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[Same 4-diamond Beijing tour, we are very different]

We thought about making low-priced products, hiding shopping stores, adjusting the hotel to a remote location on the 5th and 6th ring roads or arranging old hotels,

But then we gave up. We believe that a really good trip should not be like this, and we designated a 4-diamond boutique hotel in the 2nd ring business district.

We advocate easy travel without rushing or getting tired, and firmly refuse to travel from 4 to 9 to catch ducks. Travel should be relaxed and comfortable.

The itinerary is not limited, only classics and special features are selected, and no meaningless scenic spots are filled, and no invisible shopping stores are insisted on to reduce costs.

We know that your vacation is hard-won, and every minute of the journey should be respected. We hope that your choice is because you like it, not because it is cheap!产品图片

Day 1: Each departure point - Beijing - 24-hour worry-free transfer - hotel check-in

Day 2: Tiananmen Square (Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Monument to the People's Heroes) - In-depth tour of the Forbidden City "touching gold bricks" (with wireless guide) - Temple of Heaven Park

Day 3: Watching the Flag Raising Ceremony - Badaling Great Wall - Olympic Park - Bird's Nest Water Cube

Day 4: Summer Palace (with wireless guide) - Buddha Tooth Relic Pagoda at Badachu, Xishan - Tsinghua University Appearance - Warm Home