looking for pictures, our group of wild spokespersons are also feeling the stories behind the photos and the happiness of the past, so leaving images is really a thing, ouch! Nice thing.

If you or you are like me, there are still unfinished things, hurry up this May Day holiday, and cross them off one by one from the to-do list.
Key points: Remember to save the picture, hee hee???
(The following pictures are from different people, different periods, and different equipment, so the quality of the pictures varies. Super photographers should not criticize. We just use video to record? Our own happiness)
[The text is relatively long, it is recommended to collect and read slowly]

About the "100+18" things to do in Beijing

You must also be curious why 100 pieces have become 118 pieces
There are 3 reasons
① My idol is Jay Chou?? Jay Chou's birthday is 1.18. In the eyes of senior fans, the most perfect number is probably 118.

②Everyone sees Beijing differently, and [100 things to do in Beijing] will vary from individual to individual. I @小砼堂头UP, there are more than these 100 things in my eyes, which are also very important to me 18 things, this is Beijing in my eyes.
If you want to understand Beijing in my eyes, you are welcome to see the end.
Of course, you are also welcome to add the sense of ritual that I or others have not listed. Because this is Beijing in your eyes.

③I hope that you or you who are always 18 years old can complete these 100 things together and complete your [Sense of Ritual List].
So whether you live in Beijing or just travel to Beijing, this article is [worth your collection]!

[Food Party] Traditional old Beijing eats here

It is not difficult to find that eating must be the fastest way to get happiness every time you travel or live in a city.
In China's social life, eating is also the fastest way to interact, which can make you easily find a new environment in an instant.
There is no kind of sadness that cannot be solved by a delicious meal. If there is, then eat a second meal.
So, next, let's share the authentic old Beijing food.
(The ranking is in no particular order, and there are more than one delicious shops)

Snack category

(1) Challenge to drink a bowl of soybean juice
People who like soy juice think it tastes good, but those who don't like soy juice find it hard to swallow. There are many comments about the taste of soy water. As for whether it is acceptable or not, it still depends on the individual.

Signature collocation: soybean juice + focus ring

Well-known stores:
Laociqikou Bean Juice: Commercial Building, No. 5 Tiantan Beili, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Baoji Soybean Juice: On Niujie
I like to drink, and our uncle downstairs brought it here in a cart.

(2) Eat a bowl of old Beijing fried noodles
I feel that compared to the noodles in the south, the fried sauce noodles have a thicker sauce and brighter colors. When a particular shop puts the dish on the noodles, the small dish will jingle, which is probably the ritual feeling of eating fried noodles. Of course, most shops don't do this, and directly put the menu code on it.

Compare online celebrity stores:
Zhajiang Noodles at No. 69 Fangzhuanchang Hutong: No. 1 Fangzhuchang Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Dawanju and Haiwanju are also relatively traditional
Xincheng Zhajiangmian: a chain brand, I personally like it more, it belongs to the relatively new school of Zhajiangmen

(3) Eat an old Beijing stew
Luzhu is the offal of pig offal. My favorite is actually the fire inside, and I often ask for an extra one.

Well-known stores:
Braised in door frame, stewed in Beixinqiao, and stewed in old soup.
When I lived in the south, I ate old soup stewed, and when I lived in the east, I ate "Jingdong Qingyuan Stewed Restaurant" (a store that only accepts cash)

(4) Drink a bottle of old Beijing porcelain yogurt
As long as it is a scenic spot, it can be sold everywhere on the roadside, which is the most convenient.

We used to go to Shichahai Sports School to play ball, and our golfers walked around alleys, and each of us took one, not to mention how ceremonial it was.

(5) Eat skewers of candied haws
The most often eaten is the traditional taste, don't eat so many dates and fruits, just eat only hawthorn.

(6) Go to Sanyuan Meiyuan to buy double skin milk
If you eat Shuangpi Nai, choose Sanyuan in Beijing, and the milk rolls are also delicious.

(7) Buy half a catty of fried chestnuts
Eating sugar-fried chestnuts, I feel that "Autumn Chestnut Fragrance" will always line up

(8) Go to Niujie and line up to buy halal snacks
The halal snacks in Niujie are also a daily queue. Zeng cakes, Baiji rice cakes, etc. are very popular. The bean juice here is also delicious.

(9) Go to Wu Yutai to buy ice cream
Every time I go to Wu Yutai, I have to buy 2 ice creams with strong tea flavor.
Of course, if you want, you can also buy tea leaves as souvenirs and annual ring cakes.

(10) Eat Fatty Wang donkey meat on fire once
The original fire does not look like a "big crab". This is how we process chicken tenders ourselves. Hahaha.

It was only after I came to Beijing that I realized that donkey meat is so delicious.

The fried skin is crispy and delicious, which is really a must.

Donkey meat is usually divided into lean meat and ordinary meat. We basically eat ordinary meat. If you don't like raw green peppers, remember to tell us in advance.

(11) Buy mutton skewers at Yandai Xiejie Barbecue Season
If you want to be addicted to snacks, eat the kebabs of the barbecue season.
If you want to eat more meat, come in and eat roasted meat.

(12) Eat Li Xiaolao Sesame Sauce Cake once
If you have eaten sesame seed cakes in many stores, you will know the difference.
Li Xiaolao's sesame seed cakes have distinct layers, and he usually eats white sesame seed cakes.
If you want to eat meat, go to the next door to cut beef and wrap it in. Perfect.
Queue up here, and usually buy 30 pieces when you pack it back.
Signature collocation for dine-in: a bowl of haggis soup + white sesame cake + freshly cut beef

(13) Eat a Huguo Temple snack
If you want to go to a place and eat all the Beijing snacks, then you must go to Huguo Temple snacks. Really very complete!
For example, you can buy a piece of pea yellow at your fingertips.

