One has winter vacation + one has annual vacation = a trip to the imperial capital. Beijing is not the first choice when choosing a place. I originally wanted to go to Xuexiang, but I thought of minus 30 degrees (a southerner shivered when he saw the temperature ) and the situation of cheating customers became more and more prominent, and finally decided to go to Beijing to experience the life of a person in the imperial capital. Let me give you a brief introduction to the itinerary first, from 2018/12/16 to 2018/12/21, the four full days can be regarded as a medium-to-depth tour in Beijing. The weather in Beijing was very good in the past few days. There was no smog, and it was not as cold as I imagined. Compared with the wet and cold in the south, I prefer the dry and cold in the north. Although it is minus 6 or 7 degrees, the body temperature is 3 degrees lower than that in the south. , 4 degrees is about the same, a sweater, down jacket and a pair of fleece pants are enough, but the disadvantage of dry and cold is that there will be more static electricity, and you will find that you are in a state of "sparks and lightning all the way" every day.

Regarding the accommodation: I booked it on Ai*ying. The best experience for going out is of course staying in a B&B. I chose a B&B in Chaoyang District near the Dongdaqiao Subway Station. The location is very good. The subway No. 6 is just across the road. Line, turn left at the door and there is a direct bus to Tiananmen Square, Sanlitun and Shimao Tianjie can be reached in 10 minutes by bicycle.

About the APP: When I read the travel notes again, I found an app called Beijing Subway Tong, but after downloading it, I found it inconvenient. I am still used to directly searching on Baidu where to take the line and where to get off. Tips: When choosing public transportation, try as much as possible Bring extra change, you can only use cash to buy subway tickets.

2018/12/26 Wuxi East—Beijing South Xiaodiaoli Soup World Trade Center

I chose the way of high-speed rail travel, the whole journey takes 5 hours, two movies + one return to sleep, there is a subway station in the high-speed rail station, Line 14 transfers to Line 6, it takes about 40 minutes to arrive, take a little rest and prepare I set off to look for food, searched online, and found a small Diaoli Tang, the evaluation was not bad. When I was doing the guide, I heard about several must-try delicacies in Beijing, and one of them was Xiao Diao Li Tang. During rush hours, we are in sharp contrast to the Beijingers who are rushing home from get off work.

"Waiter, let me have a pot of xiaotangli soup first." Honey and white fungus are added to the thick xiaotangli soup. It is slightly sweet and must be warmed up. Knock on the blackboard: his family's cheese fish and shrimp with pear balls and nuts It is also ranked TOP3, especially the nut shrimp. The fried shrimp is crispy, the meat is soft and glutinous, and the sweet taste is deeply loved by southern girls. The crispy pear balls complement each other and can relieve the greasy fried shrimp. In my opinion, it is highly recommended. If you eat too much? It doesn't matter if you are too full, you can ride a bicycle, and you can go around to the World Trade Center Tianjie, which is similar to an open-air square. When we went, the atmosphere of Christmas was already very strong.

2018/12/17 Qingfeng Steamed Buns Nanluogu Lane Surrounding Hutongs Beihai Park

For the first ceremonial breakfast in the imperial capital, we chose Qingfeng steamed stuffed buns, because they are very famous, but the taste, just soso, may be because the psychological expectations are too good. The steamed stuffed buns are cold, and the dumplings are average. Looking at many local I ordered fried liver. At first I thought it was hot and sour soup, so I also ordered a bowl. However, it really didn't suit my taste, and it was a bit greasy, but the bottled Jiuyang soybean milk tasted good, hahahaha. If you want to experience the most authentic lifestyle in old Beijing, you should walk into the hutongs. Nanluoguxiang is famous in Beijing. Line 6 goes directly to Nanluoguxiang Station, and you can see the iconic plaque when you get out of the subway station. I personally think that Nanluoguxiang is too commercialized. Except for the quaint buildings that should be there, there are shops along the street, selling their own goods, just like walking on a commercial street, but the horizontal alleys around it give me a lot of attention. Bringing a sense of surprise (Nanluogu Alley is a vertical alley, surrounded by many horizontal alleys, some of which lead directly to Shichahai), we walked Yuer Hutong, Maoer Hutong, Xiaojuer Hutong, Shajing Hutong, and many local people Still living in it, old people carry vegetable baskets or ride bicycles. The old-fashioned courtyard houses are very beautiful with red walls and gray tiles, and there are signs of good omens on every door. I wanted to go to Shichahai, but I didn’t come back after going around. I went all the way to Yandai Xie Lane haha, let’s go in and have a look, nonono, Yandai Xie Lane is also full of commercial atmosphere.

