"Jiuhe Xiashao Tianjin Wei"

Exotic Style | European Town | Catholic Church | western architecture

five avenues

There are more than 2,000 garden-style European-style buildings, including more than 300 former residences of celebrities. Zhang Xueliang, Gu Weijun, Aixinjue Luo Zaizhen and many other celebrities in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China left their names here. The architecture here is European style as a whole, but in various forms with their own characteristics.


Italian style area

There are more than 200 elegant buildings with Mediterranean style. Walking in it is like walking in a romantic European town. Numerous former residences of celebrities and filming locations of film and television dramas also add a lot to the journey of tourists.


Xikai Church

The main church of the Catholic Diocese of Tianjin. The architectural style of the church is solemn and magnificent, and the sculptures in the church are also complicated and exquisite. In addition, the activities of mass and Catholic festivals are open to the public, and you can feel the strong religious atmosphere.


Ancient Culture Street



Day 1: Arrive in Tianjin, check in hotel

Time: 19:00: Arrive at Tianjin Railway Station, take Metro Line 3 to Yingkou Road Station, and arrive at Tianjin Four Seasons Hotel in about 14 minutes.

Time: 13:00: Get off at Jinwan Square Station on Metro Line 3.

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 19:00:

Time: 19:00:

Day 2: Essence of Tianjin City: Five Avenues - Porcelain Houses - Tianjin Eye

Time: 08:00: Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Xiaobailou Station, or take buses 9, 9, 9 Yanglou, 831, 845, 902, 951, Sightseeing 2 Air Conditioning and other buses to Guilin Road Station Get off the bus and walk about 130 meters.

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 1 hour. The most distinctive way to visit the Five Avenues is to take a horse-drawn carriage. In addition, you can also take a rickshaw or a battery car to tour, with a guide explaining the whole process.
Strolling or renting a bicycle is also very good. If the schedule is not very tight, you might as well calm down and stroll around.

Time: 10:00: Walk for 15 minutes from Snack Street on Liaoning Road; get off at the Concert Hall or Xiaoyingmen on Machang Road and walk for 10 minutes; or take bus No. 831, 838, 35, 9, 1 and get off at Shandong Road Station The car is about 160 meters on foot.

Time: 11:00: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 12:00: Take bus No. 34, 4, 607, 611, 640, 659, 673, 802, 841, 849, 863, 869, 878 and get off at Wuma Road Station.

Time: 13:00: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 17:00:

Time: 19:00:

Day 3: Return to the sweet home

Time: 11:30: If you take the high-speed train early, you can go to the high-speed rail station after sleeping until you wake up naturally. If you are on the late high-speed train, you can go to Italian Style Street. It can be directly reached by taking buses 5, 8, 27, 634, 638, 638, 639, 645, 645, 663, 672, 676, 802, 806, 806, 832, 836, 905, and 961.

Time: 10:00: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes

Time: 11:30: Metro Line 3 arrives at Tianjin Station, about 14 minutes. According to your return time, return to the sweet home.