(14) Eat Zangtan Malatang once
Malatang has been eaten thousands of times, and chains like Zhang Liang and Yang Guofu are also delicious.
However, what I miss the most must be the ones on the dirty stall.
Drink, drink the Arctic Ocean, and feel the late-night canteen in Beijing.


(15) Eat Lao Beijing's hot-boiled meat with sesame sauce
Sichuan hot pot dipped in sesame oil, Beijing hot pot dipped in sesame sauce.
I used to think that sesame paste can be eaten when I bought it, until I met a northerner and told me that sesame paste should be vented by myself.

Traditionally, leek flowers, fermented bean curd and so on are added.

A bite of mutton, a bite of sesame sauce, is what Da Zhangwei said "Beer Shuang"

Daily recommendations:
Nanmen shabu-shabu, Beimen shabu-shabu and Jubaoyuan are all available.

(16) Eat a set of Beijing Roast Duck
Eating roast duck should be the most ritual sense in Beijing besides copper pot shabu-shabu.

It feels like if you haven't eaten roast duck, you haven't come to Beijing.

Daily recommendations:
Da Dong, relatively high price
Duck Class, Four Seasons Minfu, and Bianyifang are relatively daily
The one I eat the most should be Siji Minfu.

(17) Eat a pot of sheep and scorpions
I am a person who didn't eat a bite of mutton before coming to Beijing.
Since I ate the first lamb scorpion, I have been in a happy mode for lamb. The feeling of gnawing sheep bones is really good.

Daily recommendations:
Scorpion King's Mansion, Laocheng One Pot, Luyuexuan

Guizhou Beijing Office

Ningxia Beijing Office

Qinghai Beijing Office

Urumqi Beijing Office: seabuckthorn juice, large plate chicken, grilled buns, red willow meat skewers, grilled naan, yogurt

(18) Have a meal at the Beijing Office
The Beijing Office is a delicacy like a fan.
The best restaurants in every city have been moved to Beijing.
If you have time, it is recommended to eat one by one.
The above are the Beijing Office of Guizhou, the Beijing Office of Ningxia, the Beijing Office of Qinghai, and the Beijing Office of Urumqi.

(19) Go to an old Moscow restaurant for a Russian meal
There are very few serious Russian food cookers in Beijing, and it is said that what the parents eat at the old Moscow restaurant is the feeling of the times.

Signature must-orders: red cabbage soup, potted beef and kvass.

(20) Go to Wangjing for a Korean meal
The most people in Wangjing should be Koreans and Korean restaurants.
If you want to eat kimchi country cuisine, you must come to Wangjing.
As for you asking me which one is delicious, I think they are all good.

(21) Go to Guijie to eat Ma Xiaoer once
This is a late night canteen in Beijing.
When night falls in other places, the hustle and bustle of Guijie Street has just begun.

In those years, it was not as neat as it was remodeled, and Hu Da's ground was full of melon seed skins, the kind that could make a noise when stepped on.
Chi Ma Xiao is famous on this street.

Of course, I myself, because I have eaten the local crayfish in Xuyi, do not like this very much.

TRB Forbidden City

Flower Kitchen + Sanwutang (New International Trade Hotel)

Beiping Garden (Beijing Square)

ATTA BJ (Guomao store)

Forbidden City Corner Restaurant

(22) Go on a date at an online celebrity restaurant in Beijing
There are quite a lot of internet celebrity restaurants in Beijing, and it's hard to pick a holy place for a date. So let's talk about a conventional cognition.

TRB Forbidden City - When you can eat, you will face the Forbidden City.

Flower Kitchen - a restaurant with good looks and normal taste, it is really beautiful.

Sanwutang (New International Trade Hotel) - buffet category, you can eat all Beijing snacks at once

Beiping Garden (Beijing Fang)--About a high-value afternoon tea in Beiping Garden, which is like a flower in Beijing Fangfang

ATTA BJ (Guomao Store)--Look for a scenic spot and take a picture of Beijing's big underpants

Forbidden City Corner Restaurant - try the old Beijing shabu-shabu (seriously speaking, the price/performance ratio is still average, not amazing taste)

(23) Go to Miyun Reservoir to eat fish
If you don't want to stay in downtown Beijing, then go to Miyun to eat reservoir fish.
You can also take a look at the scenery of the suburbs of Beijing by the way.


(24) Go to Wudaokou for a drink
It has been jokingly called Wudaokou the center of the universe, where high-end intellectuals gather.

Come here for a drink, maybe you can meet Kochi by chance.

(25) Drink iced Arctic Ocean
As long as it is a Beijing restaurant, there must be such soda, which is also the taste of Beijingers when they were young.

(26) Swipe with Yanjing Beer
Rolling skewers is a daily routine in summer in Beijing. Wearing a hurdle vest, fanning a big cattail fan, rolling roasted big kidneys, and drinking green sticks, I think I should be an alley girl.

Dim Sum

(27) Line up to buy a bag of Gulou Mantou
After coming to the north, I always feel that I am not from Jiangnan. I am not obsessed with steamed buns in the south. But I have great love for the big steamed buns, bean buns, and sugar triangles in the north. Probably such a solid alkaline noodle steamed bun allows me to feel the joy of full carbon water.

I even seriously carried a big steamed bun as a souvenir for my little friend

(28) Go to Daoxiang Village to pack a snack box
If you are too lazy to choose a souvenir, just ask the clerk to code you a box according to the size of the box. It will definitely be stuffed in a boxy, full of squares.

The taste is also very diverse, and it can also take care of the elderly who have sugar-free xylitol.

I like to buy beef tongue crisps, matcha crisps, etc. every day.
There is also a more convenient and easy way to buy it back, TB.

Of course, apart from Daoxiang Village, Centennial Yili is also good.

(29) Buy a box of meat floss from Master Bao
Master Bao's meat floss Xiaobei was not so famous in the early years, and it was not yet open all over Beijing. It was difficult to distinguish the authenticity from the fake, and it was reproduced everywhere in China.

