[Gift]: Free border defense card, hydraulic oxygen, insurance, emergency trauma medical kit, prayer flags hanging;

[About single room difference]: If you are traveling alone, we will try our best to arrange room sharing with same-sex group members for you. Please submit the single room difference when booking. After the room sharing is successful, your single room difference fee will be refunded through the Ctrip platform. If the room sharing fails, you need to make up the single room difference, or supply the driver on site;

[Reminder]: The driver’s meals and accommodation are 300 yuan/day, which need to be shared equally by guests AA;


Day 1: Lhasa - Gangbala Snow Mountain - Yamdrok Yongcuo - Karola Glacier - Baiju Temple - Shigatse

Day 2: Shigatse - Mount Everest Nature Reserve (Rongbuk Monastery)

Day 3: Mount Everest Base Camp - Shishapangma Glaciers - Pekutso Lake - Saga

Day 4: Saga--Mapang Yongcuo--Laangcuo--Kang Rinpoche--Baga (Taqin)

Day 5: Talqing - Gang Rinpoche - Namunani Peak - Guge Dynasty - Tuolin Temple - Shiquan River

Day 6: Shiquan River - Ritu murals - Pangong Tso - Doma

Day 7: Multi-yard----Dahongliu Beach-----Sweet Water Ditch (Dead People's Ditch)-----Jieshan Daban-----Sanli Barracks

Day 8: Thirty-mile barracks --- Yecheng -- Zepu→Shache --- Yingjisha --- Kashgar