I came out of the alley and discussed going to the Lama Temple, which is the former residence of Heshen. I checked it out, and the nearby No. 107 bus can go directly to the direction of Baishiqiao East. Get on the bus at Gulou Station, and go to Beihai North Get off at the station, and walk another 600 meters to arrive. If you don’t want to go to the Hutong, you can go directly to Prince Gong’s Mansion, you can take Metro Line 6 and get off at Beihai North Station. When I saw Arctic Ocean soda on the roadside, I wanted to drink it, and then I ordered some hot oden. I ate and walked to the gate of Prince Kung's Mansion, but was told that the restaurant was closed on Mondays and passed out! I can only look for some pictures on the Internet and pretend that I have been to Prince Gong's Mansion. When a comrade threw the Kanto cooking cup too much, the soup splashed all over my body, and I was mad and criticized and educated. Since you haven't found what you want to go, let's take a look at what else to do around you.

After searching the small map, there is Beihai Park in the back. The impression of Beihai Park is still at the stage of "let's row our oars, and the boat pushes away the waves". Tickets for adults are 5 yuan, and tickets for students are 2 yuan and 5 yuan. Haha Haha, although there is only a price difference of 2 yuan and 5 yuan, it reflects the value of the student ID card. It must be used. Beihai Park still gave me a lot of surprises. It may be that I didn’t report much hope at the beginning. I thought it was just a park. The first time I saw it, it felt like an oil painting, an oil painting with appropriate colors. The water surface had begun to freeze, and the duck boats were lined up neatly on the shore. Many people were waiting to take pictures with long guns and short cannons. The weather is very good, the afternoon sun shines warmly on our bodies, we just walked along the lake and talked, picked up the mobile phone to take a few pictures when we were interested, and sat on the bench to bask in the sun when we were tired .

We went back to rest for a while to discuss what to eat, "I want to eat hot pot." "Old Beijing hot pot? The one with a chimney?" "But I don't want to eat mutton because I'm afraid of the fishy smell." "Then what kind of hot pot should I eat?" "Haidilao Hotpot.” I checked online and found that there is one in Sanlitun, yes, it is the famous Sanlitun, so I made a happy decision, I rode there for 10 minutes, and I can go shopping after eating. Everyone's impression of Sanlitun should be the "Uniqlo incident" that has been raging. When you search online, you will find that Sanlitun will display two, one is Sanlitun SOHO, and the other is Sanlitun Taikoo Li. It is actually a place divided into parts by a road. , most of Sanlitun SOHO are restaurants, while Taikoo Li is a gathering place for hipsters.

2018/12/18 Forbidden City Temple of Heaven

The Forbidden City is the highlight of this trip, the most important part, you can buy the tickets in advance before departure, you can search the Forbidden City tickets on Taobao, Taobao travel agencies can buy them directly, optional:

Only go to the Forbidden City, adult ticket is 40 yuan, child ticket or student ticket or old man ticket is 20 yuan

The Forbidden City + Treasure Hall + Clock Hall: adult ticket is 60 yuan, child ticket or student ticket or elderly ticket is 30 yuan

The Forbidden City + Treasure Museum is 50 yuan for adults, and 25 yuan for children, students or senior citizens

The Forbidden City + Clock Museum is 50 yuan for adults, and 25 yuan for children, students or seniors

When placing an order, you will fill in your ID card. Similarly, you can swipe your ID card on the same day. If you buy a half-price ticket, remember to bring your ID card. The Forbidden City is closed on Mondays.

The unified entrance to the Forbidden City is at the Meridian Gate. It is recommended that you play together with Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, because you can’t come out after entering Tiananmen Square, and you have to go straight to the Meridian Gate to have an exit. Maybe because it is the off-season of tourism, there are not many people queuing up. After a minute or two, I entered smoothly. I took my student ID card excitedly, but I didn't check it. (But you can’t be lucky) There is also a guide at the entrance that can be rented, 20 yuan, multiple languages, the entrance can be borrowed and returned, and fried chicken is convenient. The two of us rented one, took pictures with one, listened to it with the other, and told me about it. Entering from the Gate of Supreme Harmony means that you have truly arrived at the Forbidden City, walking all the way from the Hall of Supreme Harmony to the Hall of Preserving Harmony. The Hall of Supreme Harmony was used by the emperor to receive ministers. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, 24 emperors held grand ceremonies in the Hall of Supreme Harmony. The emperor ascended the throne, the emperor got married, the queen was appointed, and the generals were ordered to go to war. Every year, during the three major festivals of Wanshou Festival, New Year's Day and Winter Solstice, the emperor receives congratulations from civil and military officials and gives banquets to princes and ministers here. In the Ming Dynasty, the Palace of Preserving Harmony was used for the emperor to prepare and rest before going to court. In the Qing Dynasty, it was selected as the place for the palace examination. Walking forward through the Qianqing Gate is the emperor's bedroom and concubines. , Prince and other living areas.

