1. Hotel: Parent-child room in the 5 diamond hotel, the room is large, the facilities and services are complete, the location is good, and it is convenient to travel.

2. Itinerary: Sleep until you wake up naturally, don’t get up early, don’t rush on the road, just play alone.

3. Car use: private car service, door-to-door pick-up

4. Attractions: Shapotou, Shahu Lake, Shuidonggou, Tengger Desert, North Long Beach, Route 66, Tonghu Grassland, Yellow River Grand Canyon, Yellow River Tower, Yinchuan Mingcui Lake National Wetland Park, Internet celebrity check-in attractions

5. Service: dedicated butler to provide considerate service

Day 1: Yinchuan [Pick up by private car] - free activities all day [excluding car guide] Recommended: Old Town Drum Tower - Yuhuang Pavilion - Pedestrian Street

Day 2: Yinchuan-Shahu Eco-tourism Area-Helan Mountain Rock Painting-Huaiyuan Night Market [special car]

Day 3: [Yinchuan - Zhongwei] Tengger Desert - North Long Beach - Highway 66 [special car]

Day 4: Zhongwei - Shapotou - Tonghu Grassland [special car]

Day 5: [Zhongwei-Wuzhong-Yinchuan] Qingtongxia Yellow River Grand Canyon-Yellow River Tower-Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourist Area-China-Arabia Axis [special car]

Day 6: Yinchuan-Yinchuan Mingcui Lake National Wetland Park-Return [dedicated bus to the station]