1. Hotel: Beijing selects a 5-diamond hotel close to the city center, with convenient transportation, entertainment and leisure

2. Itinerary: Do not hurry, sleep until you wake up naturally, the itinerary is relaxed and comfortable

3. Car use: form a group independently, use a special car as a guide, do not join a group with strangers, and the length of time to visit the scenic spots is up to you

4. Attractions: In-depth tour of the Forbidden City, climbing the Great Wall, praying for blessings at Lama Temple, enjoying Gubei Water Town at night, catching waves by the sea, summer resort, and crossing the grassland

5. Transparency: no shopping and hidden consumption, comfortable travel

Day 1: Beijing [private car transfer]

Day 2: [Beijing] Flag Raising Ceremony - Tiananmen Square - Chairman Mao Memorial Hall - Forbidden City - Jingshan Park [special car guide]

Day 3: [Beijing] Badaling Great Wall-Olympic Park [special car guide]

Day 4: 【Beijing】Old Summer Palace - Dashilan - Bada Hutong - Liulichang Ancient Culture Street [special car guide]

Day 5: [Beijing] Grand View Garden - Natural History Museum - Temple of Heaven Park [special car guide]

Day 6: [Beijing] Summer Palace - Lama Temple - Guozijian - Confucius Temple - Drum Tower and Bell Tower [special car guide]

Day 7: [Beijing] Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site Museum - Lugou Bridge [special car guide]

Day 8: Beijing-Return 【Private car to airport/station】