Day 1: Everywhere-Beijing, enjoy Shichahai/Nanluoguxiang

Time: 14:00: Activity time: About 1 hour Nanluoguxiang is located in the center of Beijing. It is an alley that combines the charm of petty bourgeoisie and old Beijing. It is also one of the fashion landmarks of Beijing. There are a lot of literary and artistic specialty shops here, as well as a wide variety of snacks. Young people, especially literary and artistic youths, often regard this place as a must-choice place to visit Beijing.

Time: 12:00: Arrive in Beijing by flight and start a beautiful journey. (The specific flight time is subject to your choice, please check it on the booking page)
After arriving at the airport, you can choose the following methods to get to Beijing Jinglun Hotel:
1) Book the car pick-up service of this product, the price is affordable, convenient and fast.
2) Take a taxi directly to the hotel, if it is Beijing Capital Airport, it will take about 57 minutes, for reference only; if it is Nanyuan Airport, it will be 40 minutes, for reference only.
3) Take the airport shuttle bus.
4) Take the subway, if you arrive at Beijing Capital Airport, transfer from the Airport Line to Metro Line 10 to Guomao Station, about 1 hour. If you arrive at Nanyuan Airport, transfer from No. 501 to Subway Line 10 to Guomao Station, about 1 hour and 24 minutes.

Time: Unlimited:
❥⇢〖Special Reminder〗:
The above are recommended attractions, you need to go there by yourself without a tour guide, please arrange your time reasonably and choose freely.

Time: 17:00: Meal time: about 2 hours

Time: 13:30: Take Metro Line 8 and get off at Nanluoguxiang Station, about ten minutes.

Time: 18:00:

Day 2: The ancient culture of the capital, the beautiful Forbidden City

Time: 12:00: Activity time: About 30 minutes If you want to overlook the panorama of the Forbidden City, the location is the "Wanchun Pavilion" on Jingshan Park.

Time: 07:00: Take Metro Line 1 Tiananmen East Station, about 38 minutes.

Time: 08:30: Activity time: about 3 hours Tips:
1. Ticket purchase guide: The Forbidden City has a daily limit of 80,000 visitors. It is recommended to book tickets online in advance, as there are many people queuing up on site.
2. Visiting route: The Forbidden City needs to be visited from south to north, the Meridian Gate is the entrance, and the Shenwu Gate and Donghua Gate are the exits.
3. Tour guide service: If you want to learn more about the history of the Forbidden City, you can rent an audio guide or hire a guide. Free Chinese and English explanations are provided in the exhibition halls such as the Treasure Hall, the Clock Hall, and the Calligraphy and Painting Hall.
4. Free bag storage: The Forbidden City provides free bag storage service. Deposited packages are delivered between Meridian Gate and Shenwumen (that is: you can deposit packages at the entrance of Meridian Gate and pick up packages at the exit of Shenwumen). The working hours of the bag depository are 8:30-18:00.

How to get there: Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Tiananmen East Station.

Time: 09:00: After visiting the Forbidden City, you can walk to Jingshan Park after coming out of Shenwumen.

Time: 18:00: Meal time: about 1 hour

Time: 19:00:

Day 3: Badaling Great Wall

Time: 13:40: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 6 hours and 40 minutes Tips:
1. Audio guides can be rented at the Dengcheng entrance of Guancheng, the entrance of the north-south cable car, the box office of Quanzhou Cinema, and the entrance of Dengcheng on the north eighth floor.
2. There are two cableways in the scenic area, the North Line (Guntiangou Parking Lot - North Eighth Floor) and the South Line (Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall - South Fourth Floor)
3. The journey to the Great Wall is long and requires a lot of physical energy. Remember to bring some drinks when you go to the Great Wall, but don't overdose, just enough. After going up the tower, the wind will be strong, so keep warm and safe.

Time: 08:00: The Badaling Great Wall is far away from the city (about 70 kilometers). The transportation methods to the scenic spot are:
1. Beijing Suburban Railway Line S2 (boarding at Huangtudian), (12 pairs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and 8 pairs every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). Passengers can apply at the subway Huoying Station, which is about 100 meters west of the station. You can also transfer to bus No. 371 or No. 462.
2. Bus No. 877 departs from the Deshenglou bus station.
3. You choose the Badaling Great Wall one-day tour product among the products.

Time: 19:00:

Time: 18:00:

Day 4: Cultural Landmark, Scenic Spot Royal Garden

Time: 09:00: Transfer from Metro Line 1 to Metro Line 4 and get off at Beigongmen Station, about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Time: 09:30: Activity time: about 2 hours Tips:
1. Tour guide service: Electronic guides can be rented for Donggongmen, Wenchangyuanmen, Beigongmen, Beiruyimen and Xinjiangongmen;
2. You can hire a tour guide to explain the East Palace Gate, North Palace Gate and New Palace Gate;
3. In addition, you can also download the "Summer Palace" mobile phone guide app, and view the park map, garden routes and other practical information at any time.

Time: 12:30: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Station, about 40 minutes.

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 15:00: Activity time: About 2 hours Tsinghua University and Peking University are nearby, so you can go to the university if you have free time.

1. Peking University has multiple gates in the southeast, northwest and four sides, but the southeast gate is always open to tourists. Tourists need to bring their ID card or household registration book to register here.
2. The campus is relatively large, and some people provide bicycle rental services on campus, requiring a certain deposit or ID card.

Time: 17:30: Meal time: About 2 hours "Xiao Diao Li Soup" is the inheritance of the diet spirit of the predecessors. Cook once, do not rush, be humble and serious, and it is suitable for the body and mind. This is an attitude towards life , the small is small, the big is in love. And a small pear soup, rather than infiltrating the stomach and intestines, it is better to say that it warms the memory of old Beijing.

Time: 20:00:

Day 5: Goodbye Beijing, back to the starting point

Time: 09:00: If you have an early flight, you can sleep until you wake up naturally and go to the airport. If you have a late flight, you can visit the Temple of Heaven and take Metro Line 5 to Tiantan Dongmen Station.

Time: 10:00: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes Tips:
1. Tours generally enter from the south gate and exit from the north gate (or east gate). You can leave after visiting the Circular Mound, Huangqiongyu, Danbi Bridge, Zhai Palace, Shenyue Department, Prayer Hall and Huanggan Hall in turn.
2. There is a free Chinese explanation every 20 minutes in each hall of the Temple of Heaven; if you want to learn more, you can rent an explanation device at the entrance of the four gates.

How to get there: Take Metro Line 5 and get off at Temple of Heaven East Gate Station.

Time: 15:00: Go to the airport according to your return time, and end the wonderful trip to Beijing. You can choose a private car transfer service or go there by yourself.
If it is Beijing Capital Airport, transfer from Metro Line 10 to Airport Line, about 1 hour. If it is Nanyuan Airport, take Metro Line 10 and then transfer to Line 501, about 1 hour and 24 minutes.