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Day 1: All over the country—Beijing—Pick up at the airport/station by private car and send to the hotel

Day 2: Tiananmen Square - Forbidden City in-depth 4 hours (including Clock Museum and Treasure Museum)

Day 3: Badaling/Mutianyu Great Wall (choose one of the two) + Bird's Nest/Water Cube (exterior) + optional [Prince Gong's Mansion/Lama Temple (choose one)] + rickshaw tour alley (book 15 days in advance, free)

Day 4: Summer Palace (including Buddhist Incense Pavilion) + Tsinghua University/Peking University (exterior) + Temple of Heaven Park (pass, including Hall of Prayer for Harvests, Echo Wall) + Qianmen/Dashilan

Day 5: Universal Beijing Resort·Have fun for 1 whole day

Time: 18:30: Activity time: About 1 hour ❤️When night falls, the light and shadow projected on the Hogwarts™ castle will be accompanied by music, and a magnificent chapter about the four houses of Hogwarts™ will be staged for you , Fantastic colors, bright light and shadow!
【Viewing Tips】
Please pay attention to the official APP/small program of Universal Beijing Resort, check the specific performance time of the day at any time, and watch SHOW easily.Remember to reserve a seat in advance.

Day 6: Full day of free activities - return to the sweet home