I have been expressing meat to my hometown at a time of 5 catties and 10 catties.
To be honest, the real Master Bao tastes better than all kinds of counterfeit ones.

Because the particles of Xiaobei will be small, the mayonnaise is full, and the old-fashioned meat floss is also very solid.

It's hard to tell the real from the fake all over the streets now, and I seldom buy them, and I only buy from stores that I know regularly.

[Attractions Control] Beijing is the only place to visit traditional scenic spots

There are always some scenic spots, which are the places that the more traditional scenic spot punch-in tourists especially want to go. It is also a scenic spot that I once "refused" to visit with my friends.

It seems that if you are a tourist, you only come to Beijing once in your life, and if you don't go to these places, it's like "have never been to Beijing."

I used to jokingly say that this is the "traditional old man's way of playing". I am willing to pay for a one-day tour group to invite you to play, but I am determined not to accompany you.

Of course, I still admire these historical remnants of Beijing, which I know from textbooks, but it really consumes too much energy.

Even so, I also hope that I can still have time to take my grandfather, so that the older generation can complete their impression of the must-play ritual in Beijing.

(1) Go to the front door for a stroll
Qianmen is not the same as before. It has everything here. If I can only choose one scenic spot, I will definitely choose Qianmen.
Whether it's traditional or trendy, it's all here.
I personally like Beijing Square very much, let me stay here, I am not bored.

Summer Palace (Spring)

Summer Palace (Summer)

Summer Palace (Autumn)

Summer Palace (Winter)
(2) Go to the Summer Palace to experience a broken leg
The Summer Palace really only works too. . . . . big. . . . . to describe.
It is absolutely impossible to finish shopping at one time. Promise me, if you are resident in Beijing and want to visit the garden, please visit it all year round.

I want to have fun and comprehensive here. One is going to search? A complete strategy with sufficient physical fitness.

(3) Go to the Old Summer Palace to take pictures of lotus flowers with the grandpa in Beijing
Like the Summer Palace, there is also the Old Summer Palace that is worth visiting slowly.
Of course, the most iconic thing in Yuanmingyuan is the lotus in summer, and the best camera position is usually taken by the old master who loves photography.

Now Yuanmingyuan also has lotus-style ice cream, which is worth checking in.

(4) Check-in Bird's Nest Water Cube
For the Bird's Nest and Water Cube, if you are in a one-day tour group you bought, you will basically climb the Great Wall in the morning and visit the Bird's Nest Water Cube in the afternoon.
For me personally, my subconscious mind is that the Bird's Nest is for watching concerts, and the Water Cube is where I learn to swim.

(5) Climb the Great Wall once
If you don't reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero. I was already a hero when I was young, but now I have given up. Climbing the Great Wall also requires sufficient physical fitness, and the steps are still relatively steep. Feel free to feel it.

(6) Visit Peking University and Tsinghua University
I used to go to Tsinghua University and Peking University for work reasons.
In Beijing there will also be many lectures in Qingbei.
Stepping into a high-end university, you can still feel the academic atmosphere. There is still a clear difference between a top student and a scumbag.

Later, I always encouraged my brothers and sisters who have not yet entered university and are in high school to come and see it if they have the opportunity.
My biggest feeling about Qingbei is that the concentration of the students here is really exaggerated, and they are not at the same level as a scumbag like me.

If I can do it all over again, I hope that I can have the concentration and self-control they have learned.

(7) Go to Tiananmen Square to watch a flag-raising ceremony
The last time I watched the national flag raising, I ran a half-marathon distance from my home, almost 21 kilometers, and met my running friend who was watching the national flag raising.

The last time, it was because of a cooperation project with the national flag class. I almost overslept to watch the national flag raising for work, which was also super thrilling.

The last time it was my mother and I, who couldn't get out of bed, and were pulled up by my mother.

So for the little cuties who are obsessed with raising the national flag but can't get out of bed, there is a suggestion, you can watch the lowering ceremony, which is also very spectacular.

(8) Visit Tiananmen Square
This is the sense of ritual that I hope that one day I can take my grandpa to complete. The older generation's obsession with Beijing.

[Small Freshness] Your favorite little freshness and slow life

If you are like me, you don't like traditional must-see attractions, and you prefer small and fresh trips, then you must be healthy in the next slow life.

(1) Experience Nanluoguxiang once
Nanluoguxiang is the first stop for those who like to live a small, fresh, literary and slow life. There are all kinds of small shops in the alleys here. You can find fun by walking around here, eating, drinking and drinking all day long.

(2) Experience Beiluoguxiang once
If you think Nanluo is too crowded and commercialized, then come to Beiluoguxiang.

Just across from Nanluo, less noisy. My favorite is "Paradise Time", where I can make a cup of coffee and read a book all afternoon (or fall asleep).

(3) Visit Wudaoying Art Shop
If you don't like South Gong and Bei Gong, there are also small art shops in Wudaoying Hutong for you to browse.

Here you can drink coffee, have a small bar, and take casual street photos.

(4) Find a small shop in the alley to expose the tiles on the house
In Beijing, there are many hutong shops on the second floor where you can have fun. It can be found in Nanluo, Beiluo and Wudaoying.
This is the upstairs of "Desolate and Thorn", a vintage shop in Beiluoguxiang.

No matter where you are, as long as you are basking in the sun on the second floor and staring in a daze, you will be super comfortable.

(5) Strolling in the Imperial College
Guozijian is relatively close to Wudaoying Hutong, and it is also a place where it is easier to take photos of the red wall.
But pay special attention, because the trees are shady in summer, and mosquitoes are easy to come by.
We were once spotted as "work-related injuries" by mosquitoes in the Imperial College.

(6) Take a rickshaw to tour the alleys
The correct way to open the alley is not only to walk on legs, but also to be a rickshaw.
In fact, this is a more efficient way of connecting alleys. Someone will take you for a stroll, and the explanation will be clearer and clearer.

