Selected hotels for you throughout the process:

3 nights in Kunming - select characteristic hotels, choose as you like, and feel the atmosphere of "Spring City".

Luoping 1 night - feel the harmony between man and nature, watch the picturesque sunrise

1 night in Puzhehei - away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the soul returns to its original nature, and you can hear the cock and the dog barking in the morning

Yuanyang Rice Terraces for 1 night--Stay in a hotel in the scenic area and feel the culture of terraced fields from a distance.

Day 1: Arrive in Kunming, pick up the airport and check in to the hotel, free activities

Day 2: Kunming - Luoping Recommended: Luoping Rapeseed Flowers - Jinji Peak Cong - Jiulong Waterfall

Day 3: Luoping - Puzhehei Recommended attractions: Sansheng Sansheng Filming Base - Swan Lake

Day 4: Puzhehei-Yuanyang Recommended: Yuanyang Hani Terraces-Bada Terraces to watch the sunset

Day 5: Yuanyang-Dongchuan Recommendation: Duoyishu [Shooting Sunrise]-Dongchuan Red Land-Score Concave, Moon Field

Day 6: Dongchuan - Kunming Recommended: Dongchuan Damakan - Kunming free activities

Day 7: Send off to the airport in Kunming and return to the warm home