[Hotel] Selected hotel, central area, good location, good view, convenient transportation

[Itinerary] The itinerary is free, comfortable and customizable, sleep until you wake up naturally, private VIP group, do not join the group with strangers, the visiting time of the scenic spot is flexible, and the in-depth experience

[Service] Special car guide, one-on-one tour, selection of car models, car service, car models as you like

[Attractions] Selection of the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Shichahai, Capital Museum, Pacific Ocean Underwater World, CCTV Tower, Beijing Zoo, Planetarium, Summer Palace, Shidu Scenic Area (East Lake Port - Bamboo Raft Playing Water, Colorful Glass Plank Road, Gushanzhai - Juma River Paradise, Rafting, World Geopark) and other 5A-level selected high-quality attractions

[Food] Reject group meals, recommend local specialties throughout the journey, you have the final say on what to eat

[Shopping] No shopping and hidden consumption in the whole process

Day 1: D1 [Place of Departure - Beijing] Arrive in Beijing - Free activities [Private car transfer]

Day 2: D2 [Beijing] Tiananmen - Forbidden City - Shichahai [special car guide]

Day 3: D3 [Beijing] Capital Museum - Pacific Ocean Underwater World - CCTV Tower [special car guide]

Day 4: D4 [Beijing] Military Museum - Planetarium - Zoo [special car guide]

Day 5: D5 [Beijing] Temple of Heaven - Summer Palace [special car guide]

Day 6: D6 [Beijing] Donghu Port Scenic Area - Bamboo Raft Playing - Colorful Glass Plank Road - Panoramic Glass Platform - High-altitude Cableway [Special car guide]

Day 7: D7 [Beijing] Gushanzhai Scenic Area - Juma River Paradise - Juma River Rafting - World Geopark [special car guide]

Day 8: D8 [Beijing] Free activities - return [special car transfer]