(7) Climb the Drum Tower and listen to the morning bell and evening drum
Every time I passed the Drum Tower, I didn't actually go shopping seriously.
But my amazing little friend said that in addition to listening to the morning bell and evening drum in the Drum Tower, it is also good to watch the Drum Tower to cook hot pot and watch the sky get dark.

(8) Looking at the Baita Temple once
This white tower is the white tower of "Let's Swing the Oars", and it should be the white tower that was engraved on me when I was young.
The first impression of Beijing is in the singing of my youth.

(9) Go to the National Library to read
If you haven't felt the feeling of going to school for a long time, come to Guotu to experience the "library culture". You can sit on the ground or find an empty table, as long as you are quiet, no one will actively disturb you.

(10) Go to Beijing square pageone to read a book for a day
If you don't want to go so far to Guotu, you can also feel the feeling of an online celebrity bookstore at PageOne at Qianmen. However, there should be more people taking pictures here than actually reading books.

(11) Go to 798 to see the art exhibition
The 798 art exhibition should be non-stop, as long as you want, there will be new exhibitions every week. If you are lucky, you can also hear various interesting sharing sessions.
Socializing, increasing knowledge, and gathering are all very easy.

classic car show

Van Gogh Star Exhibition

Trendy Toy Fair

Nutshell Interesting Museum

Gear Industry Park Cherry Coffee Festival

(12) Check in for an online celebrity exhibition
If you don't go to 798, in fact, Beijing will be overwhelmed with all kinds of Internet celebrity exhibitions, pop-up exhibitions, and markets. Pick what you are interested in, it may be a car show, it may be a Van Gogh Star Exhibition, it may be a trendy toy exhibition, it may be an interesting pop-up store.

As long as you are interesting enough, you can never stop.

(13) Watch a CAFA Graduation Exhibition
Although we don't know much about art, it's not a bad idea to be wrapped in the latest blood art bacteria.

(14) Visit the National Museum of China
I want to feel the history and culture of a big country. In the National Expo, you can touch history very close. Those passing cultural relics should be the most complete here.

(15) Go to the planetarium to watch a star movie
The vastness and charm of the universe, I may not be able to get it
But you can still participate in the romance of the starry sky exhibition in the planetarium.
Therefore, going to the planetarium in the future is no longer a patent for children. Big friends can also have a cool experience.

[Local Control] The only local life in Beijing

In addition to the small and fresh slow life, there is also a unique experience in Beijing that can only be experienced in Beijing! This down-to-earth fireworks is the reason why I love the essence of Beijing.

(1) Squeeze the Beijing subway in the morning rush hour
There are always many people, and I don't like the crowding in Beijing.
In daily life in Beijing, it is inevitable to face the high evening peak.
For example, the joy of squeezing the subway is that I can still see if it is possible to come across a large poster of my idol Jay Chou when I am shuttling through the subway.
This is my little fortune as a fan.

(2) Stand on the overpass and watch the busy traffic
If you don't have to go to work on weekends, you don't have to go to the crowded subway?
It's better to find a high place, maybe a building or a subway overpass.
Look at the busy traffic here, it is everyone who is running on the road and going UP.

(3) Chat with the "brother" in Beijing for the next day
I once had a classmate who came to Beijing and asked me very seriously, can I take her to take a taxi? Not for anything else, just to listen to the old Beijing accent, the "you" and "children's voice", for those who just came to Beijing, I may not understand what it is saying, but it just sounds comfortable.

The "brothers" know more about Beijing than the "Forty Nine Cities". They know about astronomy and geography, and also know about various national affairs. It is also a comfort to talk about it.

(4) Stay in a courtyard homestay once
In Beijing, I have moved 5 times in 7 years, living in the north, south and east. From communal beds, to small single rooms to large single rooms, I have been living in buildings.

Although I also thought about whether to move into the hutong for a while, I was reminded that there are always inconveniences in the hutong.

Then, why not live in a courtyard homestay in Hutong once, and experience the culture of Hutong life.

(5) Get lost in the alley once
Although I love Chuan Hutong, I am really a big road idiot, and I can't figure out the north, south, east, and west.

It is also common to get lost in daily wandering. And only when you get lost can you find the breath of life in the alley.

Fortunately, even if you get lost, the uncles and aunts in the alley will still show you the way with a Beijing accent. You will feel that Beijing is really inclusive and friendly.

(6) Heping Guoju Experience Underground Old Beijing
If you are like me, you have not lived in Beijing since you were a child, and you want to know about the fireworks in Beijing.

Then the "Peace Fruit Bureau" underground in Wangfujing can help me complete this thought.

(7) Take bus No. 1 across Chang'an Street
I remember, when I was in college, there was a very romantic male classmate in our class who always took his girlfriend on the late-night bus, and he just got on one of them until dawn.

So in Beijing, take the No. 1 bus once, feel the night of Beijing, and be the most beautiful boy on Chang'an Street, you must try it.

(8) Participate in a National Day phalanx training
The closest I was to the Beijing National Day phalanx was the 70th anniversary.

When passing by Chang'an Avenue, the viewing platform has already been set up, and the phalanx has already started another performance.

By the way, I also witnessed it with my own eyes. It is true that "everything that looks good has been handed over to the country."

(9) Visit Sanyuanli Wanghong Vegetable Market once
In Beijing, which is full of fireworks, the most famous vegetable market must be "Sanyuanli".

There are a wide variety of ingredients here, and of course the price is equal to the quality.

Commonly scarce ingredients can be bought here.

(10) Stroll at the Shilihe Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market
If you don't love the kitchen, but love flowers, birds, fish and insects, the market in Shilihe will definitely be full of harvest.

It is also good to hunt for treasure with the old men walking the birds here.

(11) Panjiayuan Xunmo Antique Wenwan
I didn't know anything about antiques before, but after watching various TV series related to "Zhengyangmen", I found that looking for antiques is also an interesting thing.

Of course, we are not experts, and we can't find any treasures. It's the fun in Figure 1.

