Foreword: This article commemorates that unforgettable period in happy love
------------ On the road of life, you must be strong, happiness is ahead.
I remember that year, after watching "Passing Through Your World", I wanted to go to the pure and romantic Daocheng with all my heart, and I wanted to see the transparent autumn and the towering and sacred snow mountain with the person in my heart. The little girl's heart is so delicate, half a year of preparation is just to say to him before his birthday: "Do you want to travel to Daocheng?" Because I know that only there can I have the courage to say that" Love" word.
(The picture below is Basongcuo)

---------- No matter how anxious that day is, it will always come
"Uncle, what if he doesn't go?" He timidly sent a voice message to someone he hadn't seen for a long time on WeChat.
"Did you tell him no?" Chuanwei asked in Mandarin.
After returning from a visit to Jiuzhaigou, there have been countless exchanges like this. The middle-aged man on WeChat is as warm as a father. I can talk to him a lot without worrying about facing my father's stern gaze.

"I'm so sorry, I can't tell." He replied impatiently.
"I can't help with this kind of thing. There are a lot of itineraries booked now. Hurry up and get it done, or I will take another group." Uncle's tone was a little threatening, and I knew it was encouraging me. Well, what should come will come, tell him tonight. . . . . .
(Trailer: The photo below is not me, it’s a Tibetan beauty in the new era taken in Lhasa)

turning point
------- It turns out that taking a step forward is not complicated
Is he off work? Can you see my WeChat message? Will you refuse? After some inner struggle, I'd better call, what's the big deal. "A" in the phone book is his phone number, he hesitated for 3 seconds, and the moment he pressed the dial button, his heart calmed down.
The phone is connected -----
"Be careful, what's the matter?" They all told me to be careful, but I am actually a very tall girl.
Calm and calm---"I'm going to Daocheng, are you interested?"
"Okay, you set the time"----Is it that simple without thinking about it thousands of times? I already wondered if I was dreaming, everything was so unreal.
(Trailer: This one is on the road from Bomi to Linzhi)

love Daocheng
---------- Happiness is so embarrassing but natural, especially "hateful uncle"
"Uncle, we've made a deal." He left a message to Uncle happily.
"Okay, you guys agree on a time, and I'll pick you up on time." Uncle was as simple as ever but reassuring.

Daocheng Yading is actually not the most beautiful in the whole itinerary, the most beautiful scenery is on the road. But in the eyes of people in love, this is the most romantic place, and it is a place I will never forget in my life. I think Sichuan tourism should include Sichuan, Sichuan-Tibet, and Sichuan-Yunnan. The most worthwhile places to visit are the first Jiuzhai Ring Road in Sichuan, Emei, Daocheng Yading Ring Road, and Lugu Lake. (Please refer to my Jiuzhai, Emei, Daocheng, and Lugu Lake travel notes. This article mainly describes my mental journey in Sichuan and Tibet.). As for Sichuan and Tibet, it is majestic, delicate and beautiful, and majestic, which cannot be overstated. After returning from Sichuan and Tibet, I went to Lugu Lake again, also starting from Chengdu. The trip to Lugu Lake is a journey of our emotional maturity. This year, on Valentine's Day, we entered the palace of marriage. Now think about our relationship, no matter what kind of desire, passion, pain, despair, and excitement of regaining what was lost at the beginning. Those are very normal twists and turns on the road to marriage, and in retrospect they are so warm, beautiful and sweet.
It takes two days from Chengdu to Daocheng. On the first day, you will usually go to Xinduqiao to stay. In terms of scenic spot configuration, there are Siguniang Mountain, Hailuogou, and Zheduo Mountain. For details, please see my Daocheng travel notes. I remember that day when I set off from Chengdu to Xinduqiao, it was very embarrassing. I had a ghost in my heart, and he seemed to have noticed something. Anyway, from the time I got on the car, all the way to Xinduqiao, the car was very quiet, only the music in the stereo Very soothing exudation.
That day, in Xinduqiao, during dinner: "Handsome guy, do you want some wine?" Uncle doesn't drink, I know he wants to break the embarrassment.
He is usually generous and forthright in front of his uncle today, he seems to be very cautious, he kept saying whether to drink or not, and the atmosphere became more embarrassing.
"Fairy, you guys are so embarrassing. I'll tell you what to do." Uncle said in a Sichuan accent: "Young man, Xinwaer likes you, cherish the opportunity, I won't eat, you slow down Eat slowly." After finishing speaking, Uncle got up and left. At that moment, you know? I just wish there was a crack in the ground for me to get in. It was even quieter in the back, and he hurriedly took a few mouthfuls of food before fleeing the restaurant.
Departing from Xinduqiao the next day, the car became more and more embarrassing. Except Uncle, he played Heifetz's violin. I don't listen to classical music very much. I used to protest. Today, hey, I don't want to think about music, let him go. I found that my uncle enjoyed today's itinerary the most, all the way to Daocheng. The scenery along the way is beautiful, and it was already 5 o'clock in the afternoon when we arrived in Daocheng, and the Zunsheng Tallinn under the sunset was particularly beautiful.
Uncle stopped the car and let us play. Tibetan Buddhism has a saying of turning mountains, temples, and pagodas.
When turning the tower, he carefully took my hand. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Happiness begins in Daocheng.
Daocheng, uncle, witnessed my love.
(This one is at Ranwu Lake)

---------The love affair was heart-wrenching, despairing of the cycle of life and death, who would drink a bowl of water of forgetting love in front of Meng Po.
After Daocheng came back, love became more and more intense, like glue. That day, after I told my mother about my love affair, I didn't want my mother to firmly object. The excessive mother found him and deeply hurt his self-esteem. I know my mother is good to me, but I love him, he loves me, and he works very hard, isn't that enough? Hukou, housing, are these necessary for happiness? But I know what pride means to a man. I have been unable to contact him, no matter how hard I try to find. . . . . . . . That love affair was heart-wrenching, despairing of the cycle of life and death, who would drink a bowl of water of forgetting love in front of Meng Po.
"Uncle, I feel bad..." I cried, the first time I cried to WeChat: "I want to go to Tibet"
Uncle was very surprised. After crying, my uncle said: "Okay, I will pick you up when you arrive in Chengdu."

