Day 1: Everywhere-Beijing, enjoy Prince Kung's Mansion/Shichahai

Time: 12:00: Arrive in Beijing by flight and start a wonderful journey. (The specific flight time is subject to your choice, please check it on the booking page)
After arriving at the airport, you can choose the following ways to get to the hotel:
The pick-up service for this product is affordable, worry-free and convenient. If you arrive at Beijing Capital Airport, it takes about 55 minutes, for reference only; if you arrive at Daxing Airport, it takes about 120 minutes, for reference only.
Today you can choose the attractions in the city to visit according to your arrival time. Recommended attractions:
1. Prince Gong's Mansion;
2. Shichahai.
In the evening, you can also taste the [special restaurant in the courtyard].

Time: 14:00:

Time: 14:30: About 30 minutes by taxi, just for reference.
By public transportation, take bus No. 60 from Zhengyi Road Nankou Station near the hotel and get off at Di'anmen East Station, transfer to No. 701 and get off at Beihai North Gate, and walk 800 meters to get there, about 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Time: 15:00: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 16:00: After visiting Prince Kung's Mansion, you can walk to Shichahai Park for about 10 minutes.

Time: 16:10: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 18:10: Meal time: about 2 hours

Day 2: Tiananmen - Forbidden City - National Museum of China - Wangfujing

Time: 04:40: Since you need to start early to watch the flag raising, please take good time.
It takes about 15 minutes to walk to Tiananmen Square. (for reference only)

Time: 05:00: Activity time: about 6 hours

Time: 11:00: Meal time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes Roast duck is a Beijing dish with world reputation. It originated in the Southern and Northern Dynasties of China. It is recorded in "Shi Zhen Lu" that roast duck was a royal food at that time. It is known as "the delicacy of the world" for its bright red color, tender meat, mellow taste, fat but not greasy.

Time: 12:30: Activity time: about 2 hours and 55 minutes You can enter the Forbidden City through the gate of Tiananmen Gate.
The Forbidden City Museum (closed every Monday, normally open during summer vacation and holidays) The next step is to buy 50% off tickets for the Forbidden City/

Recommended tour routes for the Forbidden City (you can choose the tour routes you are interested in to save energy.)

Middle Road: Meridian Gate-Three Great Halls of Taihe Gate-Qianqing Gate-Qianqing Palace-Jiaotai Hall-Kunning Palace-Royal Garden-Shenwu Gate (If you have half a day to visit, it is recommended to take the middle line, which is more classic.)

East Road: Meridian Gate-Three Great Halls of Taihe Gate-Qianqing Gate-East Six Palaces-Shouning Palace-Zhenfei Well (This line passes through the Treasure Hall, and the ticket is 10 yuan. There are Nine Dragon Wall and Zhenfei Well inside.)

Time: 15:25: The tour of the Forbidden City is over. After coming out of Shenwu Gate, you can go through the underground passage to the Jingshan South Gate Ticket Office.

Time: 15:30: Activity time: About 1 hour If you want to overlook the panorama of the Forbidden City, the location is the "Wanchun Pavilion" on Jingshan Park.

Time: 16:30: Take No. 103 at the Forbidden City Station and get off at Wangfujing Intersection North, about 27 minutes.

Time: 17:00: Activity time: about 1 hour Wangfujing Street is not long, and a part of the middle section is a pedestrian street. Wangfujing is characterized by the collision and fusion of traditional and international brands, which cannot be replaced by emerging commercial complexes. Also, you must visit the snack street when you come, and leave after satisfying your taste buds.

Time: 20:00:

Day 3: Cultural Landmark, Scenic Spot Royal Garden

Time: 08:00: Walk to Chongwenmen Station, take subway line 2, change to line 4 at Xuanwumen, get off at Beigongmen Station of the Summer Palace, about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Time: 09:30: Activity time: about 2 hours Tips:
1. Tour guide service: Electronic guides can be rented for Donggongmen, Wenchangyuanmen, Beigongmen, Beiruyimen and Xinjiangongmen;
2. You can hire a tour guide to explain the East Palace Gate, North Palace Gate and New Palace Gate;
3. In addition, you can also download the "Summer Palace" mobile phone guide app, and view the park map, garden routes and other practical information at any time.
4. Kunming Lake will freeze in winter, some local tourists will play on the ice, but it is not recommended to follow suit, pay attention to safety.

How to get there:
1. Cixi Waterway: Embark on the wharf of Wanshou Temple, stop at the Xiuyi Bridge on the West Causeway of the Summer Palace, Nanhu Island, and finally arrive at the Marble Boat (Qingyan Boat) on the west bank of Wanshou Mountain.

Time: 11:30: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Station, about 15 minutes

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 15:00: After visiting the Old Summer Palace, you can walk to the nearby Peking University and Tsinghua University, about 10 minutes.

Time: 15:10: Activity time: about 2 hours Tips:
1. Peking University has multiple gates in the southeast, northwest and four sides, but the southeast gate is always open to tourists. Tourists need to bring their ID card or household registration book to register here.
2. The campus is large, and some people provide bicycle rental services on campus, usually about 10-20 yuan per hour, and a certain deposit or ID card is required.