(12) Visit the Daliushu Ghost Market in the middle of the night
We don't understand Panjiayuan's antiques either.
But the ghost market in Daliushu has more diversified categories.
It is more like a foreign flea market. I can come here to find interesting things.

(13) Travel to Beijing Gubei Water Town
If you are tired of staying in the urban area, you want to find a special place.

There is a "Gubei Water Town" in the suburbs of Beijing. In the magnificent scenery of mountains and rivers in the north, there is such a place like Jiangnan water town.

It is especially suitable for a high-end leisure travel experience after busy high-pressure work.

(14) Go to the suburbs of Beijing to soak in a hot spring
In addition to the tenderness of the Jiangnan flavor, there are also the health hot springs in the north itself, which are also an excellent place for leisure and relaxation.
The most famous ones must be Jiuhua Mountain Villa and Xiaotangshan area.

(15) Go to a traditional temple fair during Chinese New Year
In Beijing, the most ceremonial festival of the year must be a temple fair.
Decorate with lanterns and festoons, feel the lively atmosphere of crowded people, I really think this is the Chinese New Year.

(16) Fly back to Daxing Airport
When Daxing Airport opened, I was happy and unhappy.
The reason for being happy is that finally a new airport has begun to divert traffic.
The reason for my unhappiness is that I live close to the Capital Airport.
Go to Daxing Airport once, basically you can go to Tianjin Airport.
This new airport of net red is still beyond the film, if you like to take beautiful pictures, you must not miss it.

(17) Encountering a celebrity at the Capital Airport
It is not a strange thing to meet a celebrity at the Beijing airport.
It's just that I have never met my idol by chance, and I don't care much about other people I meet. When my little sister occasionally meets a celebrity, she quietly takes a picture.
Well, this is probably a small windfall in Beijing.

[Seasonal Party]Things that can only be played in season

In the only happy life in Beijing, there are always things that can only be done in season.
Lovely people who like to follow Beijing all year round, it is recommended to bookmark! Of course more welcome to add.

(1) Go to Yuyuantan to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring
Going to Yuyuantan to shoot flowers must be a big event in Beijing Spring.
I have a Chinese patriot who follows the four seasons on a daily basis @威贝山CCPP who is very good at chasing the flowering season and taking photos of Beijing.
If the flowers in Yuyuantan bloom, it is usually hard to find a ticket. If you want to know the strategy of chasing flowers, you still need to study carefully.
And I, just follow the little expert chasing flowers.

(2) Spring trip to the zoo in spring
Going to the zoo for a spring outing is no longer reserved for "children".
Those of us who are over-age children also want to follow the trend, go to see cute animals, or to be more particular, we can also come to a picnic ladder.
You will definitely understand the happiness of over-age children.

(3) Go to Beijing Botanical Garden to shoot tulips in summer
Tulips in early summer are also sought after by flower lovers.
However, tulips have a long flowering period and are very colorful.
You can go for a walk on a day when it is not so hot.

(4) Go to Beihai for a boat trip in summer
Going to go boating in the North Sea is also because of "Let's Swing Oars".
Is there anyone like me who will row a boat and want to sing a song by the way? Welcome to raise your hand.

(5) Go to Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue in autumn
After chasing the flowering period, another highlight in autumn is chasing apricot leaves.
The fallen leaves are all over the ground, which is also very beautiful.
Make an appointment with three or five beautiful little sisters to commemorate the autumn together.

(6) Climbing Xiangshan Mountain to enjoy the red leaves in autumn
As someone who likes outdoor sports, I must not miss the red leaves in Xiangshan.
Climbing Xiangshan Mountain is actually a physical effort, but it is also very pleasant to climb up and look far away, seeing the forests are all dyed.

(7) Go to Pofengling in autumn to see the leaves of sumac
If you don't want to climb Fragrant Hills but also want to see red leaves, Pofengling can be another alternative place for red leaves. And there is a cable car here? It can be very easy.

(8) Ice skating in Shichahai in winter
As a southerner, I didn't know until I went to the north that the lake can really be agglomerated enough to skate on it?
This has also become an excellent fun project for Beijing children in winter.

(9) Go back to the Forbidden City after it snows
There is another thing that needs to be happened to catch up with the most, which is the Forbidden City where it snows in winter.
My little flower chasing expert @威贝山CCPP will definitely stay until this time, see the weather forecast in advance, and buy tickets for the Forbidden City in advance?.
It is the beauty that cannot be sought in the Forbidden City.
Of course, if you want to take good-looking pictures of the Forbidden City after it snows, you have to risk the poor Yazi being "bullied" by snowflakes.
In the end, if you can get a good-looking movie, that's fine.

[Prayer]Worshiping the Buddha sincerely is also a kind of faith

You don't have to have special beliefs to pray to God and worship Buddha.
Although we are all "materialists", we still want to revere the gods occasionally to make ourselves more smooth.

(1) Looking at the Hall of Prayer for Harvests from the Temple of Heaven
There are 28 golden nanmu pillars in the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. The four pillars in the inner circle symbolize the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the 12 pillars in the middle circle symbolize the twelve months, and the 12 pillars in the outermost circle symbolize the twelve hours and the stars of the week.
The emperors are also here to pray for good weather, and we occasionally have to imitate the ancient emperors.

(2) Go to Tantuo Temple to pray for blessings
Tantuo Temple is the earliest Buddhist temple built in the Beijing area, so there is a folk proverb that "there was Tanzhe Temple first, and then there was Beijing City".
It enjoys the reputation of the first royal temple. So the incense here has always been relatively strong.

(3) Go to Fayuan Temple to tease cats
Located in Fayuansiqian Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing, it is the oldest existing famous temple in Beijing and is the seat of the Chinese Buddhist Academy today.
There will be a daily conversion ceremony here, and of course the cats here are also unique. It is also very interesting to come to play with cats.

