I would like to ask, 1. Is it possible to catch up with this kind of itinerary in one day? Is it necessary to take two days? 2. The bus from Basu to Ranwu takes two hours. Is there a shuttle bus park in the south of the city? It usually departs at 7:00 in the morning? 3. The van from Basu to Ranwu costs about 50 yuan per person, right? 4. If you want to take the bus from Ranwu to Bomi, I will return from Basu to Ranwu Can you catch up? If you rent a van, how much is the price? 5. I saw the information: Bomi-August 1: It is very convenient for about 6-7 hours. There are cars on the square in Bomi from morning to afternoon. , Off-road vehicles, minivans, and minibuses are all available. Say hello to the driver and stop at the Sejila Pass. It’s no problem. Be careful to sit on the driver’s side, the scenery is good. Excuse me, morning to afternoon means about what time in the afternoon?