Time: 17:30: Meal time: About 2 hours "Xiao Diao Li Soup" is the inheritance of the diet spirit of the predecessors. Cook once, don't rush, be humble and serious, and it is suitable for the body and mind. This is an attitude towards life , the small is small, the big is in love. And a small pear soup, rather than infiltrating the stomach and intestines, it is better to say that it warms the memory of old Beijing.

Time: 19:30: Tour time: about 2 hours Recommended evening activities: Deyun Society cross talk
No. 1, Beiwei Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing (the east exit of Beiwei Road, diagonally opposite to Tianqiao Theater)
Sanlitun Store: No. 4, Gongti East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (opposite Yaxiu Clothing Market)
Guangdelou Theater Store: No. 39, Dashilan Street, Qianmen, Xicheng District, Beijing

Time: 20:00:

Day 4: Play around the Badaling Great Wall, visit the Bird's Nest and Water Cube on the return trip

Time: 09:00: Recommendation: [Late Departure] Beijing Badaling Great Wall One-day Tour The next step can be booked
Great Wall Late Departure Day Tour (closer to the needs of independent travel customers) or choose our Great Wall Through Train, the same late departure itinerary. The hotel is close to the meeting point, just a few minutes walk to Chongwenmen subway station.

Self-guided route: Take bus No. 919 at Deshengmen, 2.5 hours by car

Time: 13:30: Activity time: about 3 hours Tips:
1. You can rent an audio guide (20 yuan for Chinese, 40 yuan for foreign languages, and a deposit of 200 yuan) at the Dengcheng entrance of the scenic spot Guancheng, the entrance of the north-south cable car, the box office of the Quanzhou Cinema, and the entrance of Dengcheng on the north eighth floor.
2. There are two cableways in the scenic area, the North Line (Guntiangou Parking Lot - North Eighth Floor) and the South Line (Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall - South Fourth Floor).
3. The journey to the Great Wall is long and requires a lot of physical energy. Remember to bring some drinks when you go to the Great Wall, but don't overdose, just enough. After going up the tower, the wind will be strong, so keep warm and safe.

Time: 16:30: 16:30 After visiting Badaling, you can return to Beijing with the one-day tour bus. The journey takes about 2 hours. Arrive at the [National Olympic Center] Bird's Nest Water Cube and disband on the spot.

Time: 18:30: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 19:30: Meal time: about 1 hour with cheese fish, fried pork liver, fried assorted vegetables, beef risotto, and a pot of sweet pear soup that warms the stomach. The taste of Beijing cuisine is also quite good It suits the mouth of southerners! Especially the cheese fish, it tastes as tender as pudding, sweet and cool, full of milk flavor

Time: 20:40:

Day 5: Lama Temple praying, Guozijian visits ancient times, visits Wudaoying, Sanlitun

Time: 09:00: Take Metro Line 5 and get off at Lama Temple Station, about 35 minutes.

Time: 09:30: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 10:30: It takes about 10 minutes to walk there.

Time: 10:40: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 11:50: Walk for about 10 minutes from Guozijian Street to Wudaoying Hutong.

Time: 12:00: Meal time: about 2 hours

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 16:00: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 20:00:

Day 6: Take a quick tour and return to the starting point

Time: 09:15: If you have an early flight, you can sleep until you wake up naturally and go to the airport. If you are on a late flight, you can visit the Temple of Heaven and Qianmen Street. After walking out of the hotel, you can walk along Qinian Street for about 25 minutes to reach the Temple of Heaven. If you take a taxi, it will take about ten minutes, just for reference.

Time: 09:30: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes Tips:
1. Tours generally enter from the south gate and exit from the north gate (or east gate). You can leave after visiting the Circular Mound, Huangqiongyu, Danbi Bridge, Zhai Palace, Shenyue Department, Prayer Hall and Huanggan Hall in turn.
2. There is a free Chinese explanation every 20 minutes in each hall of the Temple of Heaven; if you want to learn more, you can rent an explanation device at the entrance of the four gates, or you can make an appointment for a tour guide.

Time: 11:00: Take bus No. 93 or No. 2 and get off at Dashilan Station, about 34 minutes.

Time: 11:30: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes Play route:
Normal tourists visit Qianmen Street in the pedestrian street, which starts from the outside of the Zhengyangmen Archery Tower in the north and ends at Zhushikou East Street in the south. It is about 800 meters long and can be played on foot here.
In addition, there is also a small sightseeing train on the pedestrian street. This ancient small train has a long history and is called the Dangdang train. The journey is several hundred meters long and the fare is about 20 yuan. In addition to Qianmen Pedestrian Street, the hutongs beside the pedestrian street, such as Dashilan and Xianyukou, are also counted as the area of ​​Qianmen Street, so we can walk together.

Time: 13:00: Go to the airport by yourself or choose our drop-off service according to your return time, ending your wonderful trip to Beijing.
It takes about 1 hour by taxi to Capital Airport (for reference only), and about 120 minutes to Daxing Airport (for reference only).