The beautiful scenery--unforgettable in this life, the sad--even more unforgettable.
Surprise, it came too suddenly
(Trailer: This one on the way to the glacier)

What's the weather like from Shanghai to Chengdu? I have no way of knowing, because my heart is dark. Chengdu spent that night like a zombie, until the familiar phone call: "I'm at the hotel, are you ready?" Uncle was 10 minutes early. After tidying up, I put on my luggage and came to the hotel entrance. Uncle has changed a car this year, a very beautiful off-road vehicle, but these are irrelevant, my mood is gloomy. Uncle greeted me and helped me with my luggage, and I opened the car door numbly. . . . . . . In an instant, tears welled up in my eyes, and the enemy actually sat in the front seat and smiled at me, like a dream, and quickly wiped away the tears to confirm that it was not a dream, my body could no longer control my body, and wept loudly while holding the car door. He got out of the car and hugged me, and I beat him frantically. "Hey, hey, don't get inked, get in the car and start off." Uncle had already started the car, why did he feel that uncle was so annoying at that time! Later I found out that my uncle had been in touch with him all the time, so my uncle asked him: "Be careful to go to Lhasa, do you want to go? The cost is the same for one person and two people." He said to me later, "If If you don’t go, you’ll lose money, so I’m here.”
have his trip
------So wonderful.
(Trailer: Dameiya Qingsi)

"Be careful, how do we go about our itinerary? Have you thought about it?" Then I remembered that my uncle kept urging me to ask for a specific itinerary. He and I looked at each other and said to my uncle: "You can go wherever you want, there is no time limit." Then the three people in the car laughed knowingly at the same time. We don't have an itinerary for this trip, but my uncle does, he knows the best way to go. The 13-day trip from Chengdu to Lhasa officially started happily.
When is the Sichuan-Tibet line most beautiful? Some people say that March-April, some people say June-August, some people say October is beautiful, but I think our trip is the most beautiful. Take Uncle’s words, "Being in a good mood is more important than anything else." Haha.
first day
The Tail of Autumn --- Chengdu -- Siguniang Mountain
It is now mid-November, and it should be winter in Tibetan areas, but the edge of the Chengdu Basin is still the end of autumn. Ying Weiwei (my friend) has never been to Siguniang Mountain, so our first stop is Siguniang Mountain. To reach Siguniang Mountain, you have to go through the Wenchuan Yingxiu earthquake site, Wolong Panda Nature Reserve, and Balang Mountain. We have been to the earthquake sites, so our most important thing today is to catch Qiu's tail.
In autumn, there is only a little tail in the Wolong section, but it is also very colorful.

After passing the Wolong section, you will enter Balang Mountain, which has begun to snow. Balang Mountain is known as Yunwu Mountain, and there are mostly cloudy and foggy days all year round. Autumn in Balang Mountain is actually the most beautiful.
Below is the snow scene of Balang Mountain. When passing by here, Wei was very happy, as if when I saw snow for the first time, I even said that the snow was worth the fare. My uncle and I laughed, How does he know the feeling of a real snow scene? However, the next day when we set off from Siguniang Mountain to Guanyin Bridge, we encountered the heaviest snow this year. Wei has seen what ice and snow road conditions are. He dare not say anything scary along the way. In fact, I am the most afraid Yes, I am the one who is the most tense. Uncle is the calmest, but he is also obviously 100% focused. Tomorrow's itinerary is the most exciting day of this Sichuan-Tibet tour.

After we crossed Balang Mountain, we went to a place called Maobi Bridge to see Siguniang Mountain. The weather was very good today. It was the first time Wei saw a real snow mountain. He was very excited, and he was very excited about the next Siguniang Mountain Full of expectations, in fact, this is just the appetizer of this trip. Below is the cat nose bridge looking at Siguniang Mountain from a distance. From right to left are the eldest girl, the second, the third and the third girl.

We arrived at Wolong Town at 12:30 noon. After lunch, we went to Shuangqiaogou on Mount Siguniang. We had to admire Uncle’s rich experience, control of routes and time, moderate speed, safety and comfort. The whole itinerary was 13 Today, basically in high altitude areas, his arrangements are very good. Siguniang Mountain is known as "China's Alps", and it is a paradise for mountaineering enthusiasts. There are three ditches in Siguniang Mountain, namely Shuangqiao Ditch, Haizi Ditch and Changping Ditch. Haizigou and Changpinggou are suitable for mountain climbing. I personally think that ordinary tourists can go to Shuangqiaogou, and the transportation and other supporting facilities are better. Below are a few photos of Mount Siguniang. Forgive me for not being able to tell which is which?

After Siguniang Mountain came out, we stayed in a homestay, and it snowed heavily that night. Wei and I were very excited. Only Uncle is more worried.

Uncle is silent. . . . . . . . . .

