Product manager opening remarks:

The product is named "Slow Luxury" in the hope of enjoying Beijing in a "slow-paced" and "deep" way.

"slow pace"

① A maximum of 2 core attractions can be visited in one day, and the stay time of the attractions is 1 hour longer than the general market.

② The Great Wall chooses Mutianyu Great Wall, the scenery is more beautiful than Badaling, but there are many fewer people.


① The Forbidden City is not only a palace, but also a museum, including a 4-hour in-depth tour of the two museums. Only an excellent tour guide can explain it clearly. 

② The Old Summer Palace will never take a look at the flowers on horseback. Not everyone will arrange to visit the bronze statue of the horse head + Zhengjue Temple + the ruins of the Western Building.


【5 days and 4 nights local tour product ID: 1955239】

[4 days and 3 nights including round-trip transportation product ID: 1649948]

[6 days and 5 nights including round-trip transportation product ID: 2568233]



Day 1: Nationwide—Beijing—Check in hotel [including Beijing local carpool pick-up/pick-up]

Day 2: [The majesty of the central axis of the imperial capital] Tiananmen Square - 4-hour in-depth tour of the Forbidden City (including Treasure Hall, Clock Hall, lunch in the Forbidden City) - Temple of Heaven (including Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests + Echo Wall)

Day 3: [Depart from lazy sleep, refuse to be crowded] Ming Great Wall Essence Mutianyu Great Wall-Olympic Park (Bird's Nest, Water Cube)

Day 4: [Slow Tour of Royal Garden Essence] Summer Palace (including Foxiang Pavilion) - Yuanmingyuan (Visiting the Bronze Statue of the Horse Head + Zhengjue Temple + Western Building Ruins)

Day 5: Free activities all day—[including Beijing local carpool drop-off/drop-off station]—return to warm home