Day 1: Arrive in Kunming--24h private car transfer to the hotel and then free activities [Welcome to the city that is like spring all the year round - Kunming]

Day 2: [Sleep until you wake up naturally, take a special car to Jianshui Ancient City-Ant Workshop-Yuanyang-Bada Terraced Fields to watch the sunset] Stroll through the ancient and colorful town, order a bowl of Jianshui Xiao on the side of the road Tofu, eat a bowl of rice noodles with grass sprouts, and write the story of your small town; light, shadow and terraced fields depict a picture scroll of the earth, under the beautiful sunset

Day 3: [Sunrise beauty.Yuanyang Hani terraced fields-Duoyishu terraced fields-Aichunlan blue terraced fields-Qingkou Hani folk village-Take a special car to Puzhehei] Among the mountains, mist and colorful clouds, watch the first day of sunrise A ray of light illuminates the whole world, water in winter and spring, rice in summer, rice flowers in autumn are golden, and the scenery is different in four seasons

Day 4: [Puzhehei cruise ship in 5A scenic spot--Scenery location of Sansheng III-Puzhehei Village-Puzhehei Lake] Take a willow-leaf boat to visit the green hills and paradise on earth, with fireworks on the water pastoral and Yijia water town The ecological environment with climate, karst wetlands and migratory birds is a fairy tale world in karst mountains and rivers

Day 5: [Get up early to watch the sunrise on Qinglong Mountain - take a special car to Fuxian Lake - Fuxian Lake - Luchong Scenic Area] There is no severe cold in winter and no heat in summer, like a sapphire, inlaid among the mountains "Liu Li Wanqing", fishermen row oars to haunt Lanbo, watch herring play with the moon, and small boats sing late

Day 6: Fuxian Lake--Kunming--[Send off according to the flight time]--The end of Yunnan trip