Supplement: travel expenses, etc.
After 3 weeks, the travel notes just started, and this procrastination is gone, so I will add the key points
1: Shanghai-Chengdu (live in Chengdu) Attractions: None, lethargic rest
2: Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Mount Siguniang (live in Mount Siguniang) Attractions: Mount Siguniang Shuangqiaogou
3: Mount Siguniang - Lianghekou - Cross Mengbi Mountain - Malkang - Guanyin Bridge (live at Guanyin Bridge) Attractions: Guanyin Temple
4: Guanyin Bridge - Wuming Buddhist College - Seda County (live in Seda County) Attractions: Buddhist College
5: Seda - Wengda - Luhuo - Ganzi County (Live in Ganzi County) Attractions: Kasa Lake. Ganzi Temple
6: Ganzi County - Yaqing Temple - Ganzi County (live in Ganzi County) attractions: Yaqing Temple
7: Ganzi County - Dege - Queer Mountain - Jiangda (live in Jiangda) Attractions: Muricuo. Zhayong Shenshan. Yulong Lacuo
8: Jiangda - Qamdo (live in Qamdo) Attractions: Xuejila Mountain
9: Qamdo - Ranwu Lake (Live in Ranwu Town) Attractions: Langla Mountain. Yela Mountain. Tianlu 72 Turns
10: Ranwu Lake - Midui Glacier - Bomi (live in Bomi) Attractions: Ranwu Lake circles around the lake. Midui Glacier Ice Lake
11: Bomi County - Nyingchi (live in Nyingchi City) attractions: Lulang Linhai.
12: Nyingchi-Grand Canyon Namjagbarwa Peak-Basongcuo-Gongbujiangda (Live in Gongbujiangda County) Attractions: Namjagbarwa Peak. Basongcuo
13: Gongbu Jiangda - Lhasa (Live in Lhasa) Attractions: Norbulingka
14: Lhasa - Yanghu Lake - Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street (live in Lhasa) Attractions: Yanghu Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street
15: Potala Palace - Ramoche Temple - Sera Monastery (live in Lhasa) Attractions: Visit Potala Palace, Ramoche Temple, Sera Monastery
16: Lhasa - Shanghai
Regarding the cost, it is mainly divided into several parts (I am talking about our situation, the local tyrants are free to do so)
1: The big head is the transportation cost, and the seasonal models are all factors that affect the cost. Our trip from Chengdu to Lhasa took a total of 13 days, and the cost was more than 10,000. You can consult Uncle for details. You can find him in my Jiuzhai Travel Notes . What I want to remind everyone here is that in terms of transportation, don't blindly compare prices, the price is reasonable, and the price is correct. Low prices will have many sequelae.
2: The cost of accommodation, the season we went to a standard room was about 180, rarely more than 200, I remember that once it was more than 200 in Nyingchi, and once in Lhasa.
3: Catering, dinner is generally 30-50 per person per meal, breakfast 20
4: Tickets for scenic spots: In our great motherland, tickets for scenic spots are the biggest expense, but the opposite is true for Sichuan and Tibet. I remember that we bought tickets for Mount Siguniang 150 and Basongcuo 80. As for the Potala Palace, it was free in winter when we went, haha.
5: Our requirements are low, and I can't think of any other expenses for the time being. I will end with my uncle's words: "Being in a good mood is more important than anything else."
OK. Let's move on.
The next day's itinerary is --- Siguniang Mountain - Lianghekou - crossing Mengbi Mountain - Maerkang - Guanyin Bridge (living in Guanyin Bridge) attractions: Guanyin Temple
It snowed that night in Mount Siguniang, and after breakfast the next morning, the two of us were very excited to stuff our luggage into the car. My uncle and the boss were discussing something, with serious expressions on their faces.
Excitedly looking at the heavy snow outside the car window, laughing and laughing all the way until. . . . . . .

Don't get me wrong, this is not our car, but we instantly realized the cruelty of the ice and snow, and then realized that Uncle's words were much less than usual. This kind of situation is not uncommon along the way, but after this time, we really saw Uncle's profoundness foundation. This is one of the reasons why I suggest that you should not be too fussy about the cost. In fact, the uncle's fee is not high, but some people's fee is very low, but along the way, I have heard many complaints from tourists. hehe

When I climbed Mengbi Mountain, my heart almost jumped out, my heart almost jumped out, the cliff was on the right, the snow was about 30 cm thick, and the road was completely invisible.
Our car, Uncle's "Great White Shark", is a seven-seater car with only the two of us, isn't it extravagant? what. The four-wheel drive also needs snow chains. The man behind the uncle is a tourist to Seda. Their car can't pass, mainly because people can't. They plan to turn back and wait for the weather and road conditions to improve. I could hear him complaining and getting impatient.
I made some covers for the license plate, please look carefully, it is my benefit to you, plan your trip to Lhasa, the most beautiful trip is waiting for you. (I accidentally discovered that many of my travel notes were stolen and used as soft articles. Although I was angry, there was nothing I could do. Please see clearly that the person who tied the snow chain is the real uncle. There is also a cover on the license plate. You understand .Generally, the pirates simply change it. When everyone sees this...haha, I admire myself very much. Later, when I released the travel notes, I simply marked every photo))
There are also the fifth and sixth photos below, which successfully arrived at the Mengbi Mountain pass. I snapped one when my uncle took pictures for us. Please recognize the authentic product, haha
With impatience on their faces, they were about to turn back.

