Wenzhou Longwan International Airport (Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, IATA: WNZ, ICAO: ZSWZ), located in Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, is on the verge of the East China Sea and is about 22 kilometers away from the city center. It is a 4E-class civil international airport and a national first-class airline. Ports, China's domestic second-class civil airports.  
Wenzhou Longwan International Airport was formerly known as Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport, which was officially opened to navigation on July 12, 1990, and changed to its current name in March 2013.   In November 2011, the construction of the T2 terminal of the airport officially started.   On August 9, 2013, the new runway of the airport passed the inspection.  
As of June 2018, Wenzhou Longwan International Airport has two terminals, namely T1 (international) and T2 (domestic), with a total area of ​​129,500 square meters; it has an apron of 534,000 square meters and 59 parking positions. There are 29 airport bridges; a runway with a length of 3,200 meters and a width of 45 meters (including a shoulder of 60 meters), which can meet the capacity requirements of an annual passenger throughput of 15 million passengers; 125 operating routes, including 16 international (regional) routes.   As of November 2018, the airport has accumulatively served 133 cities, including 29 international (regional) cities.  
In 2017, the passenger throughput of Wenzhou Longwan International Airport was 9.2856 million passengers, a year-on-year increase of 13.4%; the cargo and mail throughput was 75,500 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 2.9%; No. 31, 42.   
In 2018, the annual passenger throughput of Wenzhou Airport exceeded 10 million for the first time, successfully entering the ranks of large international airports with tens of millions. In 2019, Wenzhou Airport completed 92,300 flight movements, 12,291,700 passenger throughput, and 81,100 tons of cargo and mail throughput, a year-on-year increase of 6.87%, 9.56%, and 1.14%, respectively.