Be a person at the foot of the imperial city for a few days, feel the rich history, listen to the stories in the Forbidden City, and see the real place where Wei Yingluo lived in Story of Yanxi Palace.

If you want to go to Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Qianmen Street and other scenic spots after leaving the Forbidden City, there are special lines to take. No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 go to different places, 15 yuan per person, remember to only accept cash, friends who want to continue walking can Go to Jingshan Park opposite the Forbidden City to have fun. The Wangchun Pavilion at the highest point overlooks the entire Forbidden City. It was nearly two o'clock after we finished visiting the Forbidden City. We originally planned to go directly to the Temple of Heaven Station. We were so hungry that our chests were on our stomachs and we got off the bus directly at Qianmen Street. The place to get off is a roast duck restaurant "Hutong Roast Duck". After a full meal, I checked it out. It costs more than ten yuan to take a taxi from Qianmen Street to the Temple of Heaven. Haha, I have to experience Beijing's taxis when I come to Beijing. .

The Temple of Heaven Park is also divided into ordinary tickets and joint tickets. It is recommended that you buy a joint ticket, because the two must-see attractions, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests and the Echo Wall, are not included. The ticket is only for the park itself. The joint ticket is 28 yuan for adults, and the discounted joint ticket: 14 yuan (students, seniors, children, soldiers). There is always a foggy feeling in the park in winter. The sun shines through the branches and slantly shines on the benches. The altar pavilion is full of old people playing chess and cards. Before they approached, they heard loud shouting. I used to think that the landmark building of the Temple of Heaven Park was called the Temple of Heaven, but this time I found out that its name is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. The building with a golden roof and blue edges looks like the hat of a minister in a Qing court drama. Although it is already close to the evening, there are still many tourists who come to see it.

After leaving the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, you have to follow the road signs for a long time to get to the Echo Wall. I don’t remember the color and shape of the pavilions and temples, because we played there for nearly half an hour, shouting at every angle. Shout, find the loudest one who yelled the other party's name, and was about to leave, his sudden "HEY" scared the other tourists half to death, hahahahahaha, childish man.

2018/12/19 Summer Palace Old Summer Palace

Get up slowly, start slowly, and go to the Summer Palace from Dongdaqiao Subway Station for about an hour. (Line 6 Dongdaqiao Station takes 5 stops to Pinganli, then transfers to Line 4 Daxing and takes 12 stops to Beigong Gate Station, Yuanmingyuan Station is two stops in front of Beigong Gate) to the gate of the Summer Palace, it is already close to noon, and there are two kinds of tickets and combined tickets. The combined tickets we bought are 50 yuan for adults and 25 yuan for students. To be honest, I think it's not worth it. It may be that I went to the Forbidden City the day before. I feel that there is nothing to watch due to visual fatigue, and the various attractions of the joint ticket are scattered. We didn't finish walking. Among them, Suzhou Street feels dilapidated and bleak. The "Four Continents" left a deep impression on me. It is a Han-Tibetan architectural complex. There are also several Lama Temples built on the mountain, which has a sense of majesty.

Two stops back from the North Palace Gate is the Old Summer Palace. The opposite of the Old Summer Palace is Tsinghua University. If you have time, you can go to feel the atmosphere of the university campus. The same ticket and joint ticket, joint ticket adult: 25 yuan, discounted joint ticket: 10 yuan, the Summer Palace and Yuanmingyuan check the certificates for discounted tickets are still very strict, at least much stricter than the Forbidden City. You must be familiar with Yuanmingyuan, the royal park and summer resort of the Qing Dynasty, which was later invaded and plundered by the British and French allied forces. The biggest attraction of the Old Summer Palace is the ruins of the Western Building (including the Garden of Harmony, the Yellow Flower Array, the Dashui Method and the Water Viewing Method).