The following is the biggest harvest of today, what a clean smile, even the locals can’t make it through if they don’t have the skills, but her heartfelt smile really warms people’s hearts

Authentic, anti-counterfeiting.
As for our photos, Wei doesn't like to show his face, so let's take a full view this time, and my uncle bought it on my behalf. (Jiuzhai Travel Notes has my photo.)

Watch us leave without snow (dust)

We successfully crossed Mengbi Mountain, and at noon, we arrived at Zhuo Keji chieftain's official village. We have lunch there. There is a Tibetan village and a well-preserved Tusi village, we are not so interested in these. Let me take some pictures

We arrived at Guanyin Bridge in the evening. The reason why Guanyin Bridge is famous is because there is a very magnificent Guanyin Temple.
Guanyin Temple is on a mountain behind Guanyinqiao Town. The road up the mountain can be climbed by a small car, but the bend is very steep, and the break is also steep. The snow continued to fall, but my uncle didn't seem to care. He said that the weather in the future should be very good. It actually proved that Uncle’s prediction was very accurate. We had very good weather until we arrived in Lhasa and then flew back.

On the third day, get up early. Wei and I are full of expectations for Seda. Seda is famous because of the red house and celestial burial, and the red house is because there is a Buddhist college called Larong Temple Wuming Buddhist College. In a ravine about 20 kilometers southeast of Seda County, today we will stay in Seda County after playing Seda. The altitude and environment there will be relatively better. Many people think that the Buddhist Academy is a historic site, but it is not. It was founded by His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok in 1980 (I can’t remember his name, but I checked it on Baidu, ha). The Buddhist Academy is only in its 30s. It takes about 3 hours from Guanyin Bridge to Buddhist Academy. The beautiful scenery along the way, we also met worshipers who kowtowed their heads, and the descendants of Sun Dasheng, alas, the descendants of Dasheng have declined, and now they live by begging, robbery and wild fruits, lamentable, lamentable !

Seeing these pilgrims, Wei and I exchanged glances. We both knew each other's heart: In the long river of life, money is not the most important thing. Wei held my hand, smiling so gently and firmly, I slowly leaned on his shoulder. From the rearview mirror, I found that my uncle glanced at us, so the car became quiet and warm.

At lunch time, we arrived at the Buddhist Academy and had lunch first as usual. There are many restaurants at the foot of the Buddhist Academy, mostly Sichuan cuisine.
When we went, the road on the mountain of the Buddhist Academy was under construction. There are too many photos of the Red House on the Internet, so I won’t post too much. The Red House is definitely worth seeing, it is very shocking.

Sertar is actually the first and most important scenic spot of our trip. Sertar is also famous for its sky burial, but the place where there is sky burial is not only Sertar, but also all over Tibetan areas. Sky burial is just a funeral custom. So We didn't go. However, I still prepared a few photos for you, which were picked up in my uncle's circle of friends. The first one is a photo of Uncle and his guests (note the anti-counterfeiting mark), here is a statement, as long as the photos in my travel notes are not mine, I will declare in advance and obtain the consent of the parties.

Let me clarify one thing here. The photos you see are close-ups of the sky burial. In fact, tourists see the sky burial at a relatively far away place. Tourists are not allowed to see it at this distance. Such photos can only be taken by people like Uncle.

The Buddhist Academy is usually very windy and sandy, and the sunshine is also very strong. Although it is very beautiful, people will be uncomfortable. Generally, I think 3 hours of play time is enough. In terms of accommodation, I suggest that you still go to the county seat. Although it takes half an hour to drive, it will be much more convenient and comfortable. After all, Seda is about 4000 meters away.
I had nothing to say all night, and because of the high altitude, I couldn't sleep well at night.

Today's itinerary: Seda - Wengda - Luhuo - Ganzi County (Live in Ganzi County) Attraction: Kasa Lake. Ganzi Temple
Because there is a little high altitude, I got up late, according to my uncle's arrangement today, it is mainly to adapt to the plateau and adjust, so the itinerary will be a little easier. For self-driving friends, I suggest that you must refer to our itinerary. Sometimes, the itinerary that Uncle arranged for us seems too easy, such as today, but it is very necessary. Plateau travel must give yourself a slow A process of adaptation and refinement.
There are no particularly famous attractions from Seda to Ganzi, but there is a saying on the Sichuan-Tibet line that is very good: the scenery is on the road. In fact, you can regard the entire Sichuan-Tibet line as a big scenic spot.

Forgive my road blindness, but it is more than 2,000 kilometers from Chengdu to Lhasa (traveling is not as fast as traveling). It is difficult for ordinary people to remember the names of places and mountains. They can only remember the famous ones. The following are Seda Kasa Lake between Ganzi County.

Arriving in Ganzi County is relatively early, we can go to Ganzi Temple, where you can see the whole picture of Ganzi County, Ganzi Temple is also a temple with a long history, but our focus is on the natural scenery, Wei and I have a good understanding of culture Travel is not good. However, it is very interesting to watch the little lama debate the scriptures. The 4th and 5th photos below are sneak shots during the debate. The little lama here was shy to compare prices and refused to take pictures.

Ganzi County is 3390 meters above sea level. It is much more comfortable here than in Seda. Today's itinerary looks relatively loose, and there is actually not much free time. Roaming along the way, Kasa Lake. After playing the Ganzi Temple, it was already past 6 o'clock, and it happened to be dinner time, which was very pleasant.

