Recommended reason:

【Accommodation】——Select a number of high-end hotels + characteristic inns.

【Traffic】——Use a car independently for the whole journey, no matter you are two, three or four people, we will arrange a car for you alone, enjoy the private travel space, and restore the essence of travel!

[Beautiful scenery] —— Menghuan Shrine, Mengba Naxi Rare Garden, Mori Waterfall, Yizhai and Two Kingdoms, Tengchong Volcano, Rehai, Dieshuihe Waterfall, Heshun Ancient Town, Guoshang Cemetery, Ginkgo Village, Beihai Wetlands, Wild Elephant Valley, Primitive Forest Park, and Zhongke Tropical Botanical Garden include all iconic scenic spots, and a list of Internet celebrity attractions (attractions can also be arranged according to customer requirements)

[Food]——The hotel includes a buffet breakfast, but does not include dinner, giving you great freedom to enjoy local food.

【Quality】——Pure play without shopping, full one-to-one service, VIP treatment.


Day 1: Around_Kunming_Mangshi-Mangshi pick-up and check-in hotel

Day 2: Mangshi—Menghuan Shwedagon Pagoda—Mengba Naxi Rare Garden—Jiegao Border Trade Zone—One Village and Two Countries—Stay in Ruili

Day 3: Ruili—Moli Waterfall—Take a bus to Tengchong—Dieshuihe Waterfall—National War Cemetery, Burma Anti-Japanese War Museum—Heshun Ancient Town—Check in the hotel

Day 4: Tengchong - Volcano National Geological Park (Volcano Museum, Dakong Mountain, Xiaokong Mountain, Columnar Joints) - Tengchong Hot Sea Scenic Area (Viewing Big Rolling Pot, Pearl Spring, Glasses Spring, Pregnancy Well, Beauty Pool, Toad Mouth, Scientific Research Fields and other wonders) free hot spring bath

Day 5: Tengchong - Ginkgo Village - Beihai Wetland - Free Dream Tengchong Performance - Hotel Stay

Day 6: Fly from Tengchong to Xishuangbanna—Banna check-in hotel

Day 7: Jinghong_Wild Elephant Valley (Wild Elephant Show)_Xishuangbanna Primitive Forest Park (Peacock Flying)

Day 8: Dai Folk Village - Zhongke Tropical Botanical Garden (also known as Menglun Botanical Garden, the only 5A scenic spot in Xishuangbanna)

Day 9: Kunming - 24-hour special car transfer to the airport and return to the warm home, ending a happy trip to Yunnan!