(4) Go to Lama Temple to pray for blessings
"Men Yonghe, female Hongluo" is a widely circulated folk saying, which means that men go to the Lama Temple to pray for the most spiritual.
Therefore, the majority of male compatriots have a wish to remember to come to Lama Temple.

(5) Seeking marriage in Hongluo Temple
The traditional meaning of Hongluo Temple is for marriage.
Of course, you asked me if I was seeking success.
Ok! The pain of being single, you guys. . . Do not ask. Why!

[Cool Party] Let's be cool coffee lovers together

As a cool girl who is quiet and unhappy, she is surrounded by all kinds of positive players.
So in Beijing, our cool life is still very, very perfect.
If you have a chance, you can come and experience it.

(1) Go for a run in Orson Park
Orson has a running group every week, even if you just pass by at random, you can form a group.
I, the first half marathon in my life, was completed in Orson.
And also because of the half marathon that I successfully completed, in the second year, I ran the full marathon.
At the moment, I am preparing for the half-way triathlon, and I look forward to successfully completing the race in September.

(2) Go skiing in the suburbs of Beijing
Speaking of skiing in the suburbs of Beijing? This is for me. It is indeed a history of blood and tears.
From the first time I skied, I decided not to participate in a sport for life.
I have to be forced to touch skis again and again for work. By the way, those who are harmed by our "small print family" are all stories!

In the end, I took the initiative to strengthen my all-round coach @小六 and studied hard at the ski resort for a week.
I have to say that this sport that consumes a lot of energy is really more attractive the more you learn it, and it is worth studying in depth.
The 2022 Winter Olympics is coming, I suggest you learn this skill quickly.

[Start] The first day of snowboarding [Graduation] The fifth day of snowboarding

Regarding the ski resorts in Beijing, how to get equipment, how to choose coaches, etc., I will [publish a separate complete content to share].
After all, my coach @小六 taught really well. I've gone from being incapable of skiing to being able to do very basic snowboarding.

The owner of my ski rental is also very nice, because he has been in this industry for a long time and is very knowledgeable. It is suitable for ski enthusiasts to share their experiences.
It can be seen simply that I was super happy from being incompetent on the first day of skiing to being able to basically complete it.

(3) Participate in an outdoor music festival
The outdoor music festival is young, passionate and restless.
Of course, an elderly person like me can feel it occasionally, for example, Jay Chou happened to be in that scene.

(4) Haituo Mountain camping to see the stars
People who like outdoors are also very comfortable with camping.

A camping team that often plays together in Beijing.
One is our "running group friends", who are all good at outdoor hiking and running. The group leader Tiger will take everyone to climb mountains and run every day.
One is "Trunk Camp". Everyone is a car friend and camps once a week.
One is "Backpackers?", a team of volunteers who camp out from time to time.

In short, after being squeezed at work for a long time, going to sleep outdoors in a tent??, not to mention how interesting it is. It is a great item for sports, socializing, parties.
Yes, in particular, [Trunk Camp] is easy to get out of the order.
Don't ask me if I'm single, I'm not allowed to ask if I'm single. My little friends have successful CP's. So it is worth recommending.

(5) Go to Happy Valley for a day
In the days of crazy fun in Happy Valley, Happy Valley has just opened a new area.
My "junior" family and I went crazy for a whole day, playing all the roller coasters? This experience is really cool.

(6) Go to Gongti to see Beijing Guoan
Although I am not a fan of the football team, I can still feel the enthusiasm of Beijingers for Beijing Guoan.
Every night of Guoan's game, you can feel the restless hormones near Gongti.

Even if you don't understand football, you will be driven by the atmosphere once you go to the scene.

Of course, what I do most in Gongti is watching Jay Chou's concert.

(7) Experience Sanlitun nightlife once
If you don't watch the football game, Sanlitun near Gongti is the vane of nightlife in Beijing.

You can go to the restless dance floor to get excited, or you can find a quiet small bar to chat.

As long as you don't want to sleep, Sanlitun's nightlife welcomes you.

[Literary Party] Both traditional folk art and elegant art

In Beijing, the most indispensable thing is entertainment resources.
Whether it is cross talk, talk shows, dramas, musicals, movies and other resources, this is a paradise for literary and art workers, and it is allowed to flourish. Let me talk about what we have pursued in those years.

(1) Listen to a cross talk at Deyun Club
Although I am not a "Deyun girl", I must have heard a lot of cross talk.
Because there are really too many Deyun girls around me.
Go to Sanqing Garden, Guangde Building, and small theaters in Sanlitun to listen to cross talk, and listen to the jokes and jokes. Of course, if you are more courageous, interact with the actors on stage, and they will all be able to handle it.

(2) Go to Shanliren to listen to a stand-up comedy
Stand Up Comedy Live Show (stand-up comedy live show) has also become more and more prosperous in recent years.
This belongs to a relatively small group, which is different from the conventionally recognized talk show (Talk Show)~
If you don't want to just watch it on TV, remember to schedule a live version in your itinerary!

(3) Wukesong watching the concert
Wukesong's concerts are always full, and there are idols. This is also a must-see holy place, such as Jay Chou, JJ Lin, TFboys, and Mayday. . . People around me often come to Beijing for concerts.

The last time I went to Wukesong was not to watch Jay Chou's concert, but to watch the [Men's Basketball World Cup Finals].

I still remember that I watched the live version, and my younger brothers watched the TV? Broadcast, silently muttering "the same life is not the same", he probably wished to be on the scene than I did.

Because Yao Ming came to the scene, Kobe also came. I also met Bai Jingting, a sunny boy, who is indeed very good-looking in real life.

Because of the keenness of daily star chasing, the VIP entrance and exit in the backstage passed Kobe by nearly 1 meter.

Su Yang band label band

(4) Go to livehouse to watch a band performance
If you are more niche and don't like pop music, the live house in Beijing will allow you to get in close contact with rock music.
I have always been ridiculed by music fans who like live house, saying that your idol is really expensive, but mine is cheap and you can see it.

(5) Go to the National Center for the Performing Arts to watch a performance
More positive dramas will generally be performed at the National Grand Theater, and will be performed at the National Grand Theater
Even if you don't go to the theater, architectural fans go to the theater to make a movie, which is quite good

(6) Watch a concert at the Beijing Concert Hall
This is an elegant art for music lovers. Although you can't tell the rhythm, you can't feel the so-called level
My vocal range is very narrow, but it doesn't affect the occasional pretending

(7) Go to a small theater to watch a drama
There are many small theaters in Beijing. If you don't pursue what is necessary to check in, and don't pursue which actor you must praise, go to a small theater to support, and there will be unexpected gains.

(8) Participate in the Beijing International Film Festival to grab tickets
Looking at my little sister's record of grabbing tickets, I know that the ticket grabbing for the Beijing Film Festival is still very hot
At least I didn't snag it, I only used my spike character to grab Jay Chou's concert

(9) Go to Xiaoxitian to watch a literary movie
This is also contributed by the little sisters of movie fans, saying that you must go to "Xiaoxitian" once, and feel that this is the origin of literary movies? It may also be a full sense of ritual.

[Photography Control] Come to the Internet celebrity niche camera to shoot a blockbuster

In Beijing, photography enthusiasts want to find unique niche camera positions, and experts really have many treasures and secret camera positions.
I don't know much about it, and it's not very popular, but these angles are not bad in my heart! Recommended.

(1) Shangjingshan overlooks the panoramic view of the Forbidden City
If there is no aerial photography, then the perspective of Jingshan Park is to have a panoramic view of the Forbidden City.
Standing here, there is a feeling of being arrogant.
When it was snowing in the Forbidden City, we planned to go up to Jingshan because we couldn't squeeze into the Forbidden City, but the ground was slippery and we were not allowed to go up.

(2) Go to the corner tower to take a photo
Laijiaolou is also a very iconic building in the Forbidden City. If you can take pictures of the sunset, it will be a great harvest.

(3) Pass by various SOHOs and take pictures
Architecture fans must love all kinds of SOHOs. There are quite a few SOHOs in Beijing that you can take pictures of, so I won't list them all. If you are interested in collecting all at once, welcome to Didi me.

(4) Go to the Red Brick Art Museum to take photos
The Red Brick Art Museum is also a place where you can easily shoot tall and blockbuster movies. The entire art gallery is built with red bricks, looking for the angle of light and shadow. We have been there in winter, and it feels a bit bleak, but it will look better in summer when there are green vines.

(5) Take photos on the red wall of Taimiao
If you feel that the Forbidden City is too crowded and you want to collect photos of the red wall, Taimiao is a good place to choose.
I once took a photo of a beautiful young lady with my photography expert @威贝山CCPP, and I have to say that this red wall is really impressive.

(6) Punch in the Xishiku Church, a combination of Chinese and Western
This church is commonly known as Beitang and is the largest church in the Beijing area. Sitting on the bench, you can feel solemn and sacred.
The stained glass here is also very beautiful, and the artistry and thoughtfulness are extremely high.

(7) Visit Wangfujing Catholic Church
We met by chance while shopping in Wangfujing. Old Beijingers told me that there are not many churches in Beijing. There are also some special ceremonies to catch up with festivals. But I haven't caught up with it either.

(8) Take a blockbuster film in Shougang Industrial Park
Those who want to shoot industrial style cuties must not miss the Shougang Industrial Park.
Transformed from an old factory building, it can not only find a sense of loneliness and decadence, but also find the surprise of cold industrial style.

(9) Check in on the New Shougang Bridge
The New Shougang Bridge is also a good place for concave shapes recently. There are relatively few vehicles here. For a shy person like me, there is finally a place where I can pose freely.

In fact, in Beijing, there are a lot of niche cameras that can take pictures of Meitu, and there are many people who know more than I do. You are also very welcome to add.

[Recommended by Bricks] Beijing of @小砼堆头UP

There are many business districts where you can shop in Beijing. Everyday we visit Joy City, Blue Harbor, Beijing Square and so on.
But the following ones are more representative of Beijing.

(1) Visit Wangfujing Street once
It belongs to the oldest business circle center in Beijing.
I still remember the feeling of walking on Wangfujing Street and eating candied haws when I was a child.

(2) Visit SKP, the most wealthy shopping mall in Beijing
The SKP in Beijing is bold and full of magical power. Funky and fun.
Shopping should be a great experience. With all kinds of the most IN brands nowadays, it is a paradise for shopping.
Of course, hopefully your pockets will be bulging.

(3) Go to Badaling Outlets for a stroll
Since Badaling Outlet opened, I never made a special trip to Tianjin to shop.
After all, I, the ghetto girl, can miss it here.

(4) Buy a pair of Neilian Shenglao Beijing cloth shoes
When I heard old Beijing cloth shoes before, I always thought it was something the elders would like.
In fact, Neilian Sheng really has people of all ages.
Maybe another possibility is that I'm getting old.
Buy a pair of old cloth shoes, they are really comfortable to wear.

Everyone comes to Beijing for different reasons.
Or to travel, or to study, or to work, or to live for a long time.

Since I graduated and came to Beijing 7 years ago, people have always been curious about the reason why I came to Beijing.

Or I am different from most people. I am not for the rich resources in Beijing, nor for more employment opportunities in Beijing. The reason for coming to Beijing is very simple. It is to fulfill the "volunteer dream" that I have been insisting on since I was in college.

Of course, I stayed in Beijing because of this, and gained more stories and interesting souls.

So, if I want to recommend it to you, what I do in my spare time in Beijing is also the reason why I haven't left Beijing yet.

(1) Find a lazy day to sleep all day
No matter where you live or travel
I'm always going to be a slacker, and I'll just sleep all day
Just have a good date with Duke Zhou

Coffee class: Lecturer Jerry

Hip-hop class: WDG Waacking national champion Diva G teacher + Juste Debout World Hip-Happy Competition Chinese House hip-hop champion Kuang Yuan Kora

floral class

Ukulele Lesson: Pepper Studio

(2) Go to an experience class that you are interested in

Because I have many hobbies, and I also know that if I want to learn a certain skill.

Seriously find a teacher, you can really improve quickly
In Beijing, there are many such experience courses and short-term training courses.

Perhaps, the real elites will also be willing to stay in Beijing, which is a land of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Maybe the person you meet casually on the street corner may also have extraordinary insight and superhuman skills.

Therefore, the teachers I met are all very good. I have strong professional skills, but I can teach steadily from the basics.

[My coffee teacher] Lecturer Jerry, let me start to discover the taste of coffee I like from a small experience class, and learn simple hand pouring skills.

[My Hip-Hop Teacher] The teaching mode of Teacher Diva G (WDG Waacking National Champion) + Kuang Yuan Kora (China House Street Dance Champion of Juste Debout World Hip-Hop Dance Competition) in Shape Studio is not like ordinary studios teaching you how to dance. .

Even for a non-professional dancer like me, I can still start from the basics, start from the background of hip-hop culture, and steadily teach the most important core basic skills, music literacy, cultural inheritance, emotional expression and release, etc. Teach slowly.

Let me better understand the way of dancing, so as to show the unity of body and mind.

[My flower art teacher] The nearest flower art teacher is a remote Yixing Yicha? Tea Home manager @张小白, finally let me have a deeper understanding of the basics of flower arrangement, and know where TB can buy flowers at a better price.

[My ukulele teacher] Huajiao, who looks like a cool boy, also "forced" me to integrate into the ukulele from the basic fingering. My dream is probably "sitting on the campus of Tamkang Middle School in Taiwan, playing Jay Chou's songs, watching the sunset, it's so good!"

(3) Go to a big homestay party with good friends
Find your comrade-in-arms-like colleagues or good friends who have worked and struggled together, and find a big farewell party together. The kind that can cook, karaoke, and kill werewolves.

(4) Go to the Angel House to do a volunteer job

If you love charity as much as I do, there are many professional charity organizations in Beijing.
You can go to rescue centers for stray cats and dogs, or you can participate in hospice care for the elderly. And the place I have been going to is the Angel House, where I have witnessed its development history for more than ten years.
When I was in college, I already lived in institutions during winter and summer vacations, eating and drinking with children.
Now, most of the time, I cook with my mother who is a "backpacker" and cook for the children on Saturdays.
In this yard, there are the fields we turned over, the vegetables we planted, the toys we wiped, and the happy time we spent with our children.

(5) Go to the Central People's Broadcasting Station to share your own stories
It is a great honor for me to be a sharing guest of China Central People's Broadcasting Station and tell my travel stories to more people.
I hope there will be another opportunity to tell you about the new experience.

(6) Press the curb once
When you are unhappy in life, go to the convenience store alone to buy a glass of wine + a glass of "cowboys are busy" milk, and press the curb once overnight.
Seriously blow the air, if you can wake up, it doesn't matter if you catch a cold!
Then tell yourself "Don't deny yourself, you are very good, very gentle, and very worthy."
Be a fun soul who lives seriously!

Hey! Remember the next time you play, before you play Beijing, first bookmark @小砼堂头UP's "Beijing Weekly Travel Notes" strategy!
These 100+18 things are waiting for you to complete! Let's finish TA together!

Interesting sharing of wild endorsers

When I ask my friends for pictures, everyone usually responds as follows
①You! Take us to complete it all, and you will have a picture.
(Well! It's the best bad friend)

②Ouch! I went all the way, and I took it for granted that I had saved pictures, but I didn't actually take any pictures.
(Well! These completed parties lack a sense of ceremony.)

③Hey, I have this, I have that! What's more, I deliberately went to make up pictures for me.
(Hmm! These are the stockists, there are a lot of stocks, but most of them are too lazy to sort them out!)

Of course, if you ask me, is there anyone who completely ignores you, or is "unfriendly", of course there are, but I don't care. Because there are more people, desperately looking for pictures for me, or going to help me take pictures.

No matter how many pictures you give me, I am very grateful
Little girl in Beijing, @铁狐从得号, @肉嫩女孩, @小哥荣布和我妹妹, @小泰勒, @syr Doudou, Longlong, Dameng, Yueyue, Lili, Buhua, Lulu, Douhua Rice, Teacher Tang Da from KIWI VISION, Dayingzi, Teacher Sheng, Jaycn Beijing Fan Club Xiao Pei, Ting, Le Le, Goddess Jia, Yu Ge, Xu Xu, Da Niu who loves sports, Qian Qian, Ming Jie, Candy Ms. Zheng, Xiao Zhaxin, Sissy Sauce, Cat-loving Hey Hey Kindergarten (Director), Xiao Hua, Tina Tao, Amelia Time, Man Xin, Chen Chen, Bao Ma Wen Ying, Da Wei, Etsuko, Teacher Pao, Brother Jie, Xinxin, Xiaojing, Miss Meow and other cuties

The above rankings are in no particular order, I hope I haven't missed anyone
There are really many people who searched the entire circle of friends and the entire online disk in order to help me find inventory, which is really touching.
It makes me feel very proud to have all the saved pictures at the moment.

Written at the end#With Jay Chou to travel#

Those of us who love to play, do whatever we want, be the number one in eating, drinking and having fun, and strive to be the spokesperson of Beijing Wild!

In fact, apart from Beijing, I still have a lot of 100+18 things that must be done in XX (city) that I have not completed!
In 2019, I lived a fairly satisfactory life. In 2020, I look forward to more opportunities for me to continue #起周杰伦GoTravel#

Looking forward to meeting you in your city.
Please tell me the 100+18 things that must be done in your city, let's do it together!

If you love food, play, sports, and Jay Chou like me, and know more about Beijing or other cities, please add it!
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