6: Ganzi County - Yaqing Temple - Ganzi County (live in Ganzi County) attractions: Yaqing Temple
At the beginning, Wei and I didn’t know there was Yaqing Temple. We thought we would continue along 317 today, but Uncle took us to Yaqing Temple via some provincial road. This really shocked us. Seda Buddhist College The reputation of Yaqing Temple is greater than that of Yaqing Temple. In fact, Yaqing Temple Biserda is not bad, but Yaqing Temple is relatively remote, so it is not easy to develop tourism. There is a road from Yaqing Temple to Dege, but we didn’t go directly to Dege. After visiting Yaqing Temple, Ganzi returned the same way. It may be because of the road conditions. This is a guess. It is also possible to go from Ganzi to Yaqing Temple Almost forced the uncle to hang up the snow chain. We don't worry about that.

Haha, why don’t you bookmark this travel note? I feel that it is meaningful to guide most people's Sichuan-Tibet tour, because this kind of route, itinerary, and rhythm are all based on my uncle's free arrangement, without other interference. It should be the most reasonable itinerary for the current season.

I secretly took the last photo of the little girl Hewei in Lugu Lake at the beginning of this year. Remember to keep it secret. As a reward, do you want to "like" this travel note? It also gave me the motivation to write Daocheng Yading (the travel notes of Daocheng Yading actually already exist, but I want to overturn and rewrite), the travel notes of Lugu Lake. Enough motivation, I try to write it all down.

There are many photos of Yaqing Temple --------------- Yaqing Temple, if you don't like it, you can fast forward it.
Yaqing Temple: In the territory of Acha Township, Changtai District, Baiyu County, Sichuan Province, it was founded in 1985 by Jiangyang Longduojiacan Venerable (Lama Aqiu Rinpoche), and belongs to the Nyingma Temple (uncle said, I can’t remember, so Baidu will give it to everyone ), it can be seen that Yaqing Temple, like Seda, is not very old and is not an antique.
The first group: beautiful scenery along the way. Look carefully, the road is no longer snow, it is full of ice, we can feel the car drifting non-stop, we are not worried at all, but also think it is very fun, keep saying: "One more, one more." Haha, Really "young and ignorant"

These two are the copyright of Uncle. . . . .

The second group: the whole picture of Juemu Island in Yaqing Temple (Juemu means female lama, and the male lama is called Zaba). Many people think that Yaqing Temple only has female lamas, but in fact it is not. There are also male lamas, but the female lamas here account for the vast majority.
This person is not afraid to show his face, haha, travel notes are definitely the main force.

The second group: the practice hut behind Juemu Island. Here it is necessary to introduce:

The hut is a practice house for retreat and meditation. The hundred-day retreat is the most important part of the one-year practice of Juems in Yaqing. In the cold winter of November, after the outdoor public classes in the temple are over, it is the day of the 100-day retreat. Every year after winter, Juemu will enter a "matchbox" hut that only accommodates one person for a 100-day retreat. It was cold and windy and snowy, and Juemu entered the practice house silently at dawn, and the solemn and solemn atmosphere was even heavier than that of winter. The extremely difficult living conditions were exchanged for the joy of practicing the Dharma day and night. (Above Baidu)

This is a relatively modern practice house, and the one below is a relatively simple practice house

The third group: characters
So many Juemu went to the scripture hall to chant scriptures, the vision was very shocking, and they were not mentally prepared at all. Crossing the bridge at such a density and speed, they walked back and forth for more than 30 minutes

Close view of Juemu Island, men are not allowed to enter.

A very kind lama, taking photos casually, and cooperating with POSS, which requires you to hold your mobile phone to show "I am not outdated, I can keep up"
While posing POSS, he asked in very broken Chinese (or Sichuan-style Mandarin): "Is this posture good?" A kind, kind, benevolent old man. There was something about him that made me feel close to him when I saw him.
There is also an old man who will talk about it tomorrow, that is the most beautiful scenery on the 317 Sichuan-Tibet Line, and now I will leave a hanging love. Personally think it is the most exciting shooting of this trip (although we are not good at it)

"Shh...don't make trouble, my WeChat is here"

The Sutra Printing House was closed when we were in Dege, and we were not very interested in these things. Under the instigation of the excited Wei, we hurried to Jiangda, but my uncle did not object. This day was the most tiring day of our trip. One day, but also the most exciting day.
Alas, although I have a lot to say, I can't wait to upload the picture.

The following are the best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, most, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, and most amazing scenes of people and movies. Be careful to blind your titanium alloy eyes, and wear anti-glare glasses first.
Well, let everyone take a buffer, let’s collect my travel notes first, haha, lest you regret it if you can’t find it in the future
By the way, Wei and I wanted to sleep late, but my uncle told us to go early, we might meet by chance, I couldn’t bear my curiosity, so I got up early (actually we didn’t get up until 8 o’clock, haha, forgive us for being young people.) . Sure enough, as soon as I came out of Ganzi County, I turned a few corners. . . . . . .
When witnessing the miracle: Everyone "top" up and put on the anti-glare glasses. . . . .
Wonderland, fairy, pure---------perfect. Weakly ask: I want to write a poem, can I?

The above photo was taken by my uncle with our camera. I remember that I was joking with Wei at the time, when we suddenly saw this scene, we had already forgotten everything. As for the camera, we didn’t even think about it. Fortunately, the camera was placed on the central armrest, so I could easily pick it up and take pictures. That's why I got these photos.
Only then did we feel the great influence of Tibetan Buddhism.
After calming down, we moved on.
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This is Zariyongkang Mountain: Laima Township just next to 317
Zariyongkang Mountain is an oval-shaped hill about 50 meters high and 500 meters in circumference. Although the mountain is small in size, it has beautiful scenery. There are not only dense cypresses and bushes, but also rocks in different shapes. There are all kinds of magical patterns, and colorful prayer flags are inserted around the holy mountain. A small stream at the corner of the mountain passes through the mountain from west to east. In winter, visitors can play in the frozen cave and watch icicles of different shapes. On the rocks opposite the holy mountain, there are caves where eminent monks practiced in the past. There are many traces of practicing meditation in the caves. It is said that Master Tsongkhapa and Master Padmasambhava have practiced here.
Baidu's above, but there is something wrong --------- that is, there are no frozen caves to play. . . . .