The Garden of Harmonious Interests was the first building built in the autumn of the 16th year of Qianlong. It was originally a fountain with a fountain composed of copper geese, copper sheep and Western stonefish. It was a place where Chinese and Western music were played at that time.

Dashuifa can be regarded as the most spectacular fountain in the Western Building. Baroque style building, according to reports, the shape of the building is a stone niche, which resembles a doorway. There is a large lion head spraying water below, forming a seven-layer water curtain. At the front and bottom is an oval chrysanthemum-style fountain. In the center of the pool is a copper sika deer, which sprays water from its antlers; two servants have ten copper dogs, which spray water from their mouths, directly hitting the deer's body, splashing layers of waves. Commonly known as "hunting dogs chasing deer". In front of the Dashui Fa, there is a huge water spraying tower. The tower is square and has 13 floors. Water jets are sprayed from the top. There are 88 copper pipes around the tower, and they all spray water together.

(The restoration of the original appearance of the Dashui method——from Baidu Encyclopedia)

The law of viewing water means that the emperor sat on the opposite side of the Dashuifa to watch the fountain. The main building is the platform for the emperor's throne and a tall stone carving screen standing behind it. According to reports, there are also a giant water tower and a According to the traditional Chinese timekeeping method, the names of 12 kinds of animals are used to represent the 12 hours of the day, and every hour there is an animal that sprays water into the pool from its mouth.

(The restoration of the original appearance of the water observation method—from Baidu Encyclopedia)

Located in the north of Harmonious Interest, the Yellow Flower Array is a garden modeled after a European labyrinth. The north and south of the yellow flower formation are rectangular, and the center is a Western-style pavilion with a high platform and a round base. It is said that every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the emperor will hold a lantern party here.

(The restoration of the original appearance of the yellow flower array - from Baidu Encyclopedia)

2018/12/20 Tiananmen Square Wangfujing

After checking the route, I found that there is a bus directly going to Tiananmen in front of my house. No. 120 is heading to the east of Shiliuyuan. Get on the bus at the North Station at the intersection of Dongdaqiao and get off at Tiananmen East Station. If you want to go directly to Wangfujing, you can go directly to Wangfujing. Get off at the station. After getting off the bus, walk straight for 200 meters and pass the security check to enter Tiananmen Square. Today’s sky has changed from azure blue to grayish blue. Walking along Chang’an Avenue, looking up at the hanging portrait of Chairman Mao, silently chanting “ Two slogans: "Long live the People's Republic of China" and "Long live the great unity of the people of the world". Tiananmen Square is separated from the Monument to the People's Heroes, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall of the People, and the National Museum of China. Friends who want to go to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall can go directly through the underground passage. Don't enter Tiananmen Square first, there is no exit for turning back, you have to go all the way to the entrance of the Forbidden City to come back, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is only open until 12:30 noon, so I recommend everyone to play Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in one day, and those who can get up early can do it Watch a flag-raising ceremony, then go to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, then enter through Tiananmen Square, and finally visit the Forbidden City. This is the most convenient direction, and there is no need to detour.

We walked all the way to the Forbidden City and went back from the back. There are many unnamed units on Nanchang Street, but they are all guarded by people. He said that they are all government units. When he was a soldier, the names of the units and troops were very different. Concealed, I then asked, "Then how did you find the organization?", "Someone will pick you up at the train station and take us there." , and then escorted to the army." "You are not allowed to watch Mission Impossible anymore." "Hahahahaha." I took the subway one stop and went directly to Wangfujing, and went for Siji Minfu Roast Duck. I was full. Have the strength to go shopping. According to the reviews, Siji is much better than Quanjude. The environment and service are very good. There are also appetizing fruits before the meal. The main products are roast duck, Baylor barbecue, honey crispy shrimp and Beijing snacks. Two people, half a roast duck, A barbecue, a bowl of lobster and mushroom soup, and a kidney bean roll are just right. (The waiter will also teach you several ways to wrap roast duck.)

Needless to say, the entire Wangfujing Street is full of department stores, so you can spend an afternoon shopping. Not much to say, friends, let's get angry.

2018/12/21 Beijing South - Wuxi East

What kind of experience is it to catch the high-speed rail in the morning? It is to squeeze the subway together with the people of Beijing in the morning rush hour. It is so crowded that the carriages are airtight and noisy. I never want to experience it again!

The trip to Beijing has come to a successful conclusion, thank you for coming here~

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