Note: Affected by the epidemic, some scenic spots may be temporarily closed, and the actual situation will prevail at that time!


Day 1: All over the country - Kunming

Day 2: Kunming - Puzhehei: "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom Filming Site - Qingqiu" - Mizhi Mountain Sunset

Day 3: Puzhehei-Bamei-Guangnan: Puzhehei Scenic Area-Bamei

Day 4: Guangnan - Jianshui: Seventeen Arch Bridge - Zhu Family Garden - Jianshui Ancient City - Visit Jianshui Purple Pottery

Day 5: Jianshui-Kunming: Dabanjing-Ant Workshop-Fuxian Lake

Day 6: Kunming - sweet home!