From Ganzi to Dege, you will pass through Queer Mountain. The former Queer Mountain is a natural danger. The main peak of Queer Mountain is 6,168 meters above sea level. There is a saying to describe the height of Queer Mountain: Take a whip and knock down the sky. But now the Queershan Tunnel has been opened, and the natural danger has become a thoroughfare. Before crossing Queershan, you will pass through a small town called Manigange. When Longla made a mistake, I confused my uncle, haha), Yulong is right at the foot of Queer Mountain. We lost a little time here, so that we missed the Derge printing house. But we don't regret it, I still prefer the beauty to the beauty.

Crossing Queer Mountain was very smooth, because there is a tunnel, but the ice on the road is still very thick, and the driving is relatively slow. By the way, Manigango is a very characteristic town. We all think of this town now, but we didn't care about it at the time. We had lunch there.
It was late in the evening when we arrived in Dege, and the printing house was closed.
Below is the Sutra Printing House, one of the three major Sutra Printing Houses in Tibetan areas. Many people are turning temples. The second one is Gengqing Temple next to the Sutra Printing House.
It was here that Wei suggested that it is better to rush to Jiang Da. Now I guess his mind is to see the junction of Sichuan and Tibet. . . . . .

From Dege to Jiangda, you need to cross the Jinsha River, which is the junction of Sichuan and Tibet. We will check the ID card twice. After arriving in Tibetan areas, ID checks will be very frequent.
After crossing the Jinsha River, we have to cross the Oula Mountain. The scenery along the way is very beautiful, but because of the evil Wei and the easy-going and unprincipled uncle, only the following photo was left. It was already dark when we arrived at the Oula Mountain. (Anti-counterfeiting secret note: Uncle’s surname is Yue.) Although 1 and 33 saw the very big red moon at 2087 high and 0885, it was still a pity. (This is the only time we have made intervention changes to the itinerary. When we talk about this itinerary, Wei is still very embarrassed. Otherwise, this itinerary is absolutely perfect.)

I remember that it was almost 10 o'clock in Jiangda, very tired, very tired, all I could do was eat and sleep.
8: Jiangda - Qamdo (live in Qamdo) Attractions: Xuejila Mountain
It is about 250 kilometers from Jiangda to Qamdo. Because I rushed the road yesterday, I can walk slowly today and sleep late.
Crossing Xuejila Mountain, the scenery along the way is beautiful

It took a lot of effort to take the photos below.

9: Qamdo - Ranwu Lake (Live in Ranwu Town) Attractions: Langla Mountain. Yela Mountain. Tianlu 72 Turns
Today we will go to Ranwu Lake. The itinerary is one of the highlights of this trip, and it is also the only place where my high-reverse symptoms kept me awake. It is necessary to transfer from National Highway 317 to Provincial Highway 214 to National Highway 318. You will cross Langla Mountain and Yela Mountain, and pass the famous 72nd turn of Tianlu. We took many, many photos during this trip, more than 3,000 of them, and now I can basically only distinguish the ones from that day, and I can’t remember many place names.
As soon as Qamdo comes out and follows the Lancang River, you will enter the Lancang River Canyon, where roads are being built. The Lancang River Canyon looks very dangerous, but it is actually relatively safe to drive.

Probably not long after we came out of the canyon, we arrived at Langla Mountain. Most of Langla Mountain's fame is due to Dema Snow Mountain.
Opposite the Langla Mountain pass is Dema Snow Mountain. Dema Snow Mountain is 5,480 meters above sea level, and the peak is covered with snow all the year round. In spring, there will be many rhododendrons on the mountainside. (Dema Snow Mountain, "Zhaling Demajueni" in Tibetan), which means that the 12 sacred mountains in the world are concentrated here. It is said that "Zhaling Demajueni" in "The Biography of King Gesanger" refers to the current Dema Snow Mountain--Baidu)

After Langla Mountain is the Bangda Grassland (it seems to be, anyway, it is flat). Because I often live in the right back seat, I occasionally see my uncle's dashboard, and the highest speed I saw here has reached a little over 130. (My uncle, it's winter now...) The amazing thing is, if you don't look at the speedometer, maybe the road is flat, there are no cars in the front and rear, the technology is good, the reason for the car is good, it feels like 60- - At a speed of 70 kilometers, there is no sense of uneasiness at all. Even if you look at it, you are not afraid, just think about the feeling of running like lightning on the white grassland, hahaha

It was settled in Bangda at noon. Bangda is similar to Manigango, but there is no Tiaotiao without Manigango, um, Tiaotiao, you know what I mean.
After passing Bangda, it is the very famous Yela Mountain. The reason for its fame is, hey, there are seventy-two turns on the Tianlu Road, Nujiang Canyon. There is a drop of 2,000 meters from the 4,600-meter pass of Yela Mountain to the bottom of the valley.
Pay attention to the change of scenery
This is the time to turn over the mountains

This is at the pass of Yela Mountain

The following is after passing the Yela Mountain pass and arriving at the viewing platform on the 72nd turn, did you find it? There is no snow, continue to watch the changes in the scenery.

