Free travel photography trip: private small group, a single group, independent car for the whole process, stop and shoot at any time. Advocate my travel, I am the master, free and easy. Don't go on a horse and watch flowers, don't go shopping, and explore a different colorful Yunnan;

Tour attractions:

Sculpture of the Earth-[Yuanyang Terraced Fields]:It was listed as a world cultural heritage in June 2013. The core protection area of ​​the heritage mainly has three major scenic spots: Bada terraced fields, Duoyishu terraced fields, Laohuzui terraced fields, and Qingkou in Yuanyang County.

[Pu Zhe Hei]:The original ecological pastoral scenery, continuous solitary peaks, beautiful lakes, dancing of beautiful swans, Puzhehei karst landform, ten thousand acres of lotus, have the characteristics of beauty, strange, ancient, pure and secluded, it is a paradise for photography lovers ;



 Dayutang Folk Village in Terraced Field Scenic Area Hani Flavored Farmhouse;

 Hearing the songs of the Hani people, he realized that he could not sing; only after seeing the Hani people dancing, did he realize that he could not dance; only after drinking the Hani people's wine did he realize that he could not drink;

 The hometown of Guoqiao Rice Noodles - Mengzi, taste the authentic Guoqiao Rice Noodles;

 Jianshui: Yunnan famous dish "steam pot chicken", local specialties "roasted tofu", grass sprouts, etc.

Kind tips:

1. When you travel with 1 person or 1 adult with 1 child, be sure to choose the additional fee. Please forgive us for the small inconvenience, otherwise the supplier will not be able to accept you. Please be kind.

Day 1: Kunming - check in hotel

Day 2: Kunming_Jianshui_Zhujia Garden_Hotel

Day 3: Shuanglong Bridge - Yuanyang Rice Terraces - Hani Rice Terraces

Day 4: Yuanyang Terraces - Duoyishu Terraces - Bada Terraces - Qingkou Hani Town - Puzhehei

Day 5: Puzhehei_Cruise boat tour of Black Lake_Sansheng III filming location_Kunming

Day 6: Return to the sweet home