Seventy-two turns on the Tianlu, haha, the words are all lost. The second one was found by a netizen.
Starting from the Yela mountain pass, it took us about 20 minutes to complete the 72 turns. It was quite thrilling to see what other students wrote. We didn’t feel that way when we lived in the car. Maybe we are very bold. It is also possible that this is one of Uncle's shortcomings, living in his car is not exciting. Everything is under control, properly.

Uncle said: "Tired, take a rest"

The following was taken at the bottom of the valley. It has reached more than 2,000 meters here. Qiu is back again.

This is what it looks like to enter Basu immediately. It's completely autumn, do you still remember the tail of autumn before our first day at Balang Mountain?

This is how I passed Basu and approached Ranwu Lake, and the altitude gradually increased a. After I arrived at Ranwu, I even had symptoms of insomnia. Think about the feeling of descending from 4600 meters to 2600 meters in half an hour, and then climbing to nearly 4000 meters. . . . (However, the altitude of Wuzhen is close to 4000. Although it is not the highest, it is the place where it is most likely to be rebellious. You must not take a bath.)

In the evening, we arrived at Ranwu, excited, this is the pearl of the Sichuan-Tibet line. I couldn't wait to ask my uncle to take me to play, but my uncle asked us to rest first and go play tomorrow. I was very surprised that my uncle was not easy-going. It was only later that I learned that Ranwu is a high-rebellion-prone area. I tossed and turned all night, not because of worry, but because of headache. . . . . . Didn't fall asleep until after midnight. After waking up the next morning, I got much better, basically no symptoms, and the good mood continued, haha.
10: Ranwu Lake - Midui Glacier - Bomi (live in Bomi) Attractions: Ranwu Lake circles around the lake (key). Midui Glacier Ice Lake
Special reminder: Ranwu Lake has pitfalls. General travel agencies or irresponsible people will take you to the following place and follow 318. Then you will suffer a lot. In fact, Ranwu Lake It's very big. It's the most beautiful place after a long walk away from 318. The symbolic gate of Ranwu Lake below is tasteless. Several cars staying in the same hotel as us were like this. When we got off the fork in 318, we left directly. Later, when we ran into a family in Lhasa, they told us that Ranwu Lake was meaningless and that the name did not match the reality. When we showed them the photos of Ranwu Lake, the man's angry face turned green. When we arrived in Lhasa, they had already arrived in Lhasa one day earlier than us, and there were other photos along the way. The man complained to his wife: Who are they looking for? In addition, after they set off from Chengdu, they basically suffered from high fever (the high fever with obvious symptoms. Everyone has high fever, it’s just a matter of severity), and they basically arrived in Lhasa in a daze. It was very strange at the time. His body looks better than ours. Later, Uncle summed up the "problem of violent driving" in one sentence. This violent driving does not mean how fast you drive, but the kind. . . . . Let me describe it to everyone in this way, the good ones are as smooth as silk, and the violent ones are like many thorns, which are uncomfortable for people. There is also a blind schedule (this may be intentional, despise profiteers)

The real Ranwu Lake is like this -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A place like a fairyland, sometimes Wei and I will be in a daze for a long time in the same place until it feels cold (very cold, even though there was no wind when we went), and Uncle seemed to fall asleep when we got back to the car , and then went to the next place to continue in a daze. Uncle will never rush, unless there is really not enough time, he likes to wait for us in the car for a while, which makes people feel very warm, like being silently watched by his father.

Although reluctant to leave, the journey will continue, and the beautiful scenery is still waiting for us in the distance, beautiful, continue. . . . . . Next stop is Midui Glacier. The scenery of Midui Glacier is not the most beautiful during this journey, and it may not even compare to the scenery that passes by on the road, but it also has its own characteristics. The key is that it is free, and the scenic spots in Tibetan areas are free in winter. Haha, if you don’t go, you won’t go .

After entering the scenic spot, you will first arrive at a Tibetan village, the name? You know, I can't remember, and this is not worth Baidu.

The following is the essence of the glacier, the ice lake. Come a few more, and the rest will be very tasteless. If I need tickets, I personally don't think it's worth it, and it will take precious time. Oh, we ate snacks in the car at noon. I really don't want to describe the things in the Tibetan village. In the off-season, the restaurants are basically closed.

Do you know where the hometown of King Zao is? Haha, it's Bomi, who is the king of Zao? You know, as always, I know, can't remember the name, wait, the logic is a bit messed up. Forget it, Baidu yourself.
At this point in the trip, we have accumulated countless photos, and today we are not tired, so let’s sort out the photos first. . . . It is also a pity that with today's arrangement, this travel note can be written smoothly. (I wrote it intermittently for more than 20 days...)

11: Bomi County - Nyingchi (live in Nyingchi City) attractions: Lulang Linhai.
Today's itinerary is from Bomi to Nyingchi. The scenic spot on the way is Lulang Linhai, but Lulang Linhai is indeed a scenic spot that has been exaggerated. It is on 318, but it is eaten in Lulang at noon, the famous stone pot chicken. Forgive us for not being gourmets, the stone pot chicken is just chicken with a lot of ginseng, dangsheng and so on.
Lulang Linhai is not very good (maybe the season is wrong), but the scenery along the way is really amazing.
Lu Lang Lin Hai is like this

The scenic spots along the way are as follows, haha.
From Bomi to Linzhi, you have to climb over a mountain, which is quite high, and it seems that there is a Maitong natural barrier. Now it is not dangerous at all, and even the ice on the road is almost gone (there are still dark ice, students who drive by themselves should be careful)

Been wanting to try something like theirs.

12: Nyingchi-Grand Canyon Namjagbarwa Peak-Basongcuo-Gongbujiangda (Live in Gongbujiangda County) Attractions: Namjagbarwa Peak. Basongcuo
The closer to Nyingchi, the warmer the weather. Nyingchi is known as a small Jiangnan (haha, I remember this), and the altitude is not high. There are three most famous ones here, one is Peach Blossom Tribulation, oh, a typo, it is Peach Blossom Festival, which starts in mid-March every year, but I think that peach blossoms are everywhere, most of them are publicity. The second is the Grand Canyon, but personal experience tells you that the Grand Canyon is not suitable for sightseeing, where you can see Nanga Bawa Peak. If the weather is bad and you can’t even see this, then the Grand Canyon is really boring, but go The scenery on the way to the Grand Canyon is not bad. The third is Basongcuo, look down.
Uncle didn’t really suggest that we go to the Grand Canyon, saying that it’s not worthwhile to delay a day for it, and there was no objection. In order not to leave any regrets, we’d better take a trip, but because we went to the Grand Canyon, we couldn’t go to Lhasa that day , can only stay in Gongbu Jiangda.
Here is the way to the Grand Canyon.

This photo in the morning light is very good. The effect of the morning light you see is actually the dust raised by the aunt who cleaned the road. I regretted that the dust was flying all over the sky. Without further ado, I picked up the camera, lowered the shutter time, and took a shot. Zhang, and then there was this one. I can't help but think of a poem: This world is not short of beauty, what is lacking is the glasses to discover beauty (typos are flying all over the sky, it is the eyes, not the glasses).

The following photos are the Grand Canyon. We have been very lucky, and Nanga Bawa Peak is fully displayed in front of us.

There is no special attraction in the Grand Canyon, basically just punch a card and leave.
Not long after leaving Nyingchi, get off 318 and turn right to Basongcuo (Linzhi to Lhasa is already a high-speed highway). Neither I nor Wei have heard of this Basongtso, but it is this Basongtso that makes us see something different from Ranwu Lake. The beauty of the plateau lakes. It's not worse than Yanghu Lake.

Generally speaking, Basongcuo is not big. Compared with Yanghu Lake and Ranwu Lake, it can even be said to be small and exquisite. The following picture is a classic. I remember that we thought that uncle was taking pictures for us, but it turned out to be the scene , It turned out that we were self-indulgent and put a lot of POSS.

The following is a photo when running around the lake.

No words for a night, stay in Gongbujiangda, but it seems that Gongbujiangda is the hometown of Songtsan Gampo.

13: Gongbu Jiangda - Lhasa (Live in Lhasa) Attractions: Norbulingka
We arrived in Lhasa at noon because we stayed at Gongbu Jiangda on the first day, and it was still early, so we went to Norbulingka. Norbulingka is the place where the Dalai Lama spends his summer and governs. It is the Summer Palace, and the Potala Palace is the Winter Palace. I remember, hehe.
When Gongbujiang reaches Lhasa, it will pass Mira Mountain, more than 5,000 meters. The view was lackluster. check in

Although Norbulingka is very beautiful, like a garden, it is a pity that it is only open a little. . . . . It is the most tasteless scenic spot on this trip, so that there are basically no photos.

The Potala Palace is indescribably magnificent
--------- Lhasa, here we come
It's just that this kind of photos are messing up the street, so just post a few.

The biggest harvest today is ------- Wei proposed to me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Happiness is all I feel today.

Cloth Palace Night

14: Lhasa - Yanghu Lake - Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street (live in Lhasa) Attractions: Yanghu Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street
Today is a special and somewhat sad day. Today is the last day of our trip. The most important members of the team will return to Chengdu tomorrow, leaving only me and Wei to continue in Lhasa.
With mixed feelings, happy, and a little bit of sorrow, we continue to the destination --- Yanghu.
The journey from Lhasa to Yanghu Lake is very common, but there is a very important point to remind self-driving students that when they are approaching Yanghu Lake, they will pass a very steep and narrow mountain road. There is a speed limit in the section, a speed limit in the section, The speed limit in the section, the important thing is said three times, the speed limit is 30! ! ! ! ! You read that right, the speed limit is 30, and your driver's license will be gone if you reach 50! Many students have their driver's license revoked here, it's not as simple as deducting points. Fortunately, there is a viewing point in the middle (very ordinary, we are not interested in taking pictures), everyone can take a rest there and wait for the time. There are many Tibetan mastiffs here, which are used to take pictures and are charged. I took a sneak shot, luckily I didn't get caught, haha.

Yanghu Lake is Yamdrok Yumcuo, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. The other two are Namtso and Manasarovar. I originally wanted Namtso, but this season is not suitable. Manasarovar is in the Ngari area. Also too far.
Please pay attention to my uncle's lips, they are a bit dark. Basically, everyone has hyperreflexia, which is a symptom of high altitude hypoxia. The key is to do a good job of prevention.

In the afternoon, we return to Lhasa, go to Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street. Barkhor Street is just in the Jokhang Temple, just a tourist commercial street.
I personally think that the Jokhang Temple at dusk is very beautiful, many people are kowtowing and turning around the temple. But it is not convenient to take pictures. Only a few bad photos left

This travel note rarely talks about eating, because the scenery along the way is so beautiful, but today is an exception. Uncle will return to Chengdu alone tomorrow.
Tibetan meals are only practiced for uncles. "Uncle, have a safe journey", but can I say weakly, "